Me: The Dominant Lady
The Dominant Lady

I've always been the submissive one but the truth is that I've also had this thirst, desire, not to have control but to be a pleaser. I will never be satisfied unless I'm 100% sure my partner is completely satisfied. That is the most important thing to me.

Alex and I had been dating for a bit, yes he's definitely the dominant one in the bedroom. No holding him back, he jumps in with both feet, gets right to the point of what he wants from his partner which is the absolute filthiest, dirtiest, sex ever we're not just talking sexual intercourse we're talking downright banging, filling every hole over and over again. We're talking about raw, sweat, tears, moans and sometimes pain.

My ultimate fantasy is to have my partner say "I want you, I need you, and I'm yours." This is how I envision being the dominant lady with Alex.

So I shared with Alex that I wanted to have an intimate night with him at his Condo and that I wanted to set all the rules.
He agreed without hesitation.
On the morning of our date I messaged Alex asking him to "Shower, wear a dress shirt and my favourite cologne Sauvage by Dior." Nothing else, and to please meet me in the master bedroom. He replied by text

Alex enters the bedroom, which is in complete darkness. He looks around but doesn't see anything. All he hears is "Close the door please." The only light you see is the dim light that comes through the bottom crack of the door. As he stands in the middle of the room I walk up behind him and he goes to turn and I say "Don't."
Whispering in his ear I say..."Close your eyes and forget everything, everyone else in the world, let me be the only sound you hear, the only thought on your mind." I want my skin to be the only flash you'll touch. My sweat, my cum, my lips... the only sweetness that'll pass your lips. As my fingers lightly brush against your body, my scratches on your back, every bite mark I've sunken into your shoulder to muffle my scream. Tonight you will give me what I want and that is your body, your heart, and confession that you're mine.

I place a blindfold over your eyes, but for some reason I'm not quite sure, I trust you fully so I go, one step further wrapping a necktie around your head. Just, to be on the safe side. Whispering in your ear, "Let the fun begin..."

Taking your hand leading you to the bed. Instructing you to lay flat on your back. I use your neckties to tie your wrist leaving your legs untied. All you can hear is breathing and a few soft moans, as I massage and rub my cunt through my knickers. As I reach down slowly undoing the buttons on your shirt, whispering how sexy you smell. The aroma makes me rub my clit faster, and slide two fingers in my cunt. Do you hear that baby? she so fucking wet, if your good this evening and give me what I want, I might let you play with her.

As I can feel the dampness between my legs and