Her Knight

The moment she admitted the dashing knight into her chambers, she knew the balance of power was no longer in her favor.
"Why have you come to me tonight, Sir Gareth?" The Queen demanded, ignoring the wetness forming between her legs.
" I seek only, my dear Queen, to reassure myself that you are safe in the King's absence. And I see that she is as beautiful and as whole as I might have hoped." Gareth's green eyes flickered like the candles that burned in the chamber.
" Yes, I am quite well, thank you. Is there some reason why you could not have waited till the morrow, to see if I was well. She did her best to assume her most haughty demeanor, as if she was addressing a servant.
" My Queen, I have not entirely come on thy King's business." He moved closer to her and as he did, she caught the scent of mead on his breath. She stepped away from him, retreating to the side of her bed.
"You had best depart, Sir Gareth, tis your duty to fight, and serve thy Liege in the code of chivalry." She said clearing her throat. "No good, Sir, can come of thy visit." She sat on the edge of her bed now, hoping he would grasp her intention to return to her slumber.
But he continued across the room to where she sat, with an almost subtle persistence. As he bent to put his face near hers, she moved away with as much grace as her nerves would allow. She stood at the door now, gesturing as if to show him the way out.
"I must insist that you leave, Sir, now!" she said harshly.
" Tonight, my Queen, I choose not to obey you." he said quietly "Tonight, I wish to be in your bed.
He moved like a feral beast. Before she knew what was happening, his strong arm enveloped her waist, while his full lips kissed her exposed neck. When he felt her swoon, he pulled her completely into his arms, and carried her to the bed, lying her down softly.
"My beautiful Queen," he spoke between kisses to her soft neck. "My desire for you burns hot with fire. For weeks, you have filled my every thought."
"How dare you speak of such lustful things. What right have you?" She said fighting off the desire that was enveloping her.
His mouth again returned to her neck, making her gasp. "I have the right granted to me by the Gods of love. His mouth met hers with such a firm softness that her only reaction was to kiss him back. She wished he would do other things too, to which she dared not assign words.
He assessed her with worship in his green eyes. "Tis a vision, my Queen. I have pictured you often like this, with your golden hair spread about the coverlet, your full lips parted as they await my own, I fear, my Lady, that your beauty renders me insane."
"Must you leave now?" the Queen asked.
" No," he said smiling. " I must stay. I must show you the passion that has resided in me these many moons."
He removed his tunic and moved to stand over her. " Is my Queen frightened?"
" No, my Knight. My body and heart is yours now, I beg you to pleasure me." She whispered.
His firm but gentle hands pulled the ties to her tunic, revealing her beautiful body. She turned her head, embarrassed by being so completely bared. His touch sizzled against her skin. He stroked her in a long, slow line from her throat to the golden triangle between her legs. When she finally recovered her modesty she found him staring at her as if he had never drank in the sight of a woman before.
"Your breasts are as pale as the moonlight, and so beautiful bathed in the candlelight." He said as he lowered his mouth against her breast and gently sucked the nipple. "Even your nipples, are ever so perfect, so round..." his sentence was interrupted when again he lowered his mouth to her aching nipple. He stroked her swollen lips, so that her wetness covered his fingers. He found her clit caressing it in a manner that made her thighs shake. She moaned loudly causing him to clamp a swift hand over her mouth.
" Shh, my Queen, tis crucial your quiet, I don't want my presence made aware of." He said tentatively removing his hand from her mouth.
" I have pleased my Queen though?" he whispered, laying kisses down her stomach.
" Oh yes, Gareth, I fear if you continue, you shall cause me to be louder." she said breathlessly.
He smiled wickedly and grabbed his finely sculpted, rock hard cock, rubbing it teasingly on her clit. Her hips rose in anticipation. He positioned himself between her legs, and with a quick thrust entered her hot, wet pussy. Again she called out but he made no move to silence her. He thrust in and out of her repeatedly. She wrapped her legs around him, clawing at his back in the same motion as a powerful orgasm ripped through her. Filling her hands with his manly derrière, she felt his cock begin to swell inside her. He propped himself up and slid out of her, spilling his seed on to her stomach, crying out in his state of abandon.
They lay their spent, neither one talking or moving. After a moment he got up, dressing quietly.
" My lady, you have brought me much joy, tis more than I could have dreamed of." he said leaning down and placing a soft kiss on her ravished lips.
" I must take my leave now, my Lady, my Liege shall be back soon." he said dressing. I wish I could spend every night bathed in your beauty, my sweet Queen, but tis not the way." He walked to the window, looking back at her once more and placing a hand on his heart. "Forever, my Lady." And he was gone.
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