Kissing Cousins-----Peek a Booo 2
As you read in peek a boo my cousin was very pretty and oh sooooo sexy.Not to mention built like a brick shit house.At the ripe old age of sixteen she already had all the curves in all the right places.She first showed me her naked body openly three years ago when her and her friends came up with this game they called peek a boo.That was the first time in my life
to ever see a real pussy up close much less touch one.I remember thinking that day that somehow I had to see her again and I wanted to touch more,much more.

I spent many nights laying in my bed with my eyes closed picturing her in my mind and jacking off.I was only ten years old when it all started,I was'nt sure of a lot of things back then, but I knew that I liked the feeling it made when I pulled on my little hard dick. Soon I started to get a thick liquid that would come out of the end of my dick when I jacked off,thats when I noticed that wonderful feeling would be the strongest.I later found out that I was cumming.I wished that I could cum forever.I knew nothing about fucking or pussy except that I liked it when my cousin would let me touch her down there.

She was always wet and slick when she let me touch her,and her nipples were very hard also.She told me that her nipples were like my dick,they got hard when she was excited.
One day while she was watching me and we were alone she asked if I wanted to feel her pussy.
All I could do was nod my head for yes,no other boys,no blanket to hide behind.Just me and her alone.My dick stuck straight out in anticipation of what I was about to see.She said if I wanted to she her titties and pussy I had to first pull my clothes off.uh-oh!

I was'nt sure about this, no girl ever saw me naked.Before I could say anything she pulled my shirt off over my head and unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the floor exposing my full nakedness to her.My my,look at your hard dick,I need to do something about that for you.She stood up and let all her clothes fall to the floor.I guess I had a nervous look on my face,because she said don't worry no one will be home for hours.She told me she had been watching me jack off in the woods behind our house and that she thought I should learn that there was more to sex than my hand.

She stood there completely naked,her nipples looked like bullets they were so hard and her pussy looked different than before,it did'nt have a hair on it.She must've noticed me staring at it 'cause she said touch it.She took my hand and rubbed it between her legs and it was very wet but it felt different than before.Very smooth,this time she pushed my middle finger in all the way to my hand.She was so hot and wet.I ask her why she was so wet?She begain to explain what and why and answer all my questions about her body.

She sat down and ask me if I wanted to put my tounge in her pussy?Women like for a man to do this very much she said.I said I don't know if I can do that or not.Come here and set beside me and I'll show you something else first.I done like I was told and she slid off the couch on to her knees and set in front of me.
She took my dick in her hand and started to jack me off,does this feel good,uhh-huuh was all I could say.How about this,she then swollowed my dick to my balls closed her mouth and begin sucking my dick like it was a baby bottle or something.Yes,yes I like that very much.I told her I was getting that funny feeling I get when I jack off just before that gooy stuff comes out.She tightened her lips more and sucked harder and before I knew it I had that stuff flying out of my dick.Man jacking off would never be the same again.

I ask her what just happened and she said you just cummed.Thats what they call it,that liquid,cum.It makes you feel tingly all over your body.
What you feel when you rub my pussy is cum.She ask was I ready to try and lick her pussy?I'll tell you what to do and she sat back on the couch and spread her legs wide.I got down on the floor and put my head between her legs and took a deep breath smelling her sweet odor and stuck my tounge out and tasted my first pussy.
I liked the taste and she told me where to lick and what to do,bite softly here,lick there,stick my tounge in her pussy hole.Before long she was holding my head and saying things like thats right eat my pussy,drink my cum,make me squirm.You're doing it just right.

Then she told me to get ready because she was getting ready to cum too.I swallowed all her pussy juice she give me.I loved the taste of her pussy.Just then she raised her back and wrapped her legs around my back and held my head close to her and told me not to stop,Eat my pussy,I'm gonna cum in your mouth.Ohhhhh,shitttttt I'm cummmmin now.......
Cummmmmmmmmin eat me,eat my wet hot pussy.
When she got through cumming she told me that I was'nt bad at eating pussy and with some practice I could and would become very good at it.I was looking forward to lots more practice at eating pussy and when she was going to let me put my dick in her pussy.

I wanted to know what else she could teach me.
I said I wanted to learn everything about sex and how to please her.I got this real stern SLOW DOWN,everything in due time she said.Sex is best when you take your time,never ever rush.First and formost always put the woman first,make sure she cums atleast twice before you do.Once with your mouth and once with your dick.And always remember what I teach you and you will always have a satisfied lover.

Now you need more practice eating pussy,eat my pussy once more,this time with out me guiding you if you make me cum again I let you put your dick in my hot wet pussy and I'll show you how to use your dick to make a woman scream with joy.I eat her delicious pussy like my very life depended on it.I licked her from bottom to top,sticking my tounge in her tight pussy hole,biting her clit softly as I held it with my teeth I flicked it with my tounge.I remembered all she had told me to do the first time she made me eat her.

It was'nt long before she was talking to me telling me how good I was doing and how her pussy was about to explode again.Thats it,yes you're gonna make my pussy cum,very close and then her body stiffened and she let out a loud moan,Yesssssss thats it eat me eat my pussy I'm fixing to cuuuummmmmmmm and she held me to her very tightly not letting my mouth move from her pussy.Her grip was so tight I just held my head still as she road my face up an down.Her pussy was so wet my face slid effortlessly across her clean shaven body.

I looked down at my dick and it was like a steel rod or something.She told me to get on top of her but not to try nothing.Once again I done as I was told.I lay on top of her and her body was soft under me.Her breast was very soft for her nipples to be so hard.She instructed me to put one of her nipples in my mouth and suck it like a baby bottle.She let out a soft moan,thats it baby suck my tittie.
Now the other one,this time as you suck one
pinch the other between your fingers gently.
Again she moaned softly.You're doing great for the first time.She put both hands on my head and said One more thing before I let you put your dick in my pussy,this is how a woman being loved wants to be kissed.She said for me to close my eyes and kiss her.Again I done excactly as I was told.As I put my mouth to hers she parted my lips with her tounge and pushed her tounge deep in my mouth moving it around,shittttt,this felt almost as good as eating pussy except now the pussy was licking back.

As she kissed me I felt her hand slip around my stiff dick and pull me to her.Then I felt the most wonderful feeling.My dick was being put into a wet hot pussy for the very first time.Then without any warning before I could say or do anything,I felt my dick srart to jump and that tingly feeling over come my body
I was cumming.Just like that it was over. I srarted to cry....No no baby boy,don't cry,this was to be expected as it was your first time.This is why I wanted to show you what to do and how to make love to a woman.

She said,Your dick will get hard again and this time you can go longer before you cum in my pussy.As always she was right and after a few minutes my dick was as hard as ever.
She put it back in her tight pussy once more and told me to move back and forth like I was going to pull it out and then push it back in again.I've never felt anything like this in my life.It was so smooth,hot and wet.It was'nt long before she was moving with me and telling me to fuck her hot pussy.We both cum together and then she took me into the shower and let me eat her pussy once more.When my parents got home they ask how everything went,did I mind her OK,he was wonderful and done everything I told him to.I'll be glad to baby sit anytime you need me to.I could'nt wait till the next time my favorite cousin was boss over me once more.......continued
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