Into the Woods
Ah, Virginia, I've been there many times and love it. The forested mountains, the vibrant historical cities, the beaches and sailing on the Patomic.

I've camped in the Shenandoahs, so beautiful.
And yes, well, I've fucked my petite, wickedly horny little Cock-Sucking wife standing out in those woods more than once. Fantastic. And before my wife, I camped there with a friend at college, and omg she was fucking amazing. One really great memory with her—we were standing right next to a noisy picturesque babbling stream, and standing a few steps in front of me, without saying anything at all she got her tight jean shorts and her yellow panties down to her ankles and bent forward with her hands leaning on a huge rock and she spread her feet apart as much as she could. Omg she looked so full of sex, her perfect young ass so beautiful, and Baby I fucked her hard, steady flesh-popping thrusts, standing behind her grabbing her waist and her ass and smashing my body into her naked butt. She looked back over her shoulder several times and her face was intense, she wasn't just letting me do it, she was fucking into it, quietly groaning and exhaling hard. Sexy sexy cute fucking girl who was from Dallas. Her name was Elaine, and my god she got into everything we did with passion. She was fucking horny, this red-headed chick.

Noisy nature sounds helped cover our screwing sounds, and damn we fucked hard for a good long while. Eventually, she pulled off my cock and quickly turned around, and leaning back on the huge rock she watched me finish as I was jacking my wet cock and slinging cum all over the place. She had her hand in her soaking wet crotch with her fingers slid down through her substantial ginger-colored pubic hair. She was finger-rubbing her clit omg, sliding her middle finger on it side to side, and sometimes rubbing circles around it.

My god she came good, rubbing the shit out of her clit. She was suppressing the sound of her groaning, and her facial expression was full of intense fucking ecstasy. My hard cock was sticking out like a pole while I was watching her.

The weather was very chilly, and that night in our tent we snuggled naked together, kissing, making out hot and wet, our hands all over each other's smooth body, our fingers in each other's mouth and holes. Me feeling her naked ass and sliding my fingers through her soft deep crack. Feeling and eating her small pointed tits with their soft pale pink puffy nipples. And we fucked, oh god we fucked so many different ways, and she sucked my pussy-wet cock whenever I pulled out and we were changing positions. Holy fucking shit, we'd never been together before except for kissing and making out at the end of a date. I'd felt her tits through her clothes, though, and she'd felt my hard cock through my pants a lot, so we knew the camping weekend all alone was probably going to get naked and we'd be passionately fucking. And we were looking forward to it.

She was amazing beyond my wildest dreams o..m..f..g
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