Driving Naked, Picnic Area...'Inside the truck'
They wanted to see the inside of my truck so we all three climbed in naked.I turned on the over head lights to better see one another.I closed the privacy curtains just in case someone did happen to drive by or pull in.Her eyes focused on my dick as I moved some things around making room for all three of us on my bed.She was very pretty,her breast were firm and her nipples were as hard as my dick and her pussy was shaved.The young man was also nice looking, his cock was about seven inches long and still hard with thick black hair.
So you drive around naked alot she ask?
Yeah,I ride at night this way and I always leave a dim light on that adds to the excitment.

Oh wow she said,you shave your dick.I love it,can I touch it she ask as she looked at her boyfriend for approval.He looked at me and I said sure if he don't care,I sure's hell don't.
He nodded for her to go ahead,her hands were smooth as silk and felt good touching me.
My dick jumped at her touch as she wrapped her hand around my shaft and started to slowly jerk me off.I got a full hard at her touch.
The young man whos name was Jim said go ahead Mary,suck it a little for him.Her mouth was hot and felt so fucking good as she sucked me deep down her throat.He said she loves sucking cock,you can play with her titties if you want and if she don't mind you can touch her pussy too.

Her titties were soft yet firm and her nipples were very hard under my touch.I slowy reached over to put a finger in her wet pussy as she spread her legs in approval.Her young pussy felt as smooth as silk inside and her mouth was working magic on my stiff cock.She looked up and saw her boyfriend smiling in approval as he jerked on his hard cock.
I was wishing I could fuck her as she road my finger and sucked hard on my swollen cock.

She replaced her mouth with her hand and slowly slid her hand up and down my hard shaft and looked deep into my eyes and asked if I would like to taste her hot pussy.I could'nt believe what I was hearing,hell this was a dream come true. She lay back on my bed and opened her legs up and started rubbing her pussy and pushing in her fingers.
I pulled her hand up and licked her pussy juice from her fingers.Her juice was thick and sweet.I moved down and started to tounge fuck her hot young pussy,she responded by pushing up hard into my mouth pushing my tounge even further in,she tasted amazingly sweet.

Uuuummm,thats good she said.After several minutes she asked could she cum on my mouth?
I just sucked and licked harder driving her even closer to climax.She started to buck wildly pushing her hot cunt even higher as she begin to explode on my mouth.Jimmy I'm cumming
she screamed,I'm cumming on another mans mouth.Uuuummmm,OOooohhh,eeeeaaaaattt meeeeeee.
Ffffuuuuucckkkk.She was cumming so hard there was so much hot milk that I could'nt swallow it fast enough.As she came back to herself she ask Jim could she fuck me? I want to feel his hard cock in my pussy,pleeeaaassseee!

He sort of looked unsure of this but after a bit told her yes you can fuck him,but you have to suck my dick while you do it.
We all assumed the correct positions and I waited for her to get his cock deep in her mouth before I entered her hot honey pot.
I put just the end of my dick against her as I watched his dick disappear deeper and deeper until she had it completely swollowed.I rubbed my dick up and down her wet pussy lips passing her tight hole everytime.Each pass by it she would push up trying to get me in her,she would let out a dissapointed, grerrr sound.

After doing this several times,this time when I passed her sweet hole I pushed my dick in only a little.I could tell she was getting disturbed at this but yet at the same time she was getting wetter and this only made her want my cock even more.I pulled my cock out and rubbed my swollowen head against her hard clit.
Uuuuugggg,I pushed into her very slow almost to the point of not moving.It was all I could do not to slam hard into her,But I wanted this to be an expierence that she would relive many times in her mind.I wanted this to be the best fuck she had ever gotten in her life,the one she would not ever forget.We all three came so hard we went into a deep sleep and awoke the next morning still alone.Not a soul in the park but us.

I have relieved that night many a times in my mind as I have stopped at rest areas across the south to take my stroll naked in the darkness of the night waiting on Jim and Mary to maybe pull in and we could relive it all once more.So if you do happen to stop and decide to make love on the pic-nic table and you hear a rustle in the bushes,it might be old Smokey out for his midnight stroll.
Have you ever seen the inside of a 379 peterbilt....Would you like too?

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