I love my sister and my fiance
Those are 4 words you never wanna hear put together, 'We need to talk.' That always means there is something bad coming. She didn't wanna wake up Emily though, so I went along with it. We both just put on our undergarments and went out to the living room. We both sat down and she gave a nice hug and kiss.

"What's on your mind sis?" I asked.

Then she decided to hug me again.

"OK, I get it, you love me and you are sorry, don't worry about it," I said.

"Well, just in my book, that rank as a 'bitch thing to do' honestly. I know we didn't do it a lot, but still, things happened," Marry replied.

"Well, I don't blame you sis, you've been through some shit in your life. You are a beyond decent woman and those morons decided to leave you. Well the answer is right there, they are morons. Granted I could have reacted better, but I completely didn't see it coming though. It was a complete surprise. I had no idea that either one of you could possibly be lesbian honestly," I said.

"But you still love me and Emily?" Marry asked.

I just gave her a dirty look, that was one of the dumbest questions I ever heard honestly.

"Of course I still love you sis, I could never stop loving you. I've known you almost my whole life, and truth be told, you could have been a much bigger pain in the ass, but you weren't though. I can't say that I 100% approved of what you 2 were doing, but still I get it. It's not like it was just something you wanted to do to piss me off," I said.

"As far as you know," Marry replied softly.

"And you were always funny. This isn't a deal breaker sis, it's just a little weird, that's all," I said.

Then she spit out the question I knew had to come sooner or later.

"But are you really in love with me though?" Marry asked.

I leaned over and gave her a big kiss on the lips, it lasted for over a minute and once I was done, I leaned back. Then of course, she attacked me, she got on top of me and we made out very passionately for a few minutes. There we were, brother and sister making out very passionately. We both were already getting a little sweaty, I guess it was the incest in the room.

"So are you really in love with my girlfriend?" I asked.

"Yes, she is one hell of a woman, I may seriously at least a little lesbian now, just thanks to her," Marry replied.

"I'm glad she could help sis," I said.

We made out for another minute, then she had to stop.

"Should we be doing this? I mean she is right in there and if she comes out, she may get the wrong idea," Marry said.

"Don;t worry about her, besides you two had sex, why can't we?" I asked.

"Good point, but you really wanna have sex with me again, that wasn't a one time 'We were all horny, so shit happened.' thing?" Marry asked.

"No way, I love it just as much as you did, and honestly, if you two can do it whenever you want as long as you tell me, I should have the same privileges with you," I replied.

"But she doesn't about this right now," Marry said.

"Well, you two did without me knowing, so I think we're in the clear," I replied.

"Good enough for me," Marry said just before we began making out again.

I think both of our heart rates were through the roof, we were being incestuous and we were loving it. Eventually my hands went to her back and I undid her bra. I threw it on the floor and she hovered her boobs right over my face. Emily did this for me too, it was probably the best/cheapest spectacle you could ever see. Two boobs literally only inches away from you it should be on a postcard or something, that would sell. Plus when you do see it for real, you get to have your way with them too. She swung them back and fourth riht over my face for a minute. I couldn't help but stick my tongue out, that was absolute paradise honestly. After a couple minutes, I grabbed onto both of them and began licking her nipples really softly. Of course that titillated her a great deal, I wasn't aware of her sexual history, but judging from the moans coming from her mouth, she was having the best sex of her life. I liked her nipples over and over again and she moaned louder and louder as time went on.

"Oh yes big brother, show your sister what you'll do to her once she knows that you really love her," Marry said.

With statements like that, I was more willing to make her feel really good. She may have been my sister, but given that we knew we really loved each other, we were both more than willing to have amazing sex. We both were getting sweaty and worked up, it was like we were in a marathon running nonstop and instead of getting more tired as time went on, we got more energetic. I licked both of her nipples nonstop for about 5 minutes straight and let out some intense moans.

"Yes, make me cum all over you and the couch, I wanna cum a river for you Tim, a huge river, like the Nile river," Marry said.

Well, I don't think she'd be able to cum the Nile river honestly, but I was still gonna make her feel really good so she'd cum like never before. She was breathing in and out very rapidly, I mean very rapidly, I didn't anyone could breath so quickly, I made her start moving around a bit and then she began moaning really loudly.

"Shit Tim, I'm gonna blow now," Marry said.

She exploded right into her panties, they were beyond soaked then. I got a good look at them and that was yet another sight to see. She took them off and showed them to me.

"Wow sis, I know I could get you off, but damn," I said.

