Girlfriends kinky parents. Ch 1. The beer run
In the summer of 95 I met my girlfriends parents for the 1st time. At a glance they appeared as normal everyday, boring parents but over that summer I was awakened to things I'd never even heard of.

Jessica and I were going into our senior year of high school, we'd been dating about six months and hadn't had sex yet. Oh she'd let me finger her to orgasm and suck her tiny nippples but she never even asked to see my cock. She would see it tenting my shorts and giggle and say "DOWN BOY" while patting it.

One day right before school got out for summer she said her parents wanted to meet me and I was invited over for dinner. She said her mom wouldn't be home until 5:00 but I shouldn't get any idea's. That was fine, I could wait. Jess had a REAL tight pussy, small boobs and a fantastic ass on a petite little frame. I could barely get 2 fingers in her even when she was soaking wet.

We watched a film called the Crush with Alicia Silverstone while we waited for her mom to get home. Jess let me finger her on the couch during the movie and she creamed all over my hand. My fingers were a little sore from her tight hole and wreaked like pussy juice. Let's just say Jess had a fragrant pussy.

We sort of lost track of time and we heard Jessica's mom walk thru the door, Jess had just enough time to get her Jean shorts buttoned before we heard "HELLLLLLLOOOOO"? I jumped up and tucked my raging boner under the band of my Adidas shorts and pulled my shirt down to conceal my hard on.

Selina was a wonderful woman and we hit it off right away. I'm sure she smelled Jess's pussy juice, the whole living room smelled like sex. To her credit, she ignored the pungent aroma of teenage cum and we chatted and smiled.

Selina went to the bathroom and I let Jess know she needed to change her shorts, there was a giant wet spot just below the back pockets, obviously the source of the smell, Jess dashed upstairs for fresh panties and shorts.

Selina had shed her skirt and proper business attire and slipped into a low cut top and jeans. She looked like your typical 50 something mom, bigger butt, not fat but she had a few extra pounds. But she had a gigantic set of tits, cleavage poured from the V-neck and I reminded myself not to stare. She asked me for help in the kitchen and soon we were standing next to each other at the counter. It was tight quarters as I mixed batter for fried chicken. Selina came up behind me, grabbed my hips and moved me aside to get to the lower cupboard for another bowl, she playfully spanked my butt and said "thanks", but her hand lingered a bit longer and I felt her give me a little squeeze. I laughed it off, it was harmless.

We chatted about school and summer plans then about her job as a secretary for a car dealership. I was telling her about school when she cut me off and said "Damn, we're out of beer, Tom will be pissed if he gets home and there isn't any, there's a big game on tonight".

Just then Jess came downstairs, she had freshened up and her ass looked amazing in her spandex shorts. "I need to run to the store for beer, can you start the potatoes while I'm gone" she said to Jess. "Sure mom" Jess said. "I'm taking your boyfriend for the ride so we can finish chatting". "Whatever" Jessica said. "Just take it easy on him" she said with a laugh.

We hopped in her pick up and headed to the grocery. At the store, Selina tossed a case in the cart and led the way, we hit a couple isles then she stopped in front of the condoms. She grabbed a big box of Trojan's and 2 tubes of astroglide and tossed them in the cart. "Do you guys need any condoms sweetie?" she asked? There wasn't a hint of suspicion in her voice, I was slightly embarrassed.

"Actually, Jess and I haven't had sex yet" I said to her. "We'll get you some anyways" she said and grabbed a box of regular Trojan's and tossed them in the cart. "Actually" I said, I put them back and grabbed a box of Magnums. Selina grinned and said "come on big boy".

On the way thru the parking lot, Selina asked if I had my license yet, "I do" "wanna drive us home" and she tossed me the keys to the Dodge Ram.

Selina flipped up the center console and slid right next to me and started giving me instructions like it was my 1st time, I played along because she had her left tit pressed right against my arm. "God you've got big tits" I wanted to say to her.

Once we were on the road she put her hand on my thigh and said "Sweetie, if you're going to date my daughter I can't have you lying to me, I need to be able to trust you with my little girl". "No problem, I promise I'll never lie to you...OR Jessica for that matter". I said.

