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I looked over at my husband.... "Are you serious?" I asked him. "Yeah baby, you know that this is my fantasy and I've got the perfect guy...You know how bad it will make me want you, to see you getting fucked by my friend...??"

Just then a knock sounded on my bedroom door... "Now!? He's here now?" I was instantly wet but mad at the same time....He walked in and I forgot why I was mad at all. This guy was probably 6'2, so lengthy and had an amazing body. "I'm Jude" he said in a deep baritone voice. He walked over to my side of the bed and sat on the edge next to me, running his hand up and down my leg. My husband got up and walked over to the chaise lounge and sat down, his cock already hard and in his hand.

I moved over a little to make room for Jude and he stood up and unzipped his jeans letting them fall to the floor he climbed on the bed next to me. He cupped a hand over my pussy and slid his fingers in between the folds. I sighed and shuddered. He finger fucked me a little and then moved down, so his face was between my legs. Jude had the most skillful mouth I had ever, I could barely keep my ass planted on the bed, and with every lick I jumped and got wetter. He lapped up my juices with his magnificent tongue.

"Oh God!" I chanted over and over. His tongue flicked over my clit, applying exactly the right amount of pressure I needed to cum. I let loose and he moaned into my pussy, I could hear him lapping and sucking. I looked across the room at my husband, rubbing his cock and watching me with this predatory look.

I watched as Jude ate at my snatch, playing with my own nipples...pulling, licking...I never imagined myself as an exhibitionist. But I had to admit the fact of my husband watching me get fucked by another man was driving me absolutely crazy.

I wanted a cock in my pussy at that point. Pumping in and out of me. Jude's mouth felt wonderful but I needed the fucked feeling more than ever. Right as I was about to scream my frustrations, my husband stood up... "Fucking hell! I can't take this anymore "He walked over to the other side of the bed and took my right breast in his mouth, suckling so hard, I bucked back.

"Someone, please fuck me, Now!" I said and my plea was answered by the sound of manly groans and movement. Jude teased me with the head of his cock at my lips, I pushed myself forward but he just backed away a little...."Fuck me....please fuck me" I begged and the next moment the air exploded from my lungs in a scream of pleasure that was quickly muffled by my husband cock at my lips, pushing himself deep inside my hot, wet mouth.

While my husband cock was familiar, Jude's was exciting, big, hard....perfect. And he knew the exact angle, the precise rhythm my body craved. While Jude's cock pounded in and out of my tight pussy, my husband fucked my mouth, he loved it when he made me gag....I secretly loved it too.

Just as I felt Jude's cock swelling with orgasm, he pulled out and spurted all over my breasts and stomach in short, rhythmic bursts. A split second later my husband added his cum to Jude's. We all laid there breathing heavy, Jude still on top of me, my husband sprawled next to me, his fingers gliding across my nipple.

"Gentlemen, that was great, but I am not even close to being done with either of you......
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