Kelly's Love
As we got to Kellys house we figured we had a good ten minutes before anyone else arrived including my wife.We spent it talking mostly about what the future held in the cards for us,and we kissed a little more.Each kiss was more passionate than the last,every muscle in my body ached for this woman.She was so incredible and so beautiful as I said before,I've never known or seen anyone so beautiful.

As my wife and crew pulled in the drive Kelly and I were sitting on her front porch,
respectively, her on one side and I on the other with several feet in between us.
Of course when Kelly went to stand up she had to put her drunk act back in play and had to be helped in the house by my wife and her little sister. On the way home my wife asked was she a lady on the way home? Very much of one I told her.That was all that was said.

I had fallen out of love with my wife long ago,but stayed in my marriage for my children and the fact that I really had no place else to go,and I hated the fact of being alone.
Life wasn't really that bad around the house,we did'nt argue or anything like that we just did'nt love each other any more.It was'nt anything either of us did or did'nt do,it's more like we just some how drifted apart.We were so young when we married seventeen years ago,two kids so much in love.
Sort of like a Conway Twitty song,When we said I do,we really did,Now we don't.

My wife came to me one day and said why don't you go to her,I said go to who? Don't play stupid,you know who I'm talking about.I can tell ever since that night you drove her home she's all you've thought about and the lip stick on your shirt was a dead give away.And besides you know as well as I that theres no love here anymore.She crazy about you,you know.

She ask about you every time she calls. I tried to play it off that she was making more out of it than there really was and that there was still a lot of love left we just had to find it like we did before,She said no,theres no love here anymore and I think it's time you moved out and see if she's the one you really want.What about our children? What will they think?,they're old enough to understand she said. We'll sit down and explain to them it's not thier fault and that Momma and Daddy are still friends and we can still be a family.

I did'nt want to admit it, but she was right.
Kelly was all that I thought about day and night.I could'nt get her out of my head,every time I closed my eyes there she was in all her raving beauty.I could see her just as plain as if she really was standing there.

I called Kelly and told her I had more or less been kicked out and I would be staying at the Days Inn for a while 'till I found an apartment or house and I would call her to give her the room and phone number when I got settled.She said postively not,you can come stay with me.I have this big ol'house all to my self and if she kicked you out because of me,than whats there to hide. Nothing I guess I told her,well it's settled,I'll see you when you get here.

I arrived at Kellys and got all I had brought with me and took it in and ask where's my room? Here she said,with me. All my thoughts of this gorgous beauty went racing through my head.She started to put some of my things away and then she turned and said I've had dreams of this,now they're finally comming true. I've had dreams of something else too and she walked over and started to unbutton my shirt kissing my neck and down my chest with each button she undone.

She took my belt off and unbuttoned my jeans letting them fall to the floor.She removed my underpants exposing my naked body to her for the first time.She stood and walked back a few steps as if to be examining her new merchandise.Nice she said,I like everything I see.I love the idea of you shaving,I've never seen a grown man with no pubic hair before.
I was sort of embarrassed,but that did'nt last long,all my embarrassment left as she let her long denim dress fall to the floor.

She was completely nude under her dress,her body was even more beautiful than I ever dreamed of.She smiled and pushed me back on the bed...To be continued**Kellys Love** part 2.
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