I Want the One Watching
I brought home this guy I barely knew that I just met two weeks ago online for something nice and casual. We went out, had a few drinks and then came back to start our little fun. I pull his shirt and walk him over to this one very comfy chair in the middle of my entrance room which was also the living room. I throw him down and give him a very delicious wanting kiss then tell him to be a good boy and wait there for me while I go change. I stroll down the hallway into my room where I laid my naughty outfit and started getting ready. I put on my littlest panties that can't cover me fully and the little bra that has the tips of my areolas poking out, then the white shirt and mini skirt. My platform heels were black and simple to complete this slutty teacher look. I toss up my hair in a messy little bun with my curly hair hanging out of it all loose with an extra spritz of perfume and contemplate how I will go out and entertain my guest.

I head back toward the living room strutting making my hips sway more than usual with my hands on them accentuating the roundness of my breast. My heels click on the wood as I round the corner and I see him looking up at me and wave me over. "Wow look at my naughty teacher. What am I going to learn tonight?" he asks in a cheesy tone. "How you have never had a woman like me" I reply. My ipod is hooked up to the stereo where I have some 80's and some modern rock ready to set the mood. I walk over and get it ready, then back to the seat. As it starts I unbutton my shirt and open it so that he can see my tits hanging out while moving a little to the tunes. I love him looking me up and down as my hips sway and my hands run up and down various parts of my body. I inch forward and he puts a hand out to my hip giving it a little stroke. I never stop until my bra is off and both of his hands slide my skirt up. He is half aroused and unzips his pants.

My hands rub his thighs and I hear a faint rustling outside. I look and I see my neighbor Tom looking through the blinds. He was always fairly attractive and never showed any interest in me before. He stood there looking at us like the Discovery Channel. I lean in and breathe into his ear and lick my lips teasing my peeper. He looks at me with this regretful face that he is not in the room with my hands making him erect and squirmy. My guests is squirming instead with every soft stroke of my hand inching nearer to his erection making it grow steadily.

I slide his pants completely off and unbutton his shirt licking his abs and hard pecs. As I come to his face I pull away the second he tries to steal a kiss and turn around. He gets a full view of my cheeks swaying once again to the tunes. I sit in his lap and scoot back and forth slowly feeling his cock in between my ass until I am ready to stop playing and get down to work on my two admirers. I then straighten my back, grab him and slide on. It takes a few pushes to get in, but I manage to stuff him in me and as my hands wrap around the back of his head, he takes his hands and parts my legs placing each foot far apart on each arm and begins rubbing my clit. As he rubs with one hand, the other is running over my legs and breasts. I love the feel of trying to cum a little and being full simultaneously. His breath in my ear now helps. He keeps rubbing both hands and giving little jolts deeper into me as I feel my lips start to tighten around his cock. He gets me to the point where I am almost about to release when he pushes me off, whips me around around starts pulling me toward him once again. I straddle him and settle in once again with my hands stablizing my body on the back of the chair taking him in. I go up and down looking at Tom outside and he has one hand down his pants enjoying his view more.

I am really wanting to make him want me now. I lean in to put my tits in his face and rub them all over. He takes one and shove half of it in and begins a biting like rhythm and sucking. I speed up and look at my man and mouth "you want these?" and pull my nipple out as far as it goes. Tom's hand is now jerking so fast I know he will cum any time now. I am then picked up and taken to the sofa with a low back. My ass is balancing on the back while the rest of me falls over the cushion and my upper back is on the end of the bottom cushion. He is pushing so hard and that with me being upside down makes him feel three times deeper. My legs are rocking so fast my knees feel as if they may pull apart and he grabs both tits as I stiffen and squeeze his cock with all I have and feel my wetness coming down towards my stomach. He stays in a minute panting then pulls out. I get my robe on as he redresses and I show him back to the door. We give each other a nice tonguey kiss then he leaves. Back to the window and I wink at Tom and he winks back and writes his number down waiting until the car pulls away to put it in the mail slot then creep home.
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