Grand Rapids or Bust

"You need a ride baby?" he asked rolling down the window. The little blonde looked like she was freezing out in the snow. "Yeeesss" she said, teeth chattering.

"Where ya headed?" he asked, pulling back out onto the highway after she had buckled her seatbelt. "Grand Rapids." She said rubbing her hands together in front of the vent. I turned the heat on higher so she could defrost a little.

"Well I'm heading near there and it won't be a problem to drop ya off." I turned on my blinker to get off the exit. "I need to stop and use the bathroom, and refuel...if that's ok?

"That's fine, I could use some coffee." She said smiling at him. They pulled into a small gas station, the parking lot dark and abandoned, but an open sign in the window. After hurrying inside and getting their coffees, he went to the bathroom. "I'll just meet you outside." He said to her, "go get warm". She nodded and walked out the door. He waited until he saw her get back into the pickup and then walked out.

Walking over the passenger side door, he opened it and she jumped but before she could say anything his hands moved to her neck and unzipped her jacket. As she tried to back away from him, she found herself caught up in the seatbelt, and though she was fighting like a cornered cat, he managed to work his hands under her shirt and bra and firmly grab her breasts.

"Please, don't do this," She whined... pushing her hands against his chest. He worked her bra and shirt over her breasts and leaned forward, his arms giving way he moved his mouth to her nipples, hard as a rock. Sucking her nipple into her mouth he felt her begin to breathe heavily as her struggling seemed to subside. Biting lightly, he pulled back and reached in her pants.

She didn't help him pull of her pants and panties, the struggling she continued to do, did not change his mind, he was convinced she wanted him to take her. Finally getting her pants off, he worked his way between her sweet legs and took a good look at her little snatch. Reaching his hand down he put a finger to her lips and when it slid into her wet opening he knew for sure she wanted to be dominated.

Working his finger in and out of her tight little pussy, he then eased it up to her clit and gently took it between his thumb and index finger, lightly massaging it. Her hips lifted off the seat of the car.

He rubbed his fingers down over her pussy, pushing his fingers through her pussy lips and thrusting them roughly inside of her. He pushes deeper and deeper. One hand covering her mouth, muffling the moans she was making. He removed his fingers and brought them up to his mouth to suck on.

His cock hard and throbbing in his jeans he decides it's time to relieve the rest of his pent up frustration. He unzips his jeans and releases his fat cock. Grasping the seat handle, he tilted her back until she was flat and climbed on top of her, guiding his cock to the tip of her pussy he roughly thrusted into her.

He grinded his body hard against her, digging his nails into her hips as he fucks her harder and harder, he pulled out quickly and let his cock explode all over her stomach and tits. He climbed out of the truck, pulling his jeans up and on.

He shuts the passenger door and walks around to the drivers side, climbing in he started the truck back up and said... "Still a while to Grand Rapids..." Pulling back on the on ramp, he decided this girl he would use for while, this girl he would take out his desires and frustrations on....this girl may never make it to Grand Rapids.
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