Driving Naked (Picnic Area)
As some of you know I'm a semi retired *OTR Trucker.And some of my stories tell a tale of driving nude at night...Well this is a story of one of those nights somewhere in the back woods of southern Texas...

*For those that don't know OTR (Over the road)

I was driving down a two lane back country hi-way in the middle of no where enjoying the cool night air blowing in on my nude body when I saw a sign that read picnic area ahead 2 miles.I sure could use a break I thought to myself and out here in the middle of nowhere it would be nice and quite,no running truck engines,no whores knocking on the doors and I have'nt seen head lights for hours.
I could get some peaceful sleep and much needed rest as I had been running hard all week.As I pulled my rig into the picnic area I was grateful it was empty.Great I thought to myself,nice and quite,only me and the night critters.I turned my engine off and I could'nt believe how quite it was.

As I sit there in the cab my legs were aching as I have'nt had them straight for hours.I opened the door to get out and I realized I had'nt put any clothes on as the cool night air hit my naked body.I started back in the truck,then I thought what the hell,I have'nt seen any lights for miles.The very thought of walking around nude in the dark of night made my already semi hard dick even harder.Even tho I could'nt remember the last car or truck I had seen,the thought of someone driving by or maybe pulling in seeing me in all my glory just made it that much more exciting.

I climbed out of the saftey of my rig and started to walk around wearing only my running shoes.I felt my legs start to unknot as I walked the drive of the picnic area.I shined my little mini flashlight out in front of me so to see where I was walking not wanting to step on a snake as they are plenty in that part of Texas and sometimes come up onto the pavement for the warmth in the cool of the night.I walked back and forth several times not getting to far from my truck just in case I had to retreat quickly.I decided since I still have'nt seen or heard any autos that I would venture out a little farther.I walked the full length of the paved area and back again.I was out close to the road when I heard it,a car was comming.I started to run for my truck when I stopped.It is so fucking dark out here there's no way they could see me just passing by so I turned off my light and waited.

I was only about forty feet from the road when I saw the head lights comming my way.Oh shit, they were turning in.My mind was racing,what if it was a cop or some fucking serial killer.
There was no way I could reach the safety of my truck without getting caught.I was fucked for sure.I just eased back a little further into the darkness and waited.I figured they was stopping to take a quick piss and then be on thier way. I could see by the dome light as they got out of the car that it was a younger couple.I heard her ask him if he thought anyone might be in that truck? I bet he's sleeping he said,just be quiet and he want even know we are here.They went over to one of the picnic tables and took off all thier clothes.He wasted no time in getting started.

I heard her say, uummmm your mouth feels so good on my pussy.I wanted to get closer so I moved ever so careful not making a sound,my eyes had gotten ajusted to the dark now and I could see without the aid of my little flashlight.It was so fucking dark and they were so into the moment,they had no idea that
I was even there.Man he was eating her pussy like he would never get the chance again.
She told him let me suck your cock,I want to feel you in my mouth.As he moved for her to get him in her mouth I took the chance on getting closer.I was so close that I could smell her wettnes.I slowly jacked off as I watched my personal porn going on right in front of me.

What a night this was,I had no idea that I would get this lucky when I pulled in.My dick was so fucking hard watching them suck one another.They both were moaning loud enough to wake the dead,they had forgotten all about that damned old trucker parked over there.

She told him your going to make me cuuummm!
I can't hold on any longer.I could tell by the slurping sounds that her pussy was very wet and by her up and down motions she was about to explode on his mouth.She was taking his dick all the way down her throat when they both let out a loud I'm cummmmmminng!
They both just layed there for a while when she said,I wondered if he heard us.The young man said I bet he is in his truck jacking off.
Lets give him a show he said,lets fuck right here on this table.I don't know she said,what if he's a freak or something.

He said if he was dangerous he would have done something by now,
Come on lets fuck for him.
They fucked and fucked,I just stood in the shadows watching him pound that pussy and listened as she came over and over.Finally he told her he was getting ready to fill her full of his hot cum and they both cummed and fell over exaushted.

I clapped my hands for them and told them thanks for the show,of course they both about shit them selves.I assured them that I was of no threat to them that I had watched them from the moment they had pulled in.I explained what I was doing in the nude and when they pulled in, that there was no way I could make it back to my truck.The girl ask did I do this often?
Walking,Yeah it's very relaxing.No she said,do you go naked alot.Well this is the first time outside of the saftey of my truck,but yeah I drive nude all the time at night.I thought this would be a great spot to walk around nude as there was'nt any traffic,thats when you two caught me to far away from my truck.I did'nt have much choice but to hide.When your boyfriend said lets fuck for him I figured I would get closer so I could see you both better.Man,what a show.You two made my dick hard as hell too.She wanted to see,so I stepped up a little closer.Did you jackoff watching us,she asked.
Fucking right I did,but I did'nt cum yet,I did'nt want to scare the wits out of you two if I moaned out to loud.Can we see the inside of your truck she asked...To be continued///
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