"I know, we're brother and sister, I think it's the incest, it can really get each other off," Marry replied.

"Well, why don't you get me off now sis?" I asked.

"I can do that," Marry replied.

She got off me and got onto her knees. She leaned over and took off my boxers, which were a little wet as well. I came just a little as I licked her nipples. She threw the boxers over towards the kitchen and took my cock into her mouth.

"Oh, sis," I said slowly.

She of course didn't answer, she just started sucking on my cock really passionately for a few minutes. As you might imagine, I had a huge smile on my face, truth be told, with the incest, Marry was the winner. She knew how to suck cock and she was my sister, so it wasn't a fair fight by any means necessary. I put my hands onto her head and she started going up and down on my cock very slowly. Going ever so slowly just really intensified the pleasure, you would think with speed, that would be an absolute killer, but she knew that guys liked it slower, and not always so quickly. I wasn't breathing rapidly, I was breathing slowly. I was trying to keep my load down, but I had 2 huge killers going on right there: a blow job and my sister giving it to me. I put both of my hands onto my face and covered it completely. It was as if I thought I'd just pass out from all the pleasure and I was just trying to deal with it as I was losing the battle.

"Oh fuck yes sis, deep throat your loving big brother for him, make him cum right down your throat," I said.

She laughed a bit at that, I guess it was funny, but I said more because we were both really horny and into the sex. She started going up and down quicker all of the sudden, I geuss she didn't wanna go too slow for too long. I was already on my way to cumming a river for her. She was sucking on my cock like mad and getting even more excited in the process. I would have thought she would have started to get tired, but she was just kept going.

"Holy shit sis, you are a sexual blow job goddess," I said as I moaned.

She didn't say anything to that, which I found a little odd, I know Marry loved to get compliments. I was sweating up a storm, big time. It was like there was a could over us and it was pouring rain on us. I closed my eyes and just began moving around a little bit, the moment of truth was coming really soon, would she really make me cum a river?

"Fuck sis, I can't hold it down anymore!" I screamed.

She backed away just a little and she let me cum all over her face. It was really kinky honestly, Emily never really let me cum on her face, but Marry let me do it though. With her face covered, she climbed up on top of me and laid about a dozen kisses on my face. We cuddled together for a little while in silence, we weren't sure what to think of what had just happened. We made love as brother and sister with my girlfriend sleeping in the bedroom. We laid there for about 20 minutes, then all of the sudden I look towards the bedroom door. Emily had her hands in her panties watching us.

"Shit, Emily can see us," I said.

Marry and I frantically got up completely naked and she saw us.

"Don't worry, I won't report this crime," Emily said as she came towards us.

We both thought about that or a minute.

"Incest is illegal," Emily said.

"Oh yeah it is," I replied.

"You promise you won't tell though?" Marry asked.

"I promise, so what are you two up to out here?" Emily asked.

"We're just hanging out, chilling together," I replied.

She laughed a bit and gave us both kisses on the lips. So it appeared that she wasn;t mad.

"You mind if I join in?" Emily asked.

Marry and I just looked at each other for a minute, we were a little confused.

"You thought I'd be pissed, didn't you?" Emily asked.

"Something like that," We both replied.

We both got up and sat down. She sat down with us as she still had her bra and underwear on.

"Well, I can see how you would think I'd be mad, but your sister is a wonderful lady though. I mean damn, she has perfect boobs, a prefect body and is sweet as a chocolate bar. She is a complete package," Emily said.

We both nodded, she was right.

"Well thank you, I guess," Marry replied.

Then she took off her bra and underwear, so all 3 of us were naked.

"What, you 2 are naked, I think I can be naked if I want to be," Emily said.

She got on the other side of me and they btoh began kissing my neck. It appeared that I actually had not 1, but 2 beautiful women to have sex with. It was definitely something out of Lush stories or something. Marry put her hand on my cock and began stroking it slowly. I almost thought it was too soon, Marry and I just had sex alone, now I was about to have yet another threesome? Well, it's not like I was gonna say no to that. They both leaned towards each other and made out really over my cock. It was even hotter then, I wasn't too surprised, it was just something magical about it. Marry was still stroking my cock slowly, so I had to lean my head back a bit.

"Holy fucking shit, this is out of this world," I said.

"Well, you have 2 hotties fucking you, so yes, it is out of this world," Marry replied.

Marry went down towards my cock and took it in her mouth. I never imagined having my sister blow me, but this is was something beyond magical honestly. I put my hand on her head and she went down as far as she could as Emily laid down with me.

