Last Night
I'm lying in bed with the computer on my lap reading stories from V9. I can feel the heat rising from within my body. The stories make me feel so hot and I just want to be touched. I close the computer and slide it over so it's out of the way.

I start massaging my nipples through my t-shirt. I run my fingers down my stomach, and let my fingers play with the band of my panties. I trace the shape of my pussy, the thin cloth wet and clinging. I grasp the waistband of my panties and slip them off my thighs and down my legs, kicking them onto the floor. I can smell my arousal, making me even more excited.

My legs spread of their own accord and I touch the smooth skin there. I slide my fingers between the lips of my pussy. I slowly rub tiny circles on my clit. Pushing a finger deep inside, I move it slowly at first and then faster. I am so wet. My breath comes out in quick, breathes, I can feel my climax rising. I take my other hand and pinch my nipple, immediately my body shudders with an orgasm. I want more!

I open my nightstand drawer and pull out my vibrator. It's probably a good six inches. Translucent pink with beads on top. A small extension peaks out, for my clit (Oh yeah). I run my fingers over it. Admiring it, oh how I love my toy.

I turn on the vibrator and close my eyes. I spread my legs and just let the tip touch me. I lower it into my wet pussy slowly, taking the shaft of the toy deeper and deeper until the little delve buzzes over my clit. My hips jerk from the intensity of the assault. I slide it in and out, hitting the sides of my sensitive pussy. My tight pussy hugs the toy as I move faster and faster. I push it in as deep as I can torturing myself with pleasure so intense. The sensation washes over me, building and growing until I feel the orgasm crash through my body. Hot juices pour from my pussy as the muscles inside clench over and over. I lay there breathing deeply. Enjoying the sex buzz as it pulses through my body. I open my eyes and see my husband standing in the bedroom doorway.

"I hope you're just getting started." He says as he walks toward the bed. He picks up my toy and throws it on the floor. "You don't need that anymore."
He is still wearing his uniform, which turns me on even more (I love a man in uniform). He shrugs off his jacket and unbuttons his pants letting them fall to the floor. After losing his shirt and boxers, he leans over me, flicking his tongue over my still wet pussy.

"Mmmm, baby you taste so fucking good." He mumbles. I can feel his hot breath on my clit; his tongue slowly begins lapping up and down, pausing now and then to stab deep inside me. He had to hold my hips down to keep me steady. He drew small circles around and over my clit. I shuddered each time he drew his warm tongue, when his fingers began probing inside me, I couldn't stop myself any longer, I orgasmed, crying his name as I came. His mouth and lips continued to purse and suck on my clit.

"Brynn, baby talk dirty for me." He said as he sat up and spread my legs. I heard him breathing heavily and then felt his warm strong hands around my ankles. He lifted my legs up and folded them over my shoulders.
"Oh God, hurry.....Fuck me!" I said. I felt his knees against my ass cheeks, then the sensation of his cock probing the slippery hole of my pussy. "Tell me to fuck you again." He demanded. "Fuck me!" I moaned. "Louder Brynn, I can't here you." He said holding himself from fully entering me. "Put it in and fuck me. I want your cock, I want to feel it sliding in and out of me. I want to cum for you. I want to take all of you and be your little whore. Fuck me now!" I said loudly.

"Oh yes." He said as he plunged into me. My pussy was stretched apart as his hard cock filled me. I let a moan of satisfaction escape me and breathlessly gasped:

"Yes, deep like that. More....give it to me. Like that...Keep going, Baby, deeper!" I moaned loudly. I felt his balls press against my ass.
The room began to fill with the sounds of our fucking. Softly I moaned and the soft thump, thump, thump, as he drove his cock deep inside me. His thighs pounding against my ass. I felt it start. I held my breath as long as I could, feeling it build until waves of ecstasy rocked my tight pussy. I raked my nails across his back as wave after wave hit me.
"I want you to cum inside me, fill me with it!" I cried out. I felt him take a deep breath and he fucked me harder. "Oh God, Brynn. I'm going to cummmmmm......." He threw his head back and moaned loudly, filling me with his hot cum.

He pumped into me a couple more times, making sure every last drop emptied inside of me. We lay there together, breathing heavily.....I fell asleep in his arms. When I woke up this morning, my toy was back on my nightstand with a sticky note on it.

You are amazing! Let's use this tonight!I want to fuck your ass and pussy at the same time!
Love S.

***I can't wait for tonight :)))
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