Doctor Doctor
It had been 3yrs since I went to the OB/Gyn I never enjoyed the visits they were so embarrassing and I wanted to ask so much being so naive but also too shy to ask.
It didn't help that I had a crush on my Doctor!

Every time he came in I was all a flutter and the breast exams, they were marvelous and I wanted them to continue so much I said "no I think there is a lump a bit to the right, no near the nipple"...I was in heaven when he tugged the nipple. I felt like a bad girl. I loved it.

So today I was determined to ask something I had been wondering about for ages.
After 3 children and in a sexless marriage I wondered what was wrong with me. I didn't want to come out and say I have multiple orgasms because I was not sure. I just knew I made lake Erie every time I pleasured myself and gushed with such force it knocked the wind out of me.

So after the normal vitals the nurse sat me in one of those paper gowns that feel more like you are modeling for Bounty paper towels than in a proper gown. Normally it took forever for the doc to come in.
Today he came in all smiles and sat down and before opening my chart he looked me in the eye and asked how I had been! I was taken aback I had no clue he would do that, and it touched me so much I started to cry, I told him of my sexless marriage and that was why I had not been in because if you don't use it why get it checked.

He stood up gave me a warm hug...I smelled his cologne and it turned me on I held on to him for longer than necessary and said "I have some embarrassing questions for you- they probably won't embarrass you but me, I will be mortified." He pulled me close again.

I knew this was not the norm but I loved it, I held him and said "Can I ask you while your holding me so I do not have to look at you?" He said "Sure!"
"Well I think something is wrong with me...I began, I do masturbate and when I do I flood the bed, I mean really flood, need towels and such and I can't seem to stop, yet I do not think I have a g spot, I only orgasm when my clit is stimulated." He said "I see" and as he was holding me his cock was growing hard against my knee and thigh...I know it! He said "anything else?" I thought a minute and said "sometimes since I do not have sex, I am tense and it gives me headaches, I also get pain in my breast and worry I will get cancer."

"Well let us take a look shall we Emily?, Just lay back...that's it feet in stirrups and move down to the edge a bit more..."
He started with the breast exam....mmmmm my favorite and it showed my nipples were so hard they could cut glass. My eyes must be showing how horny I was and they were gazing into his.

I saw the restraint and Pain on his face and knew he wanted me...I felt it.
He moved to the next breast and I moaned aloud. "Oh I am so sorry" I said."It has just been so long and your hands are magic" He smiled. He asked how long "I have been without sex since shortly after you delivered my last child," He gasped "and how old is the baby now?" I laughed and said "Not a baby any more he will be 9".

To say he was shocked was an understatement so I played on it, telling him I thought I was ugly and that much was true. He said I was a beautiful woman but wanted to fully examine me to make sure there was no physical reason for the lack of sex.

I felt him down there his breath close to my womanhood and I was getting excited I felt myself grow wet, I said not a word. He got a speculum and did the pap smear and not a word from him. Then he took out the speculum. Normally this is the end.
Then he put a finger in me, and no glove, I knew something was wonderfully different. I felt him use his finger in that come here motion and my hips rose a bit and a low purr came from my throat. I looked at him. He finally spoke "Emily how does this feel?" I moaned in reply, he said on the basis of sexual therapy I would like your permission to fully explore you to see if you react as you should and put your mind at ease." I shook my head yes and pushed myself into his finger as he smiled and another finger went inside, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, he pushed that paper gown open and was playing with my breast. I felt my pussy clench hard on his fingers he tried to put a third finger in but my pussy was so tight from no use he then used his thumb to coax me to climax. I was nearly out of my mind with what to do how to hold on to him not fall off the table, I was rubbing my hand up his arm that was on my breast, he had the best feeling arm. I wanted him naked! "Oh doctor doctor, please take off your coat please" "Oh sorry he said I forgot it may make it hard for you to view me clinically" I knew that was not it, I intended to have him naked before this was over! My foot was rubbing on his cock as he removed his hand from my pussy and took his coat off.