"You know, your sister is a very sexy and hot woman, you are sure you never had a crush on her?" Emily asked.

"I'm pretty sure Emily, but I still love you," I replied.

She gave me a weird look for a minute.

"I know that, just as you know that I still love you too, I mean just because I had sex with your sister doesn't mean I love you any less," Emily said.

We made out for a minute and I could definitely tell that Marry had been kissing her, it was as clear as day then.

"Have you been making out with my sister?" I asked.

"Yes," Marry replied.

Marry took a small break and climbed up on me with both of us. She laid kisses on both my face and Emily's. We were like 3 peas in a pod or something like that.

"Can I see you 2 make out some more?" I asked.

They both looked at each other for a minute and kissed each other briefly.

"I think he likes the idea of us being together Emily," Marry said.

"I think you are right Marry, now we better give him what he wants," Emily replied.

Then Emily laid down on her back and Marry got on top of her right next to me. They both wrapped their arms around each other and their boobs pressed up against each other perfectly as well. I noticed that both of them were very sweaty, but how could they not be, they were having sex with each other and me as well. I laid back and watched them as masturbated like mad. I was jacking it as if I was gonna die in next 5 minutes. I had fantasies and this was one I didn't even know I had, I loved watching my girlfriend and sister go at it. I saw them making out very passionately, as if they were in love with each other, this wasn't lust or anything else, they were truly in love in every meaning. They had their eyes closed too, so that was another good sign that they were 100% serious.

"Where have you been all my life?" Marry asked Emily.

"Just sucking on your brother's cock over here," Emily replied.

"Well, I know he loves being blown, do you deep throat him?" Marry asked.

"Yep, he loves that a whole lot, I just go down as far as I can go on his cock and he is mine. Absolutely no further work needed after that, he is easy," Emily said.

"Hey, I'm sitting right here," I replied.

"You wanna suck on his cock now?" Marry asked Emily.

"Yes, if you don't mind," Emily replied.

"Hey, he's your finace," Marry said.

They both got up and Emily went down towards my cock. She took it in her mouth and Marry laid down with me. She kissed me several times all over my face.

"Tell me I'm the best sister in the world bro," Marry said.

"You are the best sister in the world sis," I replied.

She leaned up a bit and had her boobs dangling over my face. I couldn't help but take advantage of that, I took both of her boobs in my hands and licked her nipples mercilessly for about 5 minutes straight as Emily kept blowing me like mad. So as you might imagine, I was feeling like I just got out of a pool as well. All 3 of us were absolutely drenched it seemed.

"Oh my god Emily, you are gonna make me blow now, I can't hold it anymore now," I said.

She backed away a little and I squirted her face with cum like a sprinkler. Of course once Marry saw how wet her face was, she had to get a taste of that. They made out passionately for a couple minutes as they wrapped their arms around each other. Then I saw something I really expect, they both started shedding a few tears.

"Now what's with the waterworks going on here?" I asked.

They were both silent for a minute and kissed again.

"Tim, I really love your sister, she is some kind of special woman," Emily said.

"Damn right I'm, and don't sell yourself too short Emily, you are some kind of lady too, I don't love all pussy, but I love your pussy," Marry replied.

"Well, thank you, I tasted your pussy too, and you have a really nice pussy, I love your brother's cock, but your pussy is something out of," Marry replied.

Then their fingers went down south and they began fingering each other. I was cooling off a bit from cumming just then, but they weren't making it easy with them being so close while they were not only naked, but fingering each other too. Their boobs were pressing up against each other and I was probably as turned on as I could be. I was sweating up a huge storm, I resisted as much as I could and let them just do their thing, but unfortunately, I was beyond horny and more than ready for more. So I got on my knees and came over to them. I got really close to them and put my arms on their shoulders, they both kissed me numerous times on the lips. Then Emily's left hand found it's way to me cock, she began stroking it slowly. She was actually pleasuring a brother and sister at the same time, everyone's heads met in the middle. Of course that bump hurt a bit, but we didn't care. The 3 of us just stayed there on our knees and of course we couldn't all hold it forever, I was first to just explode.

"Holy shit!!" I screamed.

They both looked right at my cock and saw me shoot my load once again.

"Oh, big brother, you came so much, do you have any left?" Marry asked.

"Maybe a little bit, but not much more now sis," I replied.

Marry looked over at Emily and kissed her again.

"Can I suck on your finace's cock again Emily?" Marry asked.

"Yes, have at it sexy woman," Emily replied.

