I came out from the kitchen, holding hot drinks and cookies on a tray, and saw my wife sitting on the couch with Julia. Most of the lights in our small den were off but she had lit a couple of candles earlier, and they burned with a soft glow. Once my eyes adjusted from being in the bright kitchen, I could see fairly well. She was sitting on the couch next to the fireplace with her leg behind Julia, and her arms holding her. She had her dead buried in my wife's chest, but it seemed the crying had stopped. Softly rubbing her back, my wife gave me a sad look over her friends head. They had grown very close over the last year, and Julia had needed that friendship with the games her husband was playing during their divorce.

Julia was not aware of my coming in, so I set the tray down quietly, and seated myself in the oversized chair closest to them. I was not really sure what to do, but I decided I would stay just in case I could help get tissue or something. My wife kept stroking her friend's dark hair and back, and I have to confess, my thoughts soon started to wander. We had been getting very close when the door bell rang, and my thoughts were still in that gear. Trying to clear my head, but the two of them wrapped in such a close embrace, coupled with what my wife had been doing to me before the doorbell had rung, and I seemed unable to shake the thoughts, or the erection I had.

When the doorbell rang, I had jumped like a teen getting caught by his parents. Leaving my wife chuckling at me, I stumbled into a pair of shorts and answered the door. When I saw Julia, tears streaking her face, I let her in and handed her over to my wife, who was in full protect mode, immediately hugging her broken hearted friend. I went to the kitchen to get the tea and cookies, hoping to give them some privacy to talk, but came in with snacks and a hope to help.

They sat there for quite awhile, my wife embracing the other woman, and Julia making small noises every once in awhile, a breathy sigh, a little groan of pleasure when my wife rubbed her back a bit. Whatever it was, it was enough to catch my attention, my mind immediately going in a different direction than helping, well, me helping. My wife saw my sudden interest, knew what I was thinking, and gave me a "get your mind out of the gutter, pig" look. I just smiled, but decided to settle down when Julia let out a little moan, and nuzzled her face in my wife's ample cleavage, her hand going high on my wife's thigh, giving it a tiny little squeeze. Her head readjustment had caused my wife's leg behind her to shift a bit - nothing truly big, but my mind was leaping to conclusions, and I was willing to sit here all night for even a hint, real or imagined, of sexual chemistry. This could be better than any fantasy- or a building point for years to come. Either way, I was not complaining.

After my wife kept rubbing her shoulders, Julia gave my wife's leg another little squeezey caress, moving her hand up just a bit. I was not sure if they was intentional or not, but I was going to stay here quietly and find out! Julia's hand was now about an inch away from the cuff of my wife's loose shorts. I noticed that my wife was now biting her lip, and her nipples had hardened to two tight buds under her tank. One look at that and I was rock hard in my shorts. She shot me a look, knowing exactly what I was thinking, but for once, I could not tell what she was thinking.

Another breathy moan from Julia and she gave my wife's leg another squeeze and moved higher, playing with the hem of my wife's shorts. Minutes later she readjusted her head, her mouth almost on one of my wife's stiffened peaks. She did another breathy sigh, and my wife bit her lip again, thinking her friend had no clue the havoc she was playing on my wife. I disagreed, at this point I was convinced that it was more than male fantasy coupling with hope. Now her head lay cushioned between my wife's breasts, and her hand skated across my wife's inner thigh, causing a little hiss of air to escape her mouth. She shifted again, rubbing her hand further up my wife's leg. Her whole hand was basically between my wife's legs only inches from her center. My wife's nipples were definitely visible through her shirt as she gave me a nervous questioning look. I was enjoying her discomfort and to make it worse for her stood slightly and pulled my shorts to the side showing her my erection. I gave it a few short strokes and she responded with another a glare, but licked her lips. I knew the moment would be having an effect on her and the heat emanating from her had to be noticeable by now. I wondered if Julia could smell my wife's arousal. Between what we had been doing before, and what was happening now, I had no doubt my wife was have a serious reaction. She was always easy to excite, and I loved being able to make her moist with just a look. Then, my wife stopped stroking Julia's hair. I was crushed. She didn't want it to go any further.

My wife loved being with me, and we had talked about adding another, but it was just fantasy. My wife was battling between the shy way she was raised to be, and the strong urges she had. She looked at me again with a mixture of fear and lust in her eyes. All I could do was give her a loving smile and a nod, then sit down, hoping out of sight would make it easier to do what she wanted, whatever that would be.
She surprised me by tucking Julia's hair behind her ear, playing with the lobe. I perked up with renewed interest and looked into her eyes. She was watching me with a little grin, and she leaned down and put a soft kiss on Julia's forehead, watching me with eyes darkened with lust, all the while. Julia arched a bit, and began to ever so gently knead the flesh of my wife's inner thigh. She pulled her leg open a bit more and continued to knead, moving her hand higher in the process, grazing just before my wife's soft lips.

