Him pt 2
I turned the recording off. Yeah he was pretty funny I thought as I turned and walked into the bathroom. He was funny enough to send a recording of our little session this afternoon but then that was who he was. He was sour and sweet and reminded me of an ignorant sour patch kid, maybe that's how he trapped me into his crazy trap. I liked it that way though and it all felt good to me.

I stepped into the shower and washed with my Japanese cherry blossom wash and then dressed. I wondered what surprise there would be for me at his place. I walked out of the apartment into the night and the fresh crisp air hit my face.

I was still an emotional wreck after leaving earlier but I guess I look more beautiful when I cry so a couple hits of a blunt and some sips off this flask was making that all okay. I guess a couple tears were the price of the game.

I walked through the lobby and received a telling smile from a couple men. Yeah some of these people had witnessed my walk of shame' earlier but I didn't care what they thought because they probably wished to be him and to fuck me. So with that I let my lips turn into a smile and the elevator doors closed and there I ascended into whatever game this was.

The door was opened and there was a soft light pouring out. This was different than the usual guy I knew. He was more prone to be rough around the edged but hey this was the game I chose to play. So I took a couple more sips from my flask for good luck and the clicking of my heels followed me in. So this was the game.

There was a girl, a beautiful girl but still a girl and no him and just us. Her full lips called my attention. I always had something for full lips and open honest eyes. I took another lazy sip of whatever was in this flask as she looked me over. She was dressed in one of his shirts and some panties with a little rubber ducky. She was cute. I liked her.

"So are we staring or are we fucking?" I threw out at her and she returned with a smile.

"You're not going to ask my name?"

Another huge gulp. "Okay what's your name?"


I smiled. That was cute. And then I picked the camera off the table and we began to play a little game of picture day. I ended up on top of her with nothing but my black lace boy shorts and my blue heels. She was kissing my neck and the camera was on auto. The snaps continued as she moved her lips lower and began to lick and kiss my breast.

I began to touch her. She was so swollen and wet. I also noticed the clit piercing and thought that was pretty cool. She was moaning in a pretty musical kind of way as I slipped on finger into her moist wetness and then inserted another finger. She was burning. I began to feather kisses on her stomach and slid her panties down her thighs and legs before laughing at the duck again.

I put her leg on my shoulder and began kissing her ankle down to the inside of her thigh. I used my tongue to make swirls and patterns and felt her leg shake a little as I got closer to her smooth glistening lips. I licked over the slit of her pussy instantly liking the way she tasted. It seemed like maybe I got myself into something good tonight....
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