Marry got down on her stomach and sucked on my cock a little more, as if she just couldn't get enough it of it if she tried. Of course I loved that feeling, I loved getting head, but now I had a very new found love for my sister to suck on my cock, it was extra special you could say. Emily saw my face as she sucked on it and I think she felt a little jealous.

"You really liked her blowing you?" Emily asked me.

"Yes, incest blow jobs are wonderful," I replied.

"You want her to suck on your cock on a regular basis?" Emily asked.

As soon as I heard that, all of the sudden I just lost my ability to hold my load, so I accidentally shot it right into Marry's mouth right on the spot.

"Oh shit dude," Marry said with a mouthful of cum.

I just looked at her with a confused face for a minute as Marry actually swallowed, what was she suggesting exactly?

"Well, you gotta admit, your sister is a very sexy lady, who wouldn't wanna have sex with her, whether you are related to her or not? I have an idea to bounce off you two," Emily said.

Marry got up on her knees as well and we had no idea what Emily was about to say.

"Marry, will you marry us?" Emily asked.

We both just had the most stunned look on our faces, did she really just propose to Marry?

"Marry, we both wanna go out and buy you a ring, we want to you marry us," Emily said.

I don't think Marry knew what to say, hell I had no idea what to say to that. Marry stayed silent for a minute and then Emily gave me a giant hug.

"Don't you want to have a sexual and martial relationship with me and your sister Tim?" Emily asked.

I didn't know what to say, was this a test or something?

"I don't know Emily, what's with this?" I asked.

"Well, I know a great thing when I see it, and this is it. I love you and your sister, you love both of us and she love us btoh too, so why not?" Emily asked.

"Well just last night I was feeling like shit because I hadn't proposed to you yet, and now you are proposing that she marrys with us?" I asked.

"Yes," Emily replied.

Wow, now that was something more than a little weird to say the least, my fiancé just proposed to my sister to marry with us.

"You love me that much?" Marry asked Emily.

Then Emily kissed Marry for over 3 minutes straight, I saw them both shed a few more tears once again.

"Yes Marry, I'm not lesbian, but I love you as if I was lesbian," Emily replied.

Marry looked right at me as if I was supposed to have the answer for her, I had no idea what to say, why was she looking at me? I guess they weren't anyway shape or form bullshitting me when they said they were in love with each other, I guessed that because of what I heard next.

"Yes, I will marry you guys," Marry said.

They were both really happy, but I wasn't too sure how I felt about this. For then anyway, I went along with it, and we all celebrated. They primarily went nuts for a few minutes and kissed each other and me numerous times all over. Eventually they both got down on the bed and they began making out a bit. Well the way I felt about was that, I would have to share, but I would have 2 women and I could see 2 hot and sexy women do it whenever I wanted. So I was conflicted to say the least, and also they weren't making it easy for me to say no, with them making out right in front of me like that, it wasn't fair.

"Oh I love your sister so damn much Tim, it's unreal honestly," Emily said.

Well, they were in love, how could I say no?

"Well, if I agree to this, I get to have sex with both of you?" I asked.

"Yes," They both replied.

"With no hard feelings or anything like that when I do it with one of you?" I asked.

"If you wanna fuck your sister, then fuck your sister, I may even watch you two go at it," Emily replied.

Well, maybe this was a better thing than I thought, I still wasn't sure, but I still told them I was up for it though. The next day we went out and got a ring for my sister to wear as well. Once we had it, we went Emily formally proposed to Marry. She got down on one knee and popped the question.

"Well Marry, you know how much we love you, we just wanna have you stay with us, you are some kind of special lady, so we you marry us?" Emily asked.

Marry just laughed for a minute.

"Yes," Marry replied.

So Emily slid the ring on her finger and we all did some more celebrating. Everyone kissed everyone multiple times. It was like Christmas then anyway, I think we were definitely going down the rabbit hole, we just had no idea how deep it went, and I'm not too sure they cared honestly. They may have been on a high, I'm not sure, I thought we would just see where things went. So I actually had 2 finaces, not 1, but 2. So we needed to have some celebration sex, for the engagement. They began kissing each other as they sat right next to each other on the couch. Emily was laying back with her feet on the floor while Marry was completely on the couch, including her feet. I just watched them for a couple of minutes. Of course I was getting a raging hard on from seeing them, so I got down on my knees and went towards Emily's crotch. I moved her dress that she was wearing and slowly pulled down her thong.

"Oh someone is horny down there on floor," Emily said.