I wanted him back as soon as I could, he sat down on his round stool. I though what now? He came between my legs and said "Move down please you moved up when I was feeling inside." He said it so professional I just did as he asked.
Then he wrapped his arms around my legs and began to lick my clit ever so slowly but exactly on the hood of my womanhood the most sensitive part then as if to tease me he was licking up and down my slit. I was going to go mad, this was amazing and I knew I was dripping wet, he kept licking and lapping my juices up and he went back to my hood and sucked and tugged and his mouth made love to it so beautifully and I was feeling a tightening in my stomach something so unfamiliar to me I knew I wanted to orgasm but should I hold back?
NO my head said this is the best thing ever to happen, it is him doing his special exam. My nipples were hard I started to play with my large breast and pinch my nipples as I had nothing to hold on to. He kept at it and increased the pressure then went lighter and his tongue felt like a butterfly just making me jump at the way he moved on me I couldn't help myself and as I was about to get loud he said "I will have to stop if you get noisy please keep very quiet and still during this part of the exam."

OMG how did he expect that, but he kept his tongue flicking away, then he put a finger in and rubbed my g spot it had to be my g spot because I flooded and grabbed the table and started to half sit up and he was having his entire head there drinking what he could but some was flooding on the floor. I couldn't help myself I grabbed his beautiful hair brown with slight gray showing in it I massaged his scalp as he made me cum again and again and just made little whimpering noises.
He stood up and I had his head and pulled him in for a kiss, to my surprise he kissed me back. When he pulled away he said, "Emily there is nothing wrong with you and look what you have done to me!" I saw his large manhood trying to burst out of his pants.
I said I am not a professional like you but if you allow me I can examine this for you as I reached for his pants and rubbed it along the head and top of his shaft. He sucked in air and said, "I suppose the exam is not over yet?!" He smiled.
I released his large cock from its hiding place, and what a cock it was, it was bigger than the toys I saw at the store, and I wanted this as my personal toy. I lay back down and moved to the top of the table and let my head hang over and said "come here".
He did and I took him in my mouth, I had a view of his balls and I grabbed them and tugged and as I sucked I heard him intake a big breath, he then continued to massage my breast and from this angle I was able to get his entire cock in my mouth and deep throat him. I loved that.
Sucking tugging and slight moaning that made a vibration on his cock and I knew it pleased him, I saw a pained look on his face and knew he was so close. He had started to sweat and then I felt his balls contract and hot cum shoot down my throat and mouth, he kept cumming. I was loving this he was massaging and pinching my nipples and then he bent his head and sucked each one in turn as I was swallowing his hot salty cum.

He then backed out but was so hard so very hard, he reached in his pocket produced a condom and came to my bottom, move down he said in a controlling tone"Come down here" as he pulled my legs till my ass was off the end of the table, and he had his condom on faster than I ever knew possible.
After all he was the professional wasn't he? His cock was growing harder I saw to my amazement and no words could come out of my mouth as he entered me in one fell swoop. I was stretched so hard and so fast I felt like a virgin, HE knew it and had me half sit up as I was impaled on his manhood. I shook violently as one huge orgasm came and started to make a bit of noise-"shhhh" he reminded me.
I bit my lip then he pulled me even closer and kissed me deeply his tongue exploring my mouth and I began to kiss him back. I felt him moving in and out slowly as not to hurt me. He increased his speed and depth. I could only wrap my arms around his shoulders and hold on. Then he pulled out suddenly and I felt I did something wrong, he saw my expression and said "stand on the step stool and bend over the table, I know you will like this" I did as I was told. He pulled my "inny lips" apart that is what I call my inner lips... and before he entered he licked my clit again for a few minutes getting me so excited I was dripping again.

I heard him chuckle as he put his head of his cock inside me just about two inches out of the nearly ten or more I saw! He rocked back and forth and with great restraint he didn't cum, he kept going and I felt that familiar tightness as my pussy clamped on to him, he knew I was close and he started giving me a little more each thrust then backing out. HE was a tease, I wanted to moan and scream but I dare not.
He rocked in and out and I clamped and spasmed over and over and I felt liquid running down my legs. Loads of my cum just cumming in a torrent down as he thrust in me and out and he rubbed some of my cum on my low back as he kept thrusting and then he thrust hard his full length again and again as if it were life or death, I grabbed the table as I was shaking violently and my legs could no longer support me. He had one final thrust and he collapsed on top of me.

In my ear he said "Emily there is not a damn thing wrong with you except your man does not know what he has. You are a diamond. I know it is not professional of me and is wrong on so many levels but would you see me later this week?" I smiled and said "Will another exam be done to me?" He said "Absolutely and as often as you need a check up I will be the one to do it." I smiled and stood up with me standing on the stool that was five inches high I looked him in the eye and said "Doctor Doctor I have news, I developed a bad case of loving you!"

*More to come on Emily and the doctor if you all like it, just review it. Thank you!
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