Dviving while NAKED part one
One night while driving across country in my 18 wheeler it was extremly hot still and my a/c had gone out.I had tried to cool off by rolling down the windows to no avail.I was still burning up,I've got to cool down or I'm going to have a heat stroke right here in this damn truck at eighty miles an hour.I thought what the hell,its dark no one can see and it's not uncommon for a man to have his shirt off,so
off goes the shirt,better but not enough cooling yet.I thought about pulling off my pants as well,what the hell,I pulled over and pulled them off and layed them on my bed in the sleeper.This left me completely naked.

I got back behind the wheel and powered up my big 500 horse catapiler engine and roared off into the darkness.The night air now some how felt alot cooler.The sensation of driving naked or the night air or maybe it was the thought of being seen,what ever the reason,my cock was starting to get hard as hell.I decided to add a little more spice to the situation at hand here,I turned my dim red colored over head dome light on.This put a dim red glow in my cab.

I thought if I passed another truck or met one they could maybe see me setting there in all my naked glory.The thought of this made my member stand even more.Sure enough as I road thru the night I came up on a slower truck and for some reason unknown to me at the time I found my self slowing up a bit so I would'nt pass as fast.Maybe I wanted to be seen,I don't know,I do know my mind was racing much faster than my truck was going.

Passing the other truck and slowing made my rigid shaft stiffer.As I passed I was careful to look straight ahead.As I got up to the other trucks drivers window I slowed just a bit more so to give just a moment longer for the other driver to maybe look and see me if he or she could indeed could see me in the dimness of my red lit cab.As I pulled on off into the darkness ahead a female voice came over my CB.I like it driver,she said.And then she requested I slow up and let her come along beside me.

As she pulled along side she turned her dome light on,hers was the regular white light,and
to my suprise she too was riding with no shirt.Nice I said but no shirt does'nt count.
She said look closer,with that she raised up exposing her lower body.Letting me see her full nudness.Is that a coke can between your legs I ask? Naw,thats my friend she said.

A girl has needs to you know!
That being said,she said look I'll show you being as you and I seem to be the only ones around if your not some sort of freak or something.No, I'm prefectly safe I assured her.Ok she said, and begain to put on a show for me.She put her hand down between her legs and started to pull this big fake dick out of her clean shaven pussy.Then push it back in slowy.Thats a lucky dick I told her.She done this for miles,then she told me she was very excited 'cause she never done this before.My pussy is a lot wetter than normal she said.

As the miles passed offf she kept fucking herself as I rode right beside her.Then she told me to watch close because she was fixing to cum and she wanted me to see.She went wild,well as wild as you can at sixty.She shoved that rubber dick in and out of her dripping pussy like there was no tomorrow.
Some how she managed to grab the mic and scream I'm cuuuuuuummmmmmmming!!!!!!!!

After a bit she said I don't think I've ever cum that hard on this dick since I've had it,
It was very exciting doing this in front of you
and I thank you for giving me the courage.If you had not come along beside side me naked I never would have done it.Now she said,let me she your stuff since you've seen mine.
I turned on my white light and let her see all she wanted to see.Nice tool she said.
Now it's your be continued.
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