"I guess so, he always did love eating pussy, I saw him do it a few times before," Marry replied.

I gave Marry a weird look and just took off Emily's thong completely. I leaned my face to Emily's pussy and began fucking her. So it was hard for her to keep making out with Marry while I ate her out. It was a challenge, but she seemed to be up for it though.

"Oh yes Tim, get that tongue in there deep, make this finace cum," Emily said as she moaned.

I did know my way around a woman's pussy, and I guess Marry saw it for herself before, I was gonna talk to her about that later, but right then, I was on a mission to make Emily feel really good. After a couple minutes, Emily leaned forward and Marry took off her dress completely, just leaving her in her bra. I spread out her pussy lips a bit and made sure to stick my tongue in there as deep as I could. She began screaming loudly.

"Oh fuck yes!" Emily screamed.

I noticed that Emily was getting ever so sweaty even when she was just in her bra. It was like she was in a sauna all of the sudden. Then of course Marry had to take off Emily's bra as well, making her completely naked. I made sure to take a nice and long look at Emily in the nude and my cock was as hard a diamond. It was long, so it even began to poke out just a bit right through the top of my pants, they both noticed that of course.

"Our finace's cock is really hard Emily," Marry said.

Emily undressed Marry in about 30 seconds and then they both pushed me onto the floor. The landing hurt a bit, but I knew what was to follow that, was I did my best to ignore the pain. They both got towards my stomach and lifted up my shirt. They both kissed my stomach many times, it was kinky and I liked it. Then Marry began undoing my pants and she pulled them down. Of course was cock was throbbing right through my boxers. It was so hard, it actually hurt a bit. I took off my shirt and they both got on opposite sides of me. Marry first began stroking my cock slowly, I just laid back a bit and began getting pretty sweaty myself.

"I wanna see you naked too now, so get those damn clothes off Marry," Emily said.

So to no surprise, Emily leaned over me and took off Marry's bra and shirt. After that she took off her pants and panties as well, so everyone was naked in the room. 3 very horny and down to fuck people were in there and about to fuck each other hard. They btoh leaned her heads down towards my cock and began licking the sides of my cock. With 2 tongues on my cock, it was double the pleasure, double the everything pretty much. Then Marry put the head of my cock in her mouth, but didn't go down any further than that just yet. As she did that, Emily kept licking the sides of my cock.

"Oh I love you two so damn much," I said.

"We know," They both replied.

I couldn't help but laugh a bit, they definitely had chemistry too, it was uncanny honestly. Then Marry took my entire cock into her mouth. I immediately let out some really big moans once my entire cock was in there.

"Oh yes sis, just like that, make your bro feel good, really good," I said.

I think Emily really did get jealous then, Marry did the incest factor working for her, but I still loved it from both of them equally honestly. Emily leaned towards me and gave me a kiss, but then she was about to get up and go back towards my cock again when I stopped her.

"I love you Emily," I whispered to her.

So she laid down with me as Marry kept blowing me passionately. I kissed her many times on the lips and made sure she knew how I felt, I loved them both equally, and I wasn't in favor of just one of them.

"Is this what you want?" Emily whispered in my ear.

Was this a way out, no it wasn't, why would she ask as we were having a threesome? So honestly, I just got on board with it, I could get used to the life of having 2 women around all the time.

"Yes," I replied.

"Will you promise me?" Emily asked.

"Yes sweetheart, I promise," I replied.

She parked a couple tears and I swear we had the longest kiss of our relationship right there. It lasted for over 15 minutes and eventually Marry stopped sucking on my cock and came up towards us.

"Hey, that's not fair, you shouldn't hog each others lips, maybe I want a kiss," Marry said.

So we both gave her a kiss on the lips, first Emily and then me.

"Thank you," Marry said.

Then Marry got down on her back and I got on top of her. They both were on the pill then, so I didn't bother getting a condom. I inserted my cock into Marry's pussy and of course she immediately let out a very big moan.

"Oh yes big brother, jam that big cock up inside me deep, really deep," Marry said as she moaned.

We both wrapped their arms around each other and made sure we were both very tight. We kissed many times and I really felt the love for my sister. I felt it in a very big way, I went along with the sex before, but as I was on top of her with her arms around me and my arms around her, it was incest at it's best to say the least. I began thrusting my cock in and out of her tight pussy very slowly to start with, but after a couple minutes, Marry put a demand on the table.

"Come on Tim, fuck me hard, fuck me so hard that you get my pussy as sore as it can get. I want a sore pussy from your cock," Marry said.

