Making Love to My Woman (poem)
Her eyes of darkness rake my body,

Our lips hot with desire cling,

Licks caressing each bountiful curve,

Hands pressed to me causing pain,

Fingernails embedded into her side,

Teeth biting my lips making blood surface,

A field of passion rushing through each other,

Our withering bodies coming together,

A love so fierce nothing could separate us,

Gasps echoing off of the walls,

Wants so powerful that it is painful,

Three words unspoken until we lay in a heap of complete abandonment,

Our passion is spoken with words,

"I love you"

Tears slid down her cheek,

I wiped her sorrow,

I touched her heart,

I wanted to caress her happiness and calm her fears,

To fondle the art of her body,

To feel her tremble from my touch,

Looking into her eyes of darkness and seeing the hidden caves of light,

To see her passion growing,

Seeing her eyes slowly amber to light,

Lips wanting,
Breath growing heavy,

Our passion again shows our love for each other.
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