Good Golly Ms.Molly
All the band members were sitting waiting on me to return from my music room getting a replacement guitar string for the one I had just snaped.One of the band members wife was occuping her time on my computer while we rehershed for our next gig, I heard her say as I walked by that something was wrong with my computer,it just went off for no reason can you look to see if I've done something I was'nt
suppose to.Sure I said,I'm sure its nothing it does it with me too sometimes.When I stepped up behind her I could'nt help but notice her beautiful cleavage and her cologne,Obession...
I have a weakness for both.
Her breast were simply beautiful,not to big nor to small.As I checked to see if it had came unpluged again she reached down and rubbed my ass,Nice ass she said.I plugged the computer back in and told her she needed to stop,her old man was in the next room.But I love to look at your ass she said and I fantisize seeing you naked when you're on stage all the time.Did you know when we are dancing,I'm picturing us in my mind doing other things besides dancing?
I said I love the way you look too,but I can't touch you and you know that.
WAIT...What things?

Would'nt you like to know she said with a devilish smile.Just forget it I said,you're off limits anyway,your old man would have my head if he knew,I mean dancing is one thing but what you're thinking is another.I left the room with all sorts of shit running through my mind.I had just gotten the string back on and tuned when Molly called out,Hey asshole your computer quit again,come and fix it please.
Her husband looked at me and said,you are being paged asshole,go fix that damn computer so we can get back to work and she will leave us be for a little while maybe.

I walked into the computer room and thats when the snake bit me.I looked and there was nothing wrong with the computer.I looked at her and she put her finger in front of her mouth sshhhhhing me.
In almost a whisper she said come here,I need to show you something.
She opened her blouse and said these need you to fix them,I think they are going flat.
It's like they are losing air or something.She reached out and grabbed both of my hands and placed them on both her breast.
See,she said they are all soft,do you think they are goig flat?I could feel her nipples growing thru the thin lacy material.No I said I think they are beautiful and are going to be just fine.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close and kissed me open mouthed.I pulled back and ask her what the hell was she trying to do,get us both killed? will be alright,he knows I want you.Your lying I said.
Besides that shit only happens in the movies. No for real,she said.He knows about my fantasy and how wet you make my pussy.He told me to try and seduce you into fucking me.
You could have knocked me over with a feather.
I could'nt believe this shit was happening to me.

I told her she'd better be careful that she might get more than she was bargining for,
If I start there's no turning back.
And I will have no mercy on you.
I won't have any on you either,I'll have you begging to fuck me before this is over she said with a sexy grin.
Let the games begin I said and I pinched one of her hard nipples and rubbed her pussy through her jeans,
Damn it...she said that ain't no fair,
No mercy I said and left the room.

Her husband was looking at me when I returned and picked up my guitar,I noticed he was smiling and he ask did you get her,I mean your computer back up and running?
Yeah I said,it was hard but I think I fixed it this time.
Now,can we get some work done,he just smiled and said kick off swinging doors.(Swinging Doors is an old Merle Hagard song).We had a good session but,I could'nt get those tits nor the heat I felt between her legs out of my mind.I must addmit I have had thoughts of her when we were out on the dance floor.
We always danced to slow songs and some good two and three steps always holding each other very close and tight.Alot of times it felt like her nipples were getting hard but I just wrote it off as my imagination and never gave it much thought as she was married to one of my band members and always looked at her as off limits.But it was different now,now the stakes had been set and nothing was off limits.

Tonight at the gig,we danced to a really slow sultry cry in your beer song and she held herself extra close,grinding her hot pussy into me more than normal.She whispered in my ear,"No Mercy" My cock was growing harder with every note that was comming from that old juke box.

Really...,you want to play this game here,now,I slipped my hand out of hers and put it in between us and lightly rubbed and pinched her nipples while we were on the dark side of the dance floor.
Son-of-a bitch...that's not fair,
No Mercy I said.She said you just made me feel like I pee'd my pants.I told her she was going to have to go to the bathroom and take her panties off before the night was over.

We played the cat and mouse game all night and
we stayed on the dark side of the dance floor.
Her grinding her pussy hard into my stiff dick
and me pinching her nipples and grabbing a feel of her pussy that felt like it was burning through her jeans every once in awhile.When the bands breaks were over and it was time to go back on stage I would go to the rest room and rearrange my shit and put a paper towel in my pants to soak up my own wetness and hope that it was'nt noticeable to the ones on the dance floor nor the rest of the band members while we played.

That monday morning she called me and ask could I come over?Is Big E there?
No, he's left for work but I told him I was going to call you and he said to go for it,and was smiling when he walked out the door.His last words was,I'll be home late,and to have a good fucking time.
Great...I thought,I said I'll be there in about a half hour.My pussy is burning up so hurry she said in her sexiest voice.
I went and showered and shaved my growing cock
all nice and smooth got halfass dressed and flew out the door and down the road about three miles to her house.