So she wished, and I granted for her. I put some space between us and I began pounding her as hard as I could on the floor. I couldn't imagine Marry being all that comfortable on the floor, but I don't think she cared. I was really sweating up a storm and my heart was beating probably as hard as it could. I really wished that I would have had sex with her before honestly, although would probably mean I wouldn't have ended up with Emily. We both looked at each other with probably the lustiest eyes we could have had. Emily just laid back and watched as her fingers entered wet pussy. We were putting on a great show for her to watch. As I was pounding Marry as hard as I could, she was belting out the moans like mad.

"Shit yes Tim, that feels so damn good," Marry said.

My sister's boobs were shaking a bit and I know everyone in the room loved the view of that. I wanted to see them a little more, but it was hard to keep up the pace and get a good look at her boobs. She had her eyes closed, she was having big problems holding her load. I think everyone in the room knew she was about to explode.

"Shit, I can't hold it anymore, I'm gonna blow!" Marry screamed.

I got off here just in time see the fireworks take place. Emily and I laid back to watch her cum a shit load all over the floor. She came probably more than she ever came before in her life. She just laid there and didn't say a word as she just tried to catch her breath, but she eventually said something though.

"That was bar none, the best sex of my life," Marry said.

"We can tell," Emily replied just before she kissed Marry.

We all laughed for a minute and with Emily in the middle, we both had our way with her. We both leaned down a bit and began licking her nipples softly.

"Oh, now that's the spot, you two know how to do it right," Emily said.

"Something like that," Marry replied.

They kissed once and not only did Marry lean back down to Emily's chest, but her hand made it's way to her pussy. She began rubbing Emily's pussy ever so slowly, like as slow as a snail, which only intensified the please a giant deal. Emily was breathing in and out only through her nose trying to keep a lid on things you could say. She was having a lot of trouble holding it all in there. She was moaning like mad for a minute, then Marry really wanted to seal the deal, she went down towards Emily's pussy and began eating her out. Seeing one woman eat out another is a really nice sight to see, it's like watching a miracle take place honestly. Marry spread out Emily's pussy lips quite a bit and Emily screamed just from that.

"Oh fuck yes!" Emily screamed.

Then Marry leaned down and stuck her tongue deep inside Emily's pussy. I wasn't sure how long Marry's tongue was, but judging from the moans, it was like a foot long.

"Oh shit on a stick Marry, I love you so much, don't stop, please don't stop," Emily said.

To try and muffle her moans just a little, I kissed Emily on the lips, but that didn't do the trick though. She still managed to moan quite loudly, it was as if there was a moaning contest going on, and was trying to moan as much as she could. Between me kissing Emily and Marry eating her out, it was just too much for me, I couldn't hold it anymore and I shot my load onto Emily's leg.

"Oh my Tim, are you giving me a cum bath?" Emily asked.

"Maybe," I replied.

We all couldn't help but laugh a bit, so not only was there some real sexual feelings between all of us, but we all had some really great chemistry as well. I never knew that either one of them could be so sexually turned on by another woman, but they were both right in front of me seriously having the time of their lives. As I saw Marry spread out Emily's pussy lips again, I seriously came again just as Emily did as well.

"Fuck yes!!" Emily and I screamed.

We both came like no bodies business, call me crazy, but when I came that second time, I think I was ready for this, but could I just have been on a high, I wasn't sure, but for then, I was truly ready for what was to come. So after that we got together everything we needed, like my tux and 2 wedding dresses. We knew we all couldn't actually marry each other, our lives weren't on HBO, and I wasn't Bill Paxton either, although I wasn't all that involved in the wedding planning, not that I didn't want to be, but they went with this as if I gave them the key to the city, and we were in Las Vegas. Of course during all the wedding planning, they had sex a lot, I mean like at least 5 times a day, even with work, it was definitely an amazing sight to see. I even visited Emily at work once and found them making out on her desk. Anyway, it took about 3 weeks to plan the wedding, and once I came into Emily's office to visit her again.

"Oh there is my man," Emily said.

"Hey sweetheart," I replied as I walked towards her.

We kissed each other hello and her hands went towards my cock.

"Really, here in the office?" I asked.

"Hell, I have my own office, my office has a door, and the door has a lock," Emily replied.

"Maybe later," I said.

That certainly turned her off.

"What's wrong?" Emily asked.

"Nothing, we've been having sex nonstop for weeks now, even sex has it's limits, that's all," I replied.

Then she got up and gave me a hug.

"Are you having second thoughts about the 3 of us being together?" Emily asked.

