Fun with Friends
They're here...I'm so unbelievably nervous and excited at the same time. My heart is pounding in my chest and my stomach has butterflies... A light knock on the door and I let out a deep breath and open it. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen is standing there with a bottle of wine, and her attractive husband. We greet each other like old friends and when she kisses my cheek, she lingers with her lips pressed against my skin. I can smell her...and it smells heavenly, her perfume mixed with her womanly scent is enough to make my panties a little wet. We sip our wine and chat...talking about politics and recent events. She smiles and places her hand on my thigh.. "The bathroom?" she asks quietly. I stand up almost too quick, everyone looks at me, and I turn red. "Let me show you..." I lead her down the hall by passing the guest bathroom; I mumbled something about how it needed to be fixed and led her to the bathroom off my bedroom. I point to the bathroom and she thanks me and closes the door. I don't know what to do, wait here for her, I've wanted to be alone with her from the first time we've talked and here I am a pacing the room, I hear the door click and turn around to face her, and she reaches behind her and unzips her dress, it falls like liquid to the floor. Her bra and panties are black lace, I can't believe how incredibly sexy she is. I can't speak; I walk towards her and take her face into my hands, kissing her sweet, soft lips. I let my hands roam over her shoulders and down her arms, her body is so warm. She started kissing my neck and squeezed my ass pulling me closer. We fell on the bed, laughing a little. I rolled her over on to her back and straddled her; I pulled off my top and leaned over her, kissing the tops of her breasts. I pull her bra down a little more, letting her nipples peek out... "Mmmm" I moaned as I took one into my mouth, rolling it around on my tongue. I hear a throat clear and her intake of breath and turn around to see both of our husbands standing there. The outlines of their hard cocks both showing through their slacks. I sat up and with a few quick movements, I discard my clothes, and walk to my husband. I wanted him naked too and I wanted him to see how much I wanted this. I worked his clothes off of him and tossed him aside. I smiled when I saw her laying there with her husband's cock in her mouth. I turned my attention back to her and climbed back on the bed, I let my hands move down her sides below her breasts, down her hips and around to the front of her panties..That was already wet. I felt the bed dip and knew my husband had sat down; I smiled finally completely relaxing and ready to play. I pulled her wet panties off of her and ran my fingers across her slit. I lowered my mouth to her pussy; I feel my husband's hand rubbing my own wet cunt and I lift my hips up higher for him to gain easier access. I looked up while I am tonguing her and watch as she works her husband's cock in her mouth, I moan. I licked and suck her clit as I slipped my fingers deep inside her tight hole; with my thumb I lightly rubbed her ass. I felt my husband push himself into me, I lower myself to the bed, but keep my ass up, so he can have a good view of me eating her out. I can't get my fingers and mouth going at the same time while being fucked from behind so I remove my fingers and focus on licking her pussy juices. She starts to moan and presses her hips against my face. My husband starts fucking me faster and I know it is getting to him. I lick deeper into her tight little cunt and feel her start to shudder as she cums in my mouth...she tastes just like honey, When my husband reaches around me and rubs my clit I feel the sensations run over me and I was soon cumming too. He pulled out and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my mouth against his cock, all covered in my juices. I greedily suck him up; I love watching him watch them fuck. Soon I felt hands slide up my back and there she was again, kissing my neck, she pushed me down and started licking my pussy, moaning as she did it. It felt incredible, the right motions, the right pace, she was going to bring me over the edge again and she knew it. I felt myself burst and came into her mouth hard, lovingly she licked and sucked my juices. Her husband took advantage of her ass in the air and slid easily in her wet pussy, she moaned against my pussy. He started fucking her harder, I could hear his balls slapping against her ass, my husband pulled me out and stuck his dick back in my mouth, fucking it, and then exploded. Her husband watching us pumped harder into her and exploded himself. We laid there all spent, and then I felt her finger gently gliding up and down my arm and I knew this night was far from over.
***Dedicated to my new found lover, you know who you are***
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