Stunned and breathless, I watched as her fingers made their way to where I had been earlier that night. It was very brief and as they came back out I could see, but not hear the sigh that escaped my wife's lips. My wife, in turn pinched Julia's ear softly, and scratched her nails softly down her back and up her rib cage, barely grazing Julia's breast as she continued to watch me. I had never seen that kind of smile on my wife's face before, but was very eager to know what it meant. Julia's fingers grew bolder, and stayed up my wife's shorts longer, this time beginning to rub in their own tight little circle. My wife's neck arched backwards a bit when Julia touched her. I was thankful for the candles, but wished for more light, though I knew it probably would not have happened at all if it were not for the security that the dim light provided.

Julia's whole hand had now disappeared into the opening of my wife's shorts, and had not come back out. Her tongue snaked out, licking my wife's taut nipple and my wife jerked with a soft moan, arching for more. My wife's eyes had drifted shut as she tried to control her moaning. Julia sucked my wife's nipple through the tank top and I almost came at the sight. I could see the movement of Julia's hand as it rubbed back and forth over my wife's lips. My wife looked back into my eyes as her other hand, the one not playing with Julia's ear, cupped Julia's heavy breast, rubbing her thumb lightly over the hardened nub. I so badly wanted to pull my aching erection out and rub it to completion, but I did not want to break the moment that was taking place in front of me. I was deathly afraid that this was a dream, and I did not want to wake up while it was so interesting.

Julia's expression changed when my wife did that. I looked back at my wife, and she smiled at me before hissing again in pleasure. Julia's hand was no longer rubbing back and forth but in and out, her eyes closed in enjoyment. There was clearly a wet spot staining my wife's shorts, shining in the candlelight as Julia continued to rub my wife in all the right ways, becoming more steady and forceful as she did.

Julia turned her head slightly; never opening her eyes, and began to delicately kiss my wife's breast. She was slowly driving my wife crazy from her touching. My wife's hand moved shifted lower, her hand going to the band of her friends sweat pants. Julia let out a soft moan, and shifted to give better access, never breaking contact with my wife's breast or her slick opening. My wife's head dropped back in pleasure as her fingers continued their descent into the pants of her best friend. I prayed to the gods at this point, that I do nothing to ruin this moment, and that it never end. The hand she was using to rub along my wife's lips came out briefly glistening in the candlelight before snaking back into my wife's shorts, pulling them up, seemingly on accident, so that I could see all that she was doing to my sweet wife.

My wife grabbed her breast with pure lust, twisting Julia's nipple, making her moan in pleasure. Her other hand stayed in her friends pants, causing Julia to squirm and push against my wife's hand. A slight damp spot was forming on the sweats. Julia twisted her wrist slightly and I watched as she inserted her index finger into my wife's dripping opening, her thumb grazing my wife's clit. An unmistakable moan came from my wife. I almost exploded without ever touching myself. I had never seen anything so erotic in my life.

Julia slowly but deliberately stroked her finger in and out of my wife, who was beside herself with lust. My wife rolled her friends nipple between her thumb and forefinger, causing Julia to respond with a moan and to insert a second finger into my wife; her middle finger along with her index now made soft squishing sounds as they moved in and out of my wife, her thumb constantly rubbing my wife's sensitive nub.

In a fit of pure lust, Julia, her eyes still closed, shifted her dead her head into my wife lap, her tongue snaked out, taunt, reaching for my wife's clit. On contact, my wife squealed grabbed the couch with the hand her friend had shrugged aside. I watched with a mix agonizing astonishment and pleasure, as Julia pushed her fingers as far into my wife's wet hole as position would allow. My wife reached out with her other to me before she pushed Julia's head tighter into her as she was being licked and fingered in maddening fashion. She curled her fingers into Julia's thick black hair and moaned encouragement.

Julia was now practically pounding in and out of my wife and I was pretty sure she had at least a third finger in her as well, and the mere contact with another woman sent my wife into a screaming orgasm, her body convulsing uncontrollably, juices running onto the cushion of the couch. She grabbed the arm of the couch and pushed upward, arching her back, pushing herself into Julia. It seemed to last forever. I grabbed my throbbing erection through my shorts and with only a few strokes was racked with my own monster orgasm.

As my wife slowly regained herself, she attempted to continue to take care of Julia, who pulled back, and shook her head with a smile. She sat up, kissed my wife gently on the lips, and pulled them both down onto the couch so that they were lying down. They moved into a spooning position with Julia behind my wife, and soon they were both fast asleep. I crept upstairs, tried to wipe myself off, and began to think again about what I had just witnessed. Little did I know that I would soon be participating...
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