"We'll you just told me that you and Jessica never had sex and when I walked in the house, my living room smelled like my daughter's pussy" she said somewhat angrily. I was embarrassed both at her lewd language and that she knew we were messing around but I quickly wanted to set the record straight.

"It was only my fingers" I said with a red face. I felt her squeeze my thigh, "Really, well thanks for being honest, we're very liberal and open in our house, we like to have open communication with Jessica and all her friends so don't be afraid to be completely honest with me, even if you think I'll be mad".

There was a long silence, Selina was still sitting right next to me, hand on my thigh and tit pressed firmly on my arm. This talk was starting to turn me on, I was worried about getting a boner but something about Selina told me that she wouldn't mind if I did. I could picture her telling me "It's perfectly normal sweetheart, there's nothing to be ashamed of".

"I've used my mouth on Jess too" I blurted out to break the silence, I couldn't believe I was being so honest but part of me wanted to see how Selina would react to my brutal honesty. I didn't feel shy around her, my inhibitions were gone and she made me feel so at ease that I felt like I could be a little vulgar with her.

"Jess has always been very sexual, it doesn't surprise me, I'm glad you give my baby pleasure" Selina said, rubbing my thigh back n forth. "She'd kill me if she knew I told you this but she's been masturbating like crazy since she hit puberty. I've never caught her but sometimes I'd walk in her room and it smells like a fish market in there". "I'm very familiar with how her sex smells". She said. I felt my cock flutter and rise a little.

"You don't need to use condoms when she returns the oral favor but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear one when you two are ready for intercourse" Selina said.

"She hasn't given me a blowjob yet, as a matter of fact, I've never pulled it out in front of her". I explained.

Selina chuckled and said "You poor poor boy, don't give up on her, she'll come around". "I think she's worried about what you'll think of her if she has sex" I told Selina. "We'll there's no reason she shouldn't suck a load out of you" she said.

My horny cock went from semi hard to raging boner in 2 seconds flat. It filled my shorts and of course it had to go down my right leg right towards my girlfriends mom's fingers. The big head of my cock bumped right against her pinky finger and I wanted to die from embarrament.

I was wishing I had worn more that basketball shorts when I felt her hand moving on my thigh again. Her pinky was bumping into my crown with every stroke, then I noticed that the truck cab started smelling like Jessica's pussy and I realized Selina must be getting wet, very very wet. Then her finger slid up and over the head of my cock with every stroke. My cock tingled and my balls ached at what was happening and the smell of pussy cream got heavier.

As we pulled in the driveway Selina said "Show her I bought you guys condoms, that might relax her a little". "Who knows, maybe it'll relax her enough to at least let you slide this in her hand....maybe her mouth". And with that she gave my cock a full grab and stroke and made a noise that sounded like she enjoyed teasing me. Then she hopped out, grabbed the beer and tossed me the condoms out of the bag. "You should sit here a few minutes until you....regain your composure" she laughed.

"And don't worry, it's perfectly natural, boys your age are walking boners, especially when their girlfriends aren't taking care of them" she said. BINGO! I knew she was going to say that. What a kinky woman Jessica's mom was, she didn't mind my hard cock and even playfully grabbed it. My inhibitions with her were already low, now I'm free to get blowjobs from her daughter, what a great day I thought and then I decided to push it a little.

"I've got it covered" I said. I purposely lifted my shirt and reached into my shorts and grabbed my cock and maneuvered it under the drawstring band again. Half my throbbing cock was exposed to this horny vixen. As a bonus, I had leaked a huge amount of precum which was coating the fat head. "Whoops" I said while looking at her. "Looks like I made a little mess". She was staring right at my cream covered cock, and then I watched her lick her lips. And with that I took my inhibitions to another level and ran my fingers thru my prejizz and smeared it around the head while Selina watched.

"Good call" she said with lust in her eyes. "Let's go in and finish dinner". Halfway to the door she stopped and said "I don't think there's any reason to tell Jess that we flirted a you"? "No ma'am, our little secret". I said.

Please let me know your thoughts, more to cum with Jessica and her horny mom. You'll never believe what her dad is into and how I secretly watched.

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