Lanie's Hubby
Hi,my name is Lanie and I would like to tell you my story. Don't worry it short,sweet,and pleasurable. Good! Now I have your attention, so sit back and here goes.....

I had been watching him for a week,tall handsome in a rugged way, bald with large black eyes and a sensual mouth. He would never be what you call good looking,but you would definitely look at him twice. One day he stopped by the store where I was working as a clerk. He purposely got in my line and made sure that we had eye contact. He paid for his gum, collected his change and left, leaving me hot,bothered and wet.

I didn't see him again until late the next day. Again he came in, got a pack of gum and got in my line. He had to wait behind a woman who buying a month's worth of groceries, but wait he did. This time he said hi and I thought my panties would slide right off my ass. Damn was all I could say, and I am sure the look on my face said more, but what can a girl do? Beside there was a custumer behind him who was getting impatient. We locked eye until he left my line. That night I brought a box of condoms... you know...just encase.

He came in on Friday around lunch time, brought a pack of gum and this time when I gave him back his change,I gave him a condom in one of those brightly colored fun packs. He looked at me and I looked at him. Neither one of us spoke. After a moment or two he turned and left the store.

My shift ended at 4pm, I walked out to my car, tired from being on my feet for the last 8 hours. I didn't look at the vehicles parked next to me, but I did realize that one was a truck on the passenger side. Still not really pay attention and thinking how a hot shower would be the first thing I did when I got home I all but jumped out of my skin when I heard my name called.


Turning around quickly to get ready to kick the shit of someone or better yet run, I was surprise to find out it was he. He was standing next to a red Ford pickup truck, one of those old models that guys rebuild. We just looked at each other in crowded parking lot as cars and people came and went, we didn't even notice them. I walked around my car to his truck and stood him in front of him. Now I am not the current day ideal of a beauty. I wear a size 16 jeans and Dolly Parton and I have one thing in common, though I think mines might be bigger. I am 5'9 and a looking good for a woman my age. Oh didn't I tell you, I am 50 something and he maybe all of 40 something (on the young side). Well getting back to the story, he grabbed me and laid a kiss on me that if I hadn't needed that that damn job, I would have fucked him right there in the parking lot. I came to my sense and told him to follow me home. Once in side the house clothes and shoes went flying and somehow we ended up in my newly remodel bathroom. The shower was big enough to whole two people with room to spare. Now let me say this much, I am not the type of woman do things like this,but I am also one who never says never... So here I am, naked as the day I was born about to do the nasty a man that I don't know. He had one up on me, he knew my name and that was only because it was on my name tag. I guess he realize that because in the middle of trying to suck the nipples of both my huge tits into his mouth at the same time he said a name. At first, I couldn't understand him after all the man did have a mouth full of nipples. So catch my breath as I slide into a lusty meltdown, I asked him again what did he say? I kid you not, he said Husband. Thinking that might be his last name as he soaped me down from head to toe, I let it go. With his fingers and a wash cloth he cleaned me up,his tongue got in there somewhere and gave me one of the first of many orgasms to come. I returned the favor when I did the same for him and soaped him up and down real good. Now you know, I just had to have a mouth full of that cock of his, because that thing was what myths are written about. I sucked and licked his shaven balls like a pro. Needless to say my wandering hand found their way aroung to the rest of his body which I worshiped with tongue, lips, and teeth. When I got to his nice round firm ass, I so wanted to pull out my strap on and give it a good fuck, but didn't want to frighten the guy. So I stuck to trying to suck his lovely long,thick cock down my throat.

After rinsing and drying each other off we calmed down enough to find the bed. Where I push him on to his back and slide his cock into my hot pussy and road him like I was in the Kentucky derby, but for hell of a sight longer. While I was doing this,he had attached his mouth to my left breast and wasn't about to let go as he massage squeezed and pinch the nipple of the right one. That just drove me wild and well,we broke my bed. Moving to the living room, he had me bend over the back of my sofa and told me to not move. I had some idea what he was up to and wait for him to come back with orange condom on his cock, which was sticking out like a branch from his body and some baby oil. Sliding his orange hooded cock into my pussy he fucked me so hard we move the sofa to the other side of the room. Yes, some things were broken, but not before he fucked me in the ass with the same amount of lust pushing the sofa back the other way. This time, we broke both lamps and the sofa table.

I decide it was time for me to return the favor. I excused myself and came back with my strap on, a tub of lub and a wicked smile. He smiled back and bends over the dinning table. My strap on has a clit tickler and the more I fuck his ass the hotter things got. So he is screaming " baby fuck, fuck my ass" and I am screaming back telling how I was going to make him my bitch. I came dripping my juices down my thighs he came shooting cumm all over my rug and we both ended by breaking the dinning room table legs off.

It was late when we finally got the energy to get up off the table which had fallen on to the floor. Covered in each other sweats and love juices, not counting the bruise and scraps that we had gotten along the way; we helped each other to the shower. After take a nice long hot shower, we both called in sick to work for the next day. Later as we lay on the ruin bed in my bedroom in each other arm, as sleep claimed us I again asked him what his name was. He was still awake but just... He open his big black eyes looked at me smiled and said you can call me husband or hubby for short. He closes his eyes and in a few second he started snoring. I didn't mind one bit as I laid there and looking at this beautiful man. The next day he took me out and brought me a new bed and a replaced all the other stuff that had been broken.

Well it has been five years now and I still call him husband, but when he is being very and I mean very good at being VERY BAD,I call him hubby.

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