Friday Night Special
I went to his place to watch the game and spend some quality time with him, eat some dinner and just get in some much needed relaxing. It is an extra day with him one I will cherish as we only get together on Fridays. I joke with him I am his Friday night special.
I arrive in the cold snowy day a normal January for Pennsylvania. I am carrying dinner and a heavy purse and need to stomp the snow off my boots as I get closer to his front door.
The television is on with a different game and he says get the boots off I want to fool around I barely had my arms empty before he was back in front of me to take my coat. I am breathless from the cold and a bit thirsty but I have my boots off in a flash and head directly to the bedroom following his tall beautiful body as a faithful pet. I smile to myself as I joke and say "Why bother getting all dolled up when I take it all off in five minutes?" lol
The time with him seems to pass like a dream, meeting him was a dream and one I will cherish for a life time. He is the one who awakened the woman within me, the one who taught me so much. My Professor, my lover, the one who gives me hope that men are not all assholes.
I am in his bed in seconds as I watch him undress, he knows it has been a stressful week from our emails and he gets some lotion to rub my back, I melt and think why couldn't I find him sooner? I want more time with him and do not want to hide. I feel like a stray that he has kindly taken in but wonder when the weather breaks will I be out again? I stop these thoughts and let my body take over and my mind cease it's silly thoughts. He rubs the lotion all over me and asks me to turn over he starts to rub my breast and pinch my nipples and instantly as if connected to my cunt I feel a tingle and the pain causes pleasure and I feel the damp sweet nectar leave my lips and I moan. I call his name and say I want him and he said to slide down a little. I do and my legs part as I do so and he and I are in 69 with him on top. In no time he has his thumbs and pulls my outer lips apart and his mouth finds my rose bud and he starts to suck and taste me. He moans with pleasure and says I taste so good. I take his cock in my hand and guide its growing length and girth into my mouth. It is wonderful his precum on my tongue and I find my hips thrusting up to meet his mouth as I feel him find my pleasure spot and I trickle the start of a flood that will only continue as I relax and he keeps touching me in all the right places. I moan and take him deeper as he lets himself go lower on my face. In no time at all I am cumming again and he moans onto my sex and I find him making the vibrations of his deep voice turning me on there. I am cumming and can't stop he sucks up every drop and loves it and his cock is ready to blow his balls feel like they are heavy and they are tightening up. He says I want to fuck you now, let me fuck you...and he grabs a pillow and puts it under my ass.
Put it in! I grab his huge thick cock and put it to the wet entrance of my sex, with one thrust he is inside. Nice tight pussy baby he says. I love to feel him move in me and I feel the walls of my vagina grab onto him tighter not wanting to let go and yet needing to feel him move. His breath in my ear and the feel of his slight razor stubble against my cheek make me aware how sexy this man is. He is tall for me but we work well together and move in perfect harmony. I am cumming again and wrap my legs around his waist and he is deeper inside me. I am again cumming and he whispers in my ear Oh nice baby! I can't stop my flow of juices and start to moan uncontrolled passion that is so pent up and I can't help myself. I moan again and feel like I am in an out of body experience as another wave of orgasm crashes over me and makes me loose all control as I lay shaking and quaking in his arms and he says I am going to fill you with cum and he shudders and I feel his strong spurts of cum and I am cumming with him. HE sighs heavy and says I love your pussy baby and I feel him move his love muscle again and flex it and I cum hard he is hitting my gspot and I tighten my arms and legs again and then I cum again. He makes that flexing feeling again wanting to pleasure me and he does, oh how he does!
He said shall we go watch the game... and at this point I know that it doesn't matter that game is already second to what has happened here and I also know half time we will have our own entertainment!
I love being his Friday night special, he makes me feel so special!
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