It was a good question, a few weeks had gone by since we gotten engaged, the sex had of course been amazing, beyond amazing even, but we were seriously having too much sex and it seemed like the appeal had gone down honestly. Really if they hadn't been so in love I would have said something different, but I couldn't.

"No, of course not sweetheart, you love you both more than anything else in the world. You know I wanna make you happy," I replied.

"I know, I know, but is this truly what you want, if you are having any doubts, then tell me now," Emily said.

If you ask me, we were so far deep in the rabbit hole, we hadn't seen the light from the top for weeks.

"None," I replied.

Then she gave me the biggest hug she could possibly give me.

"I love you so much Tim, don't ever leave me or your sister," Emily said.

"I won't angel, I'm both yours and Marry's, no one else gets me," I replied.

The she smiled very widely and kissed me on the lips again.

"I wouldn't say that," Emily said.

I was confused.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

She took my hand and put it on her stomach, which only met one thing.

"I'm pregnant Tim," Emily replied.

That certainly made me happy, I couldn't help but feel her bare stomach.

"I think I'm about 9 weeks along now," Emily said.

I got down on my knees and lifted up her shirt. I put my head right next to her stomach as if I hear the heartbeat going on in there, but I was really happy, although I don't think either one of us were thinking about Marry though. Eventually I stood up and gave her another kiss as we both shed a couple tears.

"Will Marry be happy though?" Emily asked.

"I hope so," I replied.

"Can we have sex in here now please?" Emily asked.

"Sure sweetie," I replied.

We began making out passionately for a couple minutes. I was overjoyed over the news, it was a really nice touch to everything that had been going on, I mean I guess if I was ready to marry 2 women, I was more than ready for a baby.

"Are we hoping for a boy or girl?" I asked.

"A girl, duh," Emily replied.

I just gave her a dirty look.

"Sorry, but I know you can't resist when I take off my shirt ever so slowly," Emily said as she took off her shirt as slowly as she could.

I had a thing for building up the anticipation, it was my weakness, she had used that a few times before to get what her way, but every now and then she broke it out without her wanting anything. As she was just in her bra and panties, she slowly came over to me and grabbed onto my cock that was as hard as a rock.

"Would you like me to suck on your cock in the office Tim?" Emily asked slowly.

"Yes, I would Emily," I replied.

So she slowly bent down onto her knees. She slowly undid my pants and they fell to the floor as my cock went out the hole in my boxers.

"Oh, is this for me?" Emily asked as she grabbed onto my cock and stroked it slowly.

I couldn't answer her, we actually never had sex in her office before, it was always a fantasy of mine, but I never told her before because I thought it was a no-go. She slowly caressed my cock and I was breathing very heavily. I had a few drops of sweat coming down on my head and then she actually took my cock in her mouth.

"Oh yes Emily, oh must you tease me?" I asked.

She didn't answer, she was in the mood, and wasn't gonna get out of it for nothing. I put my hands on her head and played with her hair just a little, I loved her hair and I was not afraid of showing it, but sometimes she found it to be annoying. She stopped for a minute and stood up.

"You really love my hair, don't you?" Emily asked.

"Yes, I know you don't like it all the time, but I can't help it," I replied.

"Well, you did get me pregnant, so I'll let it slide, but now you gotta sit down in my chair," Emily said.

I don't know why she wanted me to, but she just pushed me onto the chair and took my cock back in her mouth again. She started going back and forth really quickly all of the sudden, as if she was on a mission or something like that. All I could do was sit back and enjoy the ride. I let out quite a few big moans and I had to take my shirt off, I was getting way too damn hot to keep it on. I threw it across the room as she pulled down my pants and boxers.

"Come on Emily, show some more skin for me, I should be able to see you too," I said.

"Ask and you shall receive," Emily replied.

So she slowly took off her bra as well, her boobs were nothing short of amazing, and with her being pregnant, they were just gonna get bigger and better. She stood up and slowly began unbuttoning her skirt, it fell off her and for the grand finale, she very slowly slid off her panties. Even with my sister in the picture, Emily still got my cock extremely hard when I saw her naked.

"So, do you like what you see Tim?" Emily asked.

I just nodded my head for a minute and she leaned down to kiss me. We made out for a minute and she got on top of me. With her chest against mine, I slowly inserted my cock into her pussy with no condom sense she was pregnant. She began bouncing up and down just a little as we were on her office chair, it made a slight creaking noise, but I thought we were OK though. We both had some very lusty eyes and I couldn't help but motor boat her boobs. I put my face right between her boobs and motor boated the shit of her boobs, she couldn't help but moan out loud.

