Hitting All the Spots 2
I have craved cock for a while now. Every time we would go to bed and I saw it sitting there almost out of his boxers to when we would snuggle and I felt him pressing up against my back I would roll my tongue in my mouth just to feel something in every bit of it. Today I had planned to do something unexpected.... be submissive.

I set out the scarves, my little cotton very low cut short nightgown and the extra firm pillow I planned to use to make it easier on my back when I am tied up. I am normally not submissive but tonight I wanted to show my dear how much power he really had over me. As I wait for him to finish his show and come in for bed, I dim the lights to make the perfect bare lighting that will show everything yet make it mysterious at the same time. He floats across the hallway and enters our room. His eyes immediately go to the bench at the end of the bed where i had laid out the simple goodies, and ask which of us is going to be in the control. I answered, "Me hon, I want you to tie me up and make me your cushion." He tells me to hurry up and get changed. I waste no time flying into the bathroom and stripping just to put on that soft fitting nightgown he loved. When I come out he is sitting on the bed with just his boxers on that I loved too. He holds out his hand as I walk toward him putting my hand in and gently being pulled onto the bed. As I hit the bed and am guided across his lap with my back to the air, I get to where my thighs and his meets and I lay down with my ass in the air. I loved him spanking me. His hands were big, firm, and just stung a little. I am always being goosed or patted and it was great.

Tonight he starts by placing his left hand at my thigh and very slowly running it up my back. The fabric barely moves as his hand goes down. The next time his hand goes up his thumb grabs the bottom hem and pushes it up. He looks at my exposed cheeks with pleasure and begins to spank me. The first few hits were slow and light and sent little wave through me. The right hand goes into my gown and goes back and forth between nipples rubbing them making each one so hard, so fast. He gets a bit faster with the spanking and I look up at him. I bite my bottom lip and let out a little moan. By this time he had gotten so hard I feel his head hit my stomach. I can feel my cheeks starting to radiate some heat and he gives one final blow and we are both ready to move onto something else.

I tell him to stand up at the end of the bed. "Wait, I thought I was supposed to be in charge!" "Don't worry you still will be," I reply. So he stands up and I turn over tilting my head off the bed. I slide his boxers down and he comes out right next to me almost like a flying dagger. I grab his head and guide it to my mouth. Finally I get that soft delicious cock in my mouth. After playing a little with my tongue, I start to motion the cock in and out of my throat. I let go and he keeps the movement in and out. I am loving it! I reach around to hold onto his ass to make sure my head stays fairly still. I close my eyes to heighten the joy of the rubbing sensation against my tongue and tip of my teeth. In and out my need to have my mouth filled is complete. He then pulls out and puts his balls in my mouth which is a bonus for my new found oral fixation.

I suck and nibble for a little bit then I am told to lay on the big pillow. He lifts one arm up and ties it to the headboard followed by the other. He instead of just taking me puts a finger on my clit and goes around in circles. He wants to see my face and watch me squirm and jolt by just a few fingers. I can feel my hips starting to draw back as the excitement builds and my mouth opens to let nothing out but a little squeek. Just what I wanted, for him to surprise me. Soon a finger goes in to tease me and I lay there watching him watch my face.

He stops and scoots up to me. He grabs my upper back and pushes in. The fingering had gotten me so wet he slid in very quickly. I was being taunted by him not moving and started moving my hips in any direction when he laughed and pushed again making me draw back. He keeps pushing hard until my head and back are fully against the pillow and are making the pillow go through the board. My arms are tensing up as the pressure builds and he is going so fast from the amount of cum that finally I feel both of us release and he backs off and holds my legs looking at my panting chest and soaked thighs. He unties my arms then plays with whatever he can find for the next hour on me until we go to sleep. Needless to say I will be unable to go to work in the morning.
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