G.I. Sexy
I have been sleepless the past week thinking about my husband coming home. He was in the army and my mind raced with dinner plans, parties, and other welcome home ideas. I realized it was 2 o'clock in the morning and I had not gotten a second of sleep and I was waiting for him to come home later today; so I convince myself asleep.

I wake up in a frenzy of energy and get dressed. The three-quarter length shirt and jeans were just perfect for the cool crisp fall weather outside. I buzz around our house picking up something here and there in this rooom and that room keeping down my anticipation of him pulling up any minute. As I continue walking around and answering the phone, I realize it is one.... the afternoon already! Lunch is made and I eat it in a rush just to clean up the dishes and watch tv I guess. After another tedious hour of watching the news and seeing attacks on planes and my stomach knotting up at the thought of never seeing him again, I slam the off button on the remote and sit on the ornate little bench near the door and sit in peace.

I feel a little trickle down my cheek when I finally look up to see it is late afternoon, almost sunset. The door creaks open, and there is my breathtaking man that I have not seen in a few months. He stands there looking at me while putting his bags down fixated on my eyes. He strides over and takes my cheek into one hand and entangles his other hand into my hair. We stare at each other for what seems like an eternity as we inch closer to each other. He says," It has been so long since I have seen you, or any woman like you." I was breathing like someone was sitting on my chest. He guides me to the wall behind me and presses himself so close. He has my whole mouth open tongue going everywhere. His hand slides up the wall with one still at my waist and we hold each other.

I look at him holding me there with this longing in his eyes and he sweeps me up like I were just a pillow and ascends up the stairs. We never break our glance until it comes to our room. He pauses for a second to look at our bed. Light blue with a silver floral pattern and just as lovely as ever. I am laid on the bed watching him take his boots off. Then comes his socks, the jacket and finally those camo pants that had gripped his toned big calves. I wanted to do the rest. He walks to my side and crawls to me so gigerly. I help get the boxers off and see him swollen with the need for my aching smoldering body.

It's like a flash when I look up again and I am naked and being caressed all over. From my forehead down my chest, then to my pussy and then my knee. He is looking at me hungry like a tiger and I begin to reach out to him to attempt to start our love making just to see him glare even more. He throws me down visciously kissing me and tossing my legs aside crawling through them. I feel his tongue go crazy and hands making sure they never miss a spot. I am lifted off of the bed just to be kissed some more. His cock is slowly going into me and it is like we haven't eaten for days we needed each other so bad. I plop back down on the bed and start the lovemaking no woman in our neighborhood ever had. Our rythm was epic and rough as I was laying down and my hips hoisted up at the same time. I felt full and wet as if I had just stepped out of the bath as he was humping me fast and hard. We both sweat and screamed, grunted and grabbed at each other until we felt human again. He has one final push and I feel both of us just stop; our hearts, chest, and bodies in general.

The room left and we both just zoned out into the nighttime darkness that had come the over two and a half hours we were in each other. We drifted off with me on his arm and he laying on his hand.
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