"Oh yes my man, have your way with those boobs," Emily said.

After a couple more minutes, we both wrapped our arms around each other and I felt her boobs press against me perfectly. She was getting very sweaty just like me, I guess office sex was a great turn on for her too. We were both breathing heavily as we were both very excited about the whole thing. I put my hands onto her butt and got her to get even closer to me. She put her hands onto my shoulders and we made out very passionately for a couple minutes straight. We had to breathe slowly then, it was of course a big challenge to say the least, but we got through it OK. It was like a work out, but an extra pleasurable work out though.

"Tell me you love me Tim," Emily said.

"I love you Emily," I replied.

"Tell me again, I wanna hear it from the guy that got me pregnant," Emily said.

"I love you Emily," I replied.

We kissed again and just looked at each other.

"Promise me that this baby won't screw things up between all of us, I need to hear it from you, because I really love your sister too Tim, so promise me," Emily said.

"I promise Emily," I replied.

Emily kissed me again and got up off me. She cleared her desk of everything except for her computer monitor and laid down. I could only imagined that was an invitation for me to get on top of her, so I did.

"I've always wanted to have sex with you on this desk, I've been wanting to talk to you about it for months now," Emily said.

"Well, it's no longer a fantasy, you got me here now," I replied.

We both laughed for a minute and I inserted my cock into her. I began thrusting my cock ever so slowly, just the way she liked it.

"Oh yes, I love my horny finace when he does it slowly, it's gets my pussy wet, really wet," Emily said.

"You don't gotta tell me," Marry replied.

That scared the shit out of us, we both looked over at the door and she was standing in the doorway with her hand in her panties.

"What, can't a woman stare at her 2 finaces have sex in the office?" Marry asked.

We weren't sure what to say to that, everyone was just silent for a minute.

"What, do you think I'm mad, you 2 are allowed to have sex, even in your office, I was hoping that we'd do it in here actually, I've always wanted to have sex in an office," Marry said.

We were both still silent, I think we just had stage freight all of the sudden.

"Well, I'll let you finish what you started, I'll just be out here," Marry said.

She closed the door and waited out there.

"Well, do you wanna finish?" Emily asked.

"Yeah, but that was weird, why was it like a turn off when she came in?" I asked.

That was a puzzler, maybe we were just in the zone, who knows, but I began thrusting my cock once again and eventually I shot my load into her pussy. I of course moaned a little loudly first though, but it wasn't as good as I thought it would sense we were having sex in the office and we just got the baby news. We both got up and let her back in before we got dressed, after all, we did have something to tell her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt, but I couldn't help but get a closer look though," Marry said.

"It's OK, we are marrying you, don't worry about it," Emily replied as we began getting dressed.

Of course she noticed something was up with us.

"Are you two OK, you both seem off now," Marry said.

"Well, we got some news, we hope you won't be too disappointed," Emily replied.

She immediately thought the worst.

"Wait, you two aren't un-proposing to me are you?" Marry asked.

"No, no, no, we just have some other news," I replied.

Then she was relived, but we still had a bombshell to drop on her though.

"I just found out today actually that... I'm pregnant," Emily said.

She connected the dots on how we would think that she wouldn't be too happy about that, but she seemed to be happy though.

"Well, condoms don't work all the time, he must have some strong swimmers in there, so it was gonna happen sooner or later, but you both still want me with you though?" Marry asked.

"Yes, of course we do, in fact, Tim tonight, you should get her pregnant too," Emily replied.

I don't think Marry or I expected to hear that, but yet those words came right out of Emily's mouth.

"You really wanna have me get pregnant too?" Marry asked.

"Yes, I mean why not, you won't feel left out or anything like that, we don't have to have a teenager and toddler to take of at the same time, we can get it all out of the way at the same time instead. You wanna have him knock you up at some point in time don't you?" Emily asked.

"Well yes, but all of the sudden like this though, that's... sudden," Marry replied.

"Well OK, we can wait if you want, it was just an idea that popped into my head all of the sudden, I thought you'd be into it," Emily said.

Well, it wasn't a horrible idea, but I guess Marry wasn't jumping up and down about it though. So we tabled that idea for time being. We planned the wedding and bought for stuff for the baby, I mean like toys for a boy or girl, we didn't know the sex yet. Emily made it known that she wanted the wedding before she started showing, even though both Marry and I would still find her very sexually attractive.
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