Fun in the back room.
My feet carried me past the catcalls and whistles, past the pool table and the up the steps to the stage. The lights are flashing, the air is hot. My body glistens with oil and glitter as the lights and smoke play across my body, I smiled at the dj and he started my first set of songs. Def Leppards "Pour some sugar on me, burst from the speakers. I turned to face the crowd and smiled at the few men who sat by the stage. Their eyes were eye level with my calves; they couldn't help staring up at my crotch.
I sashayed across the stage and grabbed a metal pole that stuck out from the middle of the stage and rotated my hips slowly, bending over to show off my tight little ass. Male eyes peered through the hazy smoke, heavy-lidded with the effects of
I danced like honey dripping off a spoon, slow and seductive. I had everyones attention from the the customers to my coworkers....
I stopped at long enough to take the dollars held out to me. The last song started and I shimmied up and down the pole, doing a spin and unhooked my bra, leaving me only in tiny silver g-string. The men began to hoot and holler. I bent over, I touched myself, I let the men ogle my body. I was a goddess, I held the power here, and that made me feel sexier than ever.
When the set finished I scooped up the bills as the men applauded and I walked back to the dressing room, clutching my bra to my chest.
I was stopped along the way, asked if I wanted a drink but I just smiled and continued on my way. I got to the dressing room and sat down on the couch and counted my money. $523 I made during that one set and I hadn't even started the dances for the night. Not bad considering I made $6 an hour at my day job.
I grabbed a clean towel and mop off my body with it, and dressed in my next outfit. Sliding on a metallic purple boyshorts and flower pasties over my nipples. I spritzed some perfume on and walked back out in the dimly lit club and made my way around the tables.
I knew a couple of the regulars and stopped by to say hi. I stop by Mike's table, who without fail every Saturday was here and wanted a dance from only me. It cost $1200 for half an hour.
I smile and take his hand leading him to the back room. I close and lock the door behind us. He sits down on the couch and I begin to dance for him.
I feel his hands caress my body. Touching isn't allowed but I don't care, not with Mike. My pussy begins to drip as his hands explore my body.He reaches between my legs and feels the wetness through my shorts. I lean toward him and press my lips to his, I can taste the gin on his tongue. He grips me tighter and pulls me even closer. I can feel his erection through his pants and grind against it.
Without a word I undo his belt and release his meaty cock, precum dripping down the swollen head. He grabs a fistfull of my hair and pushes my mouth down on his cock. He bobs my head up and down on his cock, I can taste his sweet precum. He starts playing with my pussy through my shorts. I am so wet for him. He pulls the shorts from my body and bends me over the couch.
He sticks his cock in my pussy. My pussy was so wet he slide right in, filling me up. I moan and arch my back, pushing him further into me. He slams me against the couch again and again.
I'm wetter than I have ever been before. My body swelled with pleasure as his hands explored every inch of me. Mike grabbed my soft breasts and takes my hard nipples in between his fingers, pulling and pinching. I can feel an orgasm approaching and my pussy gets tighter. it hit me at once, like a wave broke throughout my body.
He holds me tighter as I cum hard all over his dick. My body quivers and shake and I feel dizzy. He pulls out of me and turns me over straddling me. He shoves my mouth back over his cock and pumps a couple of times, Mike tilted his head upward and a moan gutters from his throat,and rips his cock from my mouth. His cock shakes and he shoots his hot sticky load all over my breasts.
He hands me my clothes and tells me, "Wipe up with these..." I gave him a puzzled look, "Why, there are towels right here" I said reaching for one. "No I want a part of me with you all night well your dancing for those other men." He said throwing the towel on the floor.
My pussy instantly gets wet again.........
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