Hitting all the spots
After about two weeks of not seeing each other, we finally had a weekend together. The colleges had just let out for the week long break and between my pent up frustrations and his it was time for a nice day off nothing but getting gewy with some hot sticky sex. My boyfriend came over to my place this time.

I take a shower about an hour before his arrival and blow dry my hair. It was long and he likes it a little flippy (as he calls it). I use the aloe lotion he loves because it leaves me silky and being hot & sweaty only amplifies the fresh smell. I put on a silky short gown with a cute little bow on each part covering the nipples and as he arrives I run to the door, fling it open, and nearly knock him down with the hug and kiss. After talking about our day and how bad we've needed each other, I walk him over to where I have a little set up and sit him down. There on the floor is my computer, two pillows, and my incredibly soft thick rug. I go to get us some drinks and he starts to relax.

I pour some tea and quickly return to get everything started. We are both into a little porn but usually watch it separately to get ideas and what not. I get the computer started and go to one of my favorite sites. I pull up a video with something that will get us both going; we both can't stand extremely skiiny women, anything involving really old people with teens, etc. Finally a video comes up with a large breasted woman with a big ass and a man who was nice looking at nine-inches long and it was fat. We both watch it laying next to each other as they go at it and his hand which was imbetween my shoulders had started to slide down. After another two videos with about the same people in them, his hand makes it to my butt. One finger gently goes up and down my ceack while the rest caress my cheeks. He finds his way to my pussy and starts to go in. I turn over and I see him getting an erection. He turns to look at me and watches as I undo his pants and work on him as he is doing the same to me.

There we are mutually masterbating getting the feelings back that we had been used to making dormant after not seeing each other for a while and enjoying it. We smirk at each other and take notice of the little glit in each one. He tops and plays with the little bows and then helps me up. I stand and am guided to the couch. He bounces on top of me and tells me our "game plan." He is goig to start on the sofa, and we are going into a different position in a different room. I show my excitement by tonguing him and lay back down. He finishes ripping off his clothes and lifts my leg up rolling me over on my side. He likes that I didn't have any panties on and understood I wanted to just get right down to it. My leg is tossed up over his left shoulder and he plunges into me. He starts off at a medium rhythm and I tilt my head back with the little moan that came back. We just watch each other without saying a word as the only sound is him hitting my wetness every time he moves. He pulls out and we go to the counter in the kitchen.

He bends me down and holds my neck while I brace myself. He enters and we continue our love fest for another fifteen minutes until he turns me around still in me and walks me over to the small laundry room. I am lifted onto the dryer shaking with clothes and between the vibrations and him nibbling on my ear, I feel like I never have before combined with the feeling of his cock getting bigger with the impending cum. Our next move was to the bedroom. This one required both of my ankles held together as he layed down and bounced me up and down, then reverse cowgirl, then by a tub tipsy in the bathroom. That one I get a rush from because my head and arms are on the floor with my legs in the tub getting drilled down into. We are both exausted and dehydrated at this point because we both had to cum at the same time. We limp our way into the kitchen and attack bottles of water I had in the fridge and pant with our satisfying trip around the apartment.
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