Last Fix
"Shit! Shit! Shit!" I yelled looking under the cushions, underneath the couch, on the table, under the table. "I can't be out already!" I sat there on the floor, tears streaming down my face. The sweat breaks out and I feel cold. I run down the hall to my neighbors, and began pounding on the door. "Keith!" I scream "I know your in there, open the damn door!" I began knocking even louder. The door finally opens partially, the chain separating us. "What the fuck do you want, Kim?" he asks, looking like hell himself. "I need some now, Keith, like now, I'm going to fucking die, f don't get any, do you have some?" I'm practically screaming at him. "Whoa, you crazy bitch, I told you not to get hooked on this shit, man. Have you looked at yourself today? You look like shit!" he says. "Look I don't give a fuck about what I look like, do you have some or not?" I'm begging him at this point. "No, Kim, I'm all out and you need to get some fuckin' help, your fucked up!" he said as he slammed the door. "Keith!" I scream, beating on the door again. "God damn you!"

I run back to my apartment, grabbing my cell. Where did I put the fucking number, vaguely remembering that I crumpled the piece of paper up when I was high yesterday morning. I stand up , rubbing my temples, racking my brain....the trash! It's in the fucking trash, I grab the bin, spilling trash all over my floor and get on my hands and knees, digging through the disgusting mess. Yes! Here it is, I punch in the number and ring.....two rings....three rings....fuck!!!....four rings.

"Hello" my friend Vicki says. "Vicki, its Kim, do you have any? I'm fucking out, dude!" I say. "Um, no Kim, I'm out." "Fuck!!" I scream. "Kim! Kim, listen to me, I have this guys address, and I know he has some. But he takes different kind of payment." she says "What the fuck do you mean different payment?? I say breathing deeply for the first time all morning, knowing It was a possibility that I would be getting my fix. "He doesn't want money." she says quietly, so quiet I figure her boyfriend is there. "Well whats does he want because I don't have anything to trade, I fucking pawned my T.V. Yesterday." I say pulling up some pants. "He wants sex, Kim." she said. I contemplated this a moment, was I really that desperate to sell my body for drugs. "Kim? Are you still there." She asked. "Yeah, I'm here, whats the address? I ask. I scribbled it down on the old pizza box sitting on my table. "Thanks Vicki, I owe you one." I said grabbing my jacket and slipping it on. "No problem, call me later and I'll come over, you can do me and I'll do you." she says. "Yeah, for sure, bye" I say as I hang up, there is no way in hell, I'm calling her over, if I have to fuck this dude for my fix and she doesn't do anything, yeah fucking right! I lock my apartment and walk outside, heading down the block towards this guys house, hopefully I can just give him some head and leave, she probably doesn't even know what shes talking about. I turn up next street and see two cop cars, fuck! I duck into the next alley, not even wanting them to see me, I have too many outstanding warrants to even be breathing the same air as these pigs! I watch them drive off, and continue on my way, finally arriving at this ghetto ass duplex. I knock on the door and this woman answers.

Hey, is um Gary here?" I ask. Hoping that bitch didn't give me the wrong address. " Yeah, he's in the back, go ahead." she says holding the door open wider. I walk in and the smell of grease hits me, I almost want to gag. Then a man steps out of a room, looking me up and down. "Whatcha want, Girl? He asks, motioning for me to come to him. "Yeah, Hi, Vicki gave me this address said, you could um fix me up. I say walking into the bedroom, watching as he closes the door behind me. " Yeah girl, I gots whatcha you want, but whatcha you got for me?" he says pulling me down to sit beside him on the bed, he starts rubbing my leg. His dirty hand inching up my thigh. Now I really want to gag, just keep my mind on the prize...Soon I will be back home, relaxing, stress free. He pushes me down and sticks his tongue in my mouth, he tastes like whiskey, I just close my eyes, imagining I'm somewhere else.

"You're a pretty one, Girl." he says as he pulls down his pants and pulls his dick out, rubbing up and down with his hands, he starts rubbing it against me, asking me if I like it and want him. Best to play along I think to myself. I smile, and he orders me to pull my pants down. Soon he has me bent over the edge of the bed and he's slapping my ass harder and harder, he reaches around and roughly grabs my breast squeezing them so hard I cry out. "Yeah bitch you want this cock in you? He asks, rubbing his dick against my ass. I don't say anything, just wanting it to be over already. "Tell me you want this cock in you, bitch!" he yells twisting my nipple. "Yes! I want you in me" I moan, tears forming in my eyes.

I scream as he suddenly pushes his cock deep in my ass, I can't breath, it hurts like hell, tears are now streaming down my face. I feel like my ass is being split in two. I try to pull my legs up but he holds them down and starts fucking me even harder. His cock starts throbbing and I know he's going to cum soon. After pumping himself a little harder into my tight asshole, he moans loudly and I can feel him cumming. He lays there a moment, until I clear my throat. He pulls out and stands up pulling on his dirty sweats. I stand up too, pulling my clothes back on, still sitting on the bed afraid if I stand, I will fall. I'm finally dressed and shakily stand up.

"Here ya go, girl." he says throwing a plastic little bag at me. I catch it in my hands and stick it in my pants pocket. "Come back anytime, sweet thing." he says smiling. Yeah in your wildest dreams, you nasty fuck. "Thanks Gary." I say walking out, I half run to the door, eager to be home and away from him. I walk outside and am roughly grabbed by the shoulders. Its the fucking cops.
"Kim, Kim, Kim." the cop said shaking his head. "We have been looking for you, what are you doing here? Got anything on you?" He says as hes patting me down. His hand runs over my pocket and I know I'm hit. He pulls out the bag and shakes his head, I feel the handcuffs slide on my wrists. All that for nothing, God damn it!! Why me? Why me?

© B.D. 2011
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