It was finally my time to be with mysterious guy who kept me wanting something I never wanted before. I had never been one to really fall into one night stands or aimless sex without a passion or a reason but he was perfection.

It was as if the angels and demons collided to make the greatest temptation I had ever come across. When I even thought of that golden smile or those dark and deep brown eyes, I felt as if my pussy had a heartbeat. He drove me mad in my dreams and in my nightmares.

So now when I when I had made the decision that I had failed to think upon and now I was where he wanted me. I was alone and frightened but more excited. I walked into the huge flat. I was nervous more than I had ever been in my life. I laughed at myself while I looked out of the huge window to the city streets below. Then I heard him enter the room.

So I turned around and smiled a smile. He looked serious and I felt my heart beat quicken. My pulse had to move a mile an hour as I looked him up and down. He had on ball shorts with a black tank top and I bit my lips to hold back my smiling blush. I loved how much more tan his skin was against the black of the tee.

He walked over and pulled my leather jacket off leaving me in the sparkling white lace camisole bra. My hair was already up and I stepped out of my skirt leaving my heels on and put my hand on his face. Then he threw me onto the ground. I felt helpless and at the same time I liked the feeling. I liked knowing that he could love me or that he could harm me.

I felt the immediate numbness sink in as the pain subsided and I moved onto my back. He moved over top of me and began to kiss my neck. I was so lost in the blind passion and the intoxication of his beautiful lips that I had all but noticed the way he handcuffed my hands to the leg of the heavy wood table. My heart began to pound. I was afraid of being out of control.

His dark mysterious brown eyes peered into mine and he smiled, he smiled because he knew that I was afraid. He smiled because he held all of the control. He smiled because as he kissed the pulse of my neck I was sure that he felt the strong, quick, and steady beat. My blood was rushing and the pressure was rising.

Once again his beautiful pink lips crashed into mine and I could no longer see but feel and hear. The way he smelled musky and masculine filled my senses as I grinded against him anxious to feel his body. I wanted more of him. I wanted everything about him and although I was afraid of his darkness I still was drawn and craved him.

He tore my bra off savagely and he began to bite and squeeze my breast and bite my nipples in a way that made me cry out in pain and in pleasure. The dull ache fell from my mind through my body and soon tainted my blood like a fire I couldn't put away. Suddenly he stopped and tears stung my eyes because for some reason it hurt so much to no longer feel him.

Then he shoved most of his 9 inch cock in my mouth. He did it so brutally that at first I couldn't catch rhythm and I couldn't breathe but I was hungry and this was what I wanted. So I eased my panic and let the hunger rise and I no longer cared to be neat or prim and proper. I sucked hard and went along with his harsh powerful thrust just glad to taste him and feel him in my mouth.

To me he tasted sweeter than my favorite candy and I swallowed every bit of his essence that fell on my lips or my tongue. He withdrew and rubbed the tip of his penis on my lips and it felt nice like a message but I wanted to taste and to feel him again. I begged him for more.

He burst into me without warning. I whimpered and tears stung my eyes at how tight he felt inside of me and I tried to let myself know I would become more accustomed to his size as he thrust into me and I felt like I stick of butter being stabbed by a steaming hot butter nice. I could hear my juices paddling and slipping down my ass crack. I was screaming now.

His hand slipped between our bodies and began to flick, rub, and to pinch my swollen clit. I came to the point that the pleasure was too much and as I yelled for him to stop he thrust harder and rubbed me more intensely and I came over and over again. My body was no longer able to protest.

He put his hand around my neck as he kissed me. I wanted to touch him so badly and feel his body slick was heat and sweat. As he bit the side of my neck met his painful thrust with a fire and hunger I had never had before. He choked me and at first I was very afraid. However at some point I realized he wasn't going to hurt me.

I liked the possessiveness of his body and I liked the fear that he could harm me. I loved the way my body was racked with intense feeling after feeling. And then my world shattered and I yelled as my body released and my thighs became wet with my juices.

He put his dick back in my mouth and I tasted myself on him and his own salty taste. We continued until finally I moaned in pleasure as he released into my mouth and I drank him in. I loved the way he tasted. Then the handcuffs fell away and he left. I put my jacket back on and as I looked into the mirror I didn't know if I should laugh, cry, or smile.
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