Somebody here call for a fireman I asked as I walked in the door?She said I did,it's so hot in here I had to strip down to my bra and panties.My God,she looked amazing.Better than I ever imagined.She walked over and started to undress me slowly,saying it's so hot in here these need to go as my shirt and pants fell to the floor.I reached behind her and unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor.Her breast fell free and they were perfect in every way just as I had pictured them all those nights on the dance floor.We both at about the same time removed each others underwear.We were kissing when we reach down to feel each other when she pulled back and stared at my stiff hardon.
Motherfucker,you shave your dick!And you shave your pussy so whats the problem,I've just never seen a shaved dick before and it sort of took me by suprise thats all.She smiled that delvilish smile of hers and said I love it.

We lay down on the sofa and I started to suck her hard nipples one by one making her moan out a little.I fingered her hot pussy,damn she was already soaking wet.
I slowly started inching my way down south,kissing every inch of her soft skin on my way down.I wanted to try and drown myself in this beautiful womans love juice.I kept finger fucking her and slowly licked and nibbled on her little hard clit,she was starting to rise and push her self towards me harder with every lick.She tasted so sweet and smelled even better.Her juice was thick and creamy almost like pure honey.I tried to drink it all.I've never tasted a woman so sweet before.I wanted to make her cum with my mouth.I wanted to drive her insane with pleasure.I wanted to make her beg.Then it started,she raised her pussy up high and pushed hard into my face.She was humping back and forth squeezing her legs together,Uuummmmmm,eat me,eat my pussy you cunt licker.Make me cum like a bitch in heat.
Her juices flowed faster than I could drink them.I want you she said,I want you now,I've fantisized about this for so fucking long, please put your cock in me.

Well who the hell am I to deny a beautiful woman what she wants.I pushed my self up and lay in between those lushish legs and touched the tip of my dick against her waiting hot honey hole.I rubbed her outer lips teasing her wetness.She kept trying to pull me in but I would'nt let her.Please she begged,I want this more than anything in the world.
Please put your cock in me,put it in now,please
No Mercy I said...who's begging who,
I pushed with one swift motion burying myself in the tightest wetest and hotest cunt I've felt for a very long time.She had her lushish legs wrapped around me and every time I pulled back I could feel her pulling me back in.We kissed with hot passion and she licked her juices off my face and kissed me again so I could taste her love juice once more.

Her eyes were closed and she was smiling saying this was better than she could have ever
imagined.You don't know how many nights I've pictured this in my mind she said.
Her pussy was trying to squeeze the life out of my dick,her muscle control was amazing.
Shit she said,not now...I'm so very close.
I felt her body start to stiffen under mine as the fist wave of her second orgasm started.
I slowed my pace not wanting to take her over the edge to quick,I wanted this to be her best fuck ever.I teased her even more,I would pull out really fast till just the outer lips of her delicious cunt was around my pulsing hard dick.I would push in a little then pull back out,push in some more then pull out again.
Then I would slam into her hard and fast.
I did this several times when she said in almost a scream,MOTHERFUCKER....I can't hold it any longer and her body went stiff and her pussy raised up to meet my thrust.I felt her inner muscles contracting and releasing with ever spasam of her orgasm.

I'm cumming...Oh God,holy shit,fuck me damn it.
Motherfucker...I ain't never cum like this before.Ummmmmmmmm,Ummmmmmmmmm,Ohhhhhhh,fuck this feels so damn good.I felt her spasams start to clam down a little then start up again.Fuccccck,I'm going to cum again...
Uuummmmmm,fuck me Baby,fuck my pussy good.
I leaned down and whispered in her ear how good she felt and how long I've wanted this.She pulled me to her and kissed me open mouthed pushing her tounge deep in my mouth holding me as to never let me go.

She broke our kiss saying I'm getting ready to go again,no man has ever made me cum like this.
I kept the same slow steady pace,trying to concentrate on something else taking my mind off my own pleasure.My exwife taught me that trick.Believe it or not that helps to control your release and you can go alot longer with some practice.I was fucking a slow steady pace thinking of music and my guitar when she practily yelled...I'm cumming again!!

I could feel her squeezing me and I told her, get ready I'm going to cum with you this time.
I fucked her like a mad man.Our bodies had become one,its like we could feel each others pleasure.She was out of control,bucking like a wild bronc.I was about to lose it when she screamed I'm going again.
I could'nt hold on any longer and let my hot cum splatter deep inside her.
It felt like my load of hot cum was comming from my toes or somewhere from really deep inside and it seemed to take for ever to shoot out.I cummed so fucking hard I thought I was going to pass out,wave after wave of hot moltin
cum kept gushing out and hitting her inner love walls.We colasped in each others arms.
When we finally caught our breath we went and took a hot shower and something came up...But thats another story...
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