Elevator Rides Are Fun
The moment the three were alone in the elevator and the doors closed. Nathan and Tyler began rubbing their hands all over Nichole's body, even though she hadn't given them permission, but she couldn't think as her jacket was ripped open and buttons flew all over the elevator floor. Nathan yanked down her bra and began sucking on her nipples.
Tyler jerked up her skirt and pushed her panties down her thighs, Nichole's eyes nearly rolled back in her head at the assault of all the male hands her body.
Tyler slipped his fingers into her wet folds and she cried out, her legs already trembling. "Smell her" Tyler said to Nathan, "she wants to be fucked."
Nichole couldn't stop moaning and squirming. Her pussy gushed with wetness and her nipples were rigid and swollen. Her entire body ached with desire.
The bells on the elevator dinged, indicating that they were on the penthouse floor. Tyler grabbed Nichole to him and kissed her so hard she cried out. He picked her up and carried her into the penthouse suite and slid her down so she was on knees.
Tyler told Nathan to stand in front of her and he did. "Unfasten his pants" With a rough, aroused edge to his voice. "Suck his cock" he told Nichole.
With a shiver of excitement,Nichole undid the button on Nathan's pants and pulled the zipper down. Releasing his erection. It felt so erotic to her, sitting here with her breast bared and her skirt bunched around her thighs.
Nichole grasped Nathan's warm, cock into her hands and slipped his long hard length into her mouth. He groaned and she sucked him harder. She ran her tongue around the head of his cock until it was wet with his juices and her saliva.

"Grab her hair" Tyler told Nathan, "hard, she likes it that way." Nichole looked up at Nathan as he buried his fists into her hair and started pumping his hips against her mouth. After exploding into her mouth,


Nathan got to his knees by Nichole and started fondling her body, nipping her skin and stroking her wet pussy, Tyler came up behind her and stuck three of his fingers in her ass, causing her to gasp.
"Stop" he commanded, when Nichole came close to cumming. "Lie on your back, Nathan." Nichole cried out when Tyler grabbed her hair and pulled her until she was half over Nathan. "fuck him" Tyler ordered. Nichole stood up and slipped her panties off the rest of the way and climbed on top of Nathan and strattled him.
"Don't cum until I say you can." Tyler told them. Nichole moved up and down on Nathan's cock. Bouncing, letting his length fill her until he was as he deep as he could go.
"I'm going to cum, soon." Nichole breathed. Tyler came up behind her and plunged his cock into her tight ass. Nichole moaned at the fullness of it.
Oh wow. He was big...and hard. She rocked back towards him, pressing her bottom into his stomach and whimpered with delight when he went deeper still.
"Thats right, baby. Take all of me" Tyler said as he pulled back and thrust into her again. "You're so tight, so wet."
His hands came around her front, one touching her aching clit and the other to play with her rock hard nipples. Continuing to pump in and out of her, as Nathan relentlessly fucked her pussy.
"Cum now!" Tyler shouted spilling into her ass. Nichole's body rocked with a tremendous climax. She moaned when Nathan pulled her farther down on him, letting her feel every powerful inch of him as he came. She collapsed next to Nathan, and Tyler laid down next to her.

The three of them lay there spent on the floor. "Ready for round two" Tyler whispered in her ear and he began stroking her tender pussy.
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