Her Knight 2
The Queen paced her chambers, nervously awaiting her lover. She had sent her most beloved chamber maid to fetch her handsome knight, and when he did not arrive she began to grow increasingly nervous. She hated the fact that they had to live in secret, hidden from the watchful eyes of the court, meeting in dark and secret passages, but that grew tiring. She wanted tonight to be special, to have him lay her down on furs and make sweet passionate love to her.

Gentle rapping sounded at her chamber door. "Thank thee Gods." She said placing a hand over her erratic heart. The sound of soft feminine steps could be heard as she crossed the cold stone floor to open the door and greet her knight. As the door creaks open, she can feel the flush of heat cover her body, at the sight of him.

"My Lady." Gareth said, placing a soft kiss on her hand. He drank in the sight of her clad only in a thin gown that clung to her curvaceous body. Her beautiful and full breast could be seen straight through the garment, causing his cock to stiffen. He brushed her silken hair back over her dainty shoulders. Kissing her soft neck, nibbling and causing her to giggle.

"Gareth, I have waited to long, forever it seems." She said as she fiercely stripped the brawny Knight of his clothes. He stood there naked and all his physical charm displayed. Which her eyes feasted hungrily upon. Gareth reached to her and pulled the gown up and over her head. Leaving her naked in front of him.

"My Queen, tis nothing in the heavens that can compare with your beauty." He said lustily, laying her down on the bed. He is instantly overcome my the warmth of her bare skin against hers. He plunged deep inside her, making her cry out. Suddenly her voice leaves her. She can neither inhale or exhale. A shock surges through her body and electrifies her, and just as quick all is calm.

She wrapped her naked thighs around his hips. Causing his throbbing cock to slide in deeper. She relishes every inch of him. Their tongues dart in and out of each others hot mouths. The bedposts rattle into the wall with such a force, its a wonder how there not discovered by members of the court. Gareth pressed his face in between her heaving bosom and gave out a powerful cry. The royal chamber is than encased in a comforting silence. The silence is only broken with the fire crackles, sending sparks on to the cold floor.

They made sweet slow love again and again, until the sun began to make it ascend over the green hills outside the castle. Agreeing to meet again that night, he dressed and ducked out the window.

Not an hour later, the Queen was awoken by a heavy knock on her chamber door. "Enter!" she called irritated to be woken up so soon, after such an exhausting night. Expecting to see her chamber maid, she was shocked to see her husbands servant.

"My Lady, the King is back and awaiting your company in the great hall. I would suggest you make yourself presentable with haste." He said and left just as fast as he came. He cannot be back already, he was supposed to be gone two moons! A tear rolled down her cheek at the thought of that pig touching her body, for she did not know how long he would stay. Her body would again be at his mercy. She hurriedly dressed in a velvet gown, braiding her long hair and pinned it back, placing her veil atop her head.

When she entered the great hall, her eyes immediately sought out the eyes of Gareth, standing with the other Knights. Her heart sped up at the eye contact and then stopped when she saw he was frowning and not actually standing with the other Knights but between two that were holding his arms. She noticed to that her chamber maid was also present . Why was she here, she should be cleaning and readying my dresses? The Queen thought. She paused for just a slight second, then continued walking to where her husband sat, curtsying at his feet.

"My Lord, tis wonderful to see thee again, I hope your hunting trip was bountiful." she said.

"Ahh the Queen, finally makes an appearance" The King said loudly addressing the members of the court. "My Lady, I hear tales of treason being committed while I'm away, tell me my beautiful Queen, that they are mere rumors?" He asked, with a knowing smirk. This was it, it was all over, that stupid wench had ratted her out, tis no other reason she would be here, tis no other reason, Gareth would be contained like this. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

"You will act like a common whore, when I am away!" He roared. "I will treat you like a common whore!"

With that he stood and pulled out his rigid cock out from under his doublet. He roughly pulled her down down onto her knees and speared her with his manhood. The King motioned for everyone to look at there beloved Queen being treated like a slut. He bobbed her head up and down as he intensely fucked her beautiful mouth.

He slowed, but only to press into her mouth further until he touched the back of her throat. The queen tried to pull her head back but the King's grip was strong, too strong. Her vision started to blur as tears welled up in her eyes, Just when she thought she would pass out from lack of air, the King pushed her back roughly. She gasped for breath, coughing up cum and spit while she tried to regain her composure.

Her eyes darted across the room, where all the court, from respected duke to lowly servant were gaping at her. Some smiled, some shook their heads at the harsh treatment of the Queen.

The King motioned for silence as all the whispers that had started. He than turned to his advisor who spoke. "Sir Gareth and Her Royal Majesty, the Queen, are here by charged with high treason to the King! Tomorrow at dawn punishments will be dealt, in the courtyard, the King wishes all of you to be in attendance, that is all.

Roughly the guards grabbed the Queen by her arms and slowly walked her through the hall, in front of the court. Being paraded through the masses of the people she had once called friends. All she saw was the sneering and whispering "slut, harlot, whore"

The Queen was led down stone stairs to the dungeons. After throwing her in the dark, empty cell, the guards, locked the door and left her in silence.

She bowed her head and prayed. Prayed for forgiveness, prayed for Gareth, prayed for herself. After a few hours alone, the door was unlocked and head guard stood there. "My Lady, if you would follow me, the King wishes you to be present for some business that is to be dealt with."

She got up with all the dignity she possessed and followed him down the underground hall, the attendants walking ahead with lighted candles. The chamber they walked into was vast, with every torture device known to human was there.

They pointed some out to her and asked if she'd like to try them. The Queen held her head as high as she could and stood silent. They sat her down in a large chair, with a guard on each side of her. There she awaited her punishment. What she was not expecting was more guards to enter, with Gareth blindfolded, gagged, and chained between them.

"Gareth!" She shouted, and stood. Immediately she was forcefully pushed back down. "Gareth, I love thee!" She continued to yell, the head guard to walk over and slap her, causing her lip to bleed.

"Sir Gareth, by order of the King, we ask will you confess to your sins?" the guard asked, removing his gag.

"I cannot." He said. They took him to a big upright pillar, one of the wooden posts which held the roof of this huge underground chamber. Driven into the top of it were iron staples for supporting heavy weights. They put his wrists into iron gauntlets and ordered him to climb two wicker steps.

His arms were then lifted up and an iron bar was passed through the rings of the one gauntlet, then through the staple and rings to the second gauntlet. This done, they fastened the bar with a large pin to prevent it from slipping. The Queen watched in horror as they removed the steps from under his feet. Causing him to hang by his arms fastened above his head.
Gareth began to pray and the guards around him again asked him if he was willing to confess his sins now.

" I cannot and I will not, for to love someone is not a sin." He stopped talking then, when weights were added to his legs, stretching his muscles in his arms. The Queen watched desperately as his hand began to swell above the irons holding them in place.

The Queen fell to her knees and began to pray for mercy, "Let him go! Please I beg of you." She screamed.

"No mercy, shall be rewarded to a prisoner that cannot repent!" the guard shouted back at her. Gareth fell into a faint, and the Queen sighed in relief as the pins were pulled out and he fell to the ground. They picked Gareth off the floor and tied him to a large wooden pole. Some of the attendants came forward with buckets full of pitch.

"No!" The Queen screamed, realizing what they intended to do. They were going to burn him alive. After he was fully covered in the thick tar like paste, he was picked up and carried outside. The guards dragged the Queen off the ground and made her follow.

The guard smirked. "The King wishes you to watch." They hoisted the pole into the ground. Securing Gareth with more ropes, so he couldn't move. They placed hay around his feet, and asked him once again, did he wish to confess his sins.

Poor Gareth couldn't even speak and just shook his head. The flames licked up his body slowly seeming to pause in slow painful increments, first his calves, then thighs, chest, hands. And finally his face. Gareth screamed the whole time. Finally all was silent. When he was dead his body was not placed with the bodies of his brethren, but a grave was dug in the dung pit, and his body was flung down into it. The Queen knew than that it was over. She had nothing else to live for.
"Why make me wait until dawn, burn me now!" The Queen hissed at the guards. The guards laughed. "My Lady, the King has different plans for you....

They locked the Queen back in the cell and disappeared. The Queen fell once again to the ground and prayed that Gareth had reached the promise land. God could not punish a man as great as he, the Queen fully believed that their God was merciful, and Gareth and she would be reunited once again.

Suddenly the door to the cell opened and the King strode in. "My Lady, did you enjoy the show, earlier?" he asked laughing. "You have embarrassed me, you stupid whore and you my Lady will pay!"

He stalked towards her backing her into the corner. He lifted up her skirts, tearing at her undergarments, ripping them. He gazed down at her exposed crotch and stroked his cock.
"You brought this on yourself, you filthy slut!" the King yelled. He backed her up against the wall grabbed her hands and held them above her head, he then guided his cock into her tight hole, still holding her arms above her head. He began to slam into her. He felt how tight she was with every movement. As he pounded into her, she couldn't help but moan loudly. "That's it. You dirty little wench." he mumbled as he slammed into her. "Feels good doesn't it?"

"Let me go!" She screamed. "Your hurting me!" She tried freeing her hands, but his grip did not loosen. He just laughed and plunged harder into her. She closed her eyes and felt his balls slap against her. "Gods..." she mumbled.

"You like it, don't you? You like feeling the King's cock inside your tight little cunt, don't you?" he sneered. "For my Lady, it will be the last cock, you'll ever have!"

The King pulled out of her and forced her onto her knees. The ground was cold and dirty, He spread her buttocks apart, guiding his shaft into her tight ass. "No!" the Queen screamed, trying to crawl away. He reached forward and grabbed her hair at the base with one hand and roughly shoved his cock into her, moving in and out. He began to move fast and faster inside her. Every time he pounded against her, she could feel his balls slap against her ass. He yanked on her hair as he began to plunge into her harder and faster.

"I'm going to cum inside you, you dirty wench." he said between clenched teeth. He let go of her hair and grabbed onto her hips, moving her against his cock as he shot his cum inside her. He kept his cock inside her for several minutes, making sure very little cum dripped down her ass.

He pulled out and pushed her to the ground. "You liked that, didn't you?" She looked up at him and held her chin up. " I will be thankful for when the sun rises, for I shall never have to endure your small prick again." She said and spat at him. He hit her with such force, her head smacked the wall and she was knocked out cold.

When she awoke, one of her maids was shaking her softly. "Your Highness, tis time to wash and dress." the maid said not looking her in the eyes.

The Queen slowly got up and began to wash and dress, with the supplies the servant and brought her. Fully clean and dressed now, she followed the maid out of the cell and was surrounded by guards who led her outside, to the courtyard.

Coming to stand in front of the scaffold, she glanced one more time around at all the familiar faces in the crowd. She climbed the steps with all the dignity of the great Queen that she was. The Queen summoned her women to help her remove her black veil, her head-dress, and other ornaments.

The Queen watched as the executioner fell to his knees before her and implored her forgiveness.

"I forgive you, my good sir, I forgive you as freely as I hope my sins will be forgiven by God and I shall be reunited with my Gareth again." She said majestically.

One of the women than tied a handkerchief over the Queen's eyes. The Queen quickly and with great courage, knelt down, showing no signs of faltering. So great was her bravery that all present were moved, and there were few among them that could refrain from tears. In their hearts they condemned themselves far the injustice that was being done.

The Queen quietly spoke her last prayers and when she was through laid her head on the block. The executioner struck her a great blow upon her neck, which was not entirely severed, twice more her struck finally severing her head from her body.

The executioner then picked up the Queen's severed head and showed it to all those present and cried out. "God Save the Queen! May all the enemies of our great King thus perish!
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