Fishing and Sex
The day started out normal enough,My friend Billy and I had a big fishing trip planned.We were to meet up at the old cabin on Lake Jack at five am with rods and reels,he had the boat and all the tackle.I stopped on the way up and got plenty to eat for the next four days.

He arrived and we put the boat in and got it loaded and set out on our first day of fishing.
I could tell he was upset about something,but I did'nt ask as I figured he would tell me soon enough. Lake Jack is known for having some of the Biggest bass in the state,there has been alot of record holders caught here and I was hoping to get one today.We got to our favorite spot and started trolling the shallows around the bank,When all of a sudden the water rolled at the end of Billys line.I could tell it was a big one so I set my rod down and grabbed the dip net when this monster fish jumped completely out of the water,
He almost yelled,You see the size of that son of a bitch,He's huge.Hell yeah,we gonna eat good tonight if you don't fuck around and let him get off.

Twentysix inches long and seventeen and a half pounds,not a record fish,but damn close.
We finished the morning out pretty good,we caught seven more nice ones.Billys big bass was the largest of them all and he was ribbing me pretty good about how he was the best at catching the big ones.Jokingly I replyed I've caught some pretty large ones before.

We went on about cleaning our catch and putting them in the freezer,Later that night setting by the fire I ask what he was mummbling about that morning when he arrived? He said it was nothing that could'nt wait.After several straight shots of Jack Black and even more Budweisers we were getting pretty lose with our conversation.

Come to find out he and his wife had a big argument about him comming up here.She thinks I'm meeting another woman he said.I ask would it help if I called her to reassure her that it was just us two hard dicks fishing and getting drunk.Nahh she would just think that I put you up to it.I told her that if she wanted she could come up and cook for us if she did'nt trust me. Hey,by the way what did you mean when you said you caught some big ones today? he ask in a drunken slurr.You talking about fish or pussy or both he said laughing.

I looked at him sheepishly with a drunken grin and said niether.He had a puzzled look on his face and said OK Bucky,explain,cause my drunk ass is lost.If you ain't talking fish and you ain't talking pussy then what the fuck you talking bout. I did'nt really know how to tell him so I grabbed the bottle of Jack and downed a couple of big gulps,and said really quick..Dicks.

DICKS...He replyed what the fuck you talking about? Are you fucking gay?
How did I know you were going to say some stupid shit like that I ask.No I'm not gay,I love pussy just as much as any other red blooded male,its sort of hard to explain.
It started when I was a kid,you know when you don't know shit about sex and are courious as hell.One day when I was home alone and whacking my dick,I wondered about sticking something in my ass to see how it felt and wal-la I was hooked.Man,I've stuck more things up my ass than you could ever imagine and I always wanted to try a real dick, so one day the right time and place with the right one came along.It was fucking fantastic.

You ain't got to worry about me attacking you or no shit like that,drunk or not.It's just something I enjoy sometimes.
To my surprise he said he was cool with that and he would keep my secret to himself.
You ever kiss a man? he ask. No,I just get my ask fucked,But I have suck a dick a few times.
He wanted to hear all about my expierences.
As I talked I noticed him rubbing his dick,this turning you on I asked?
Sort of he said,I've always wanted to fuck Becky in the ass but she won't let me,says I'm to big.She said she tried it before and it hurt like hell.It can if its rushed I said,the secret it taking your time,and I've never had a dick that was to big.

What about this one and he unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the ground,
Holly shit,there in front of me was the biggest,fattest and longest dick I've ever fucking seen.
To be continued..."Billys first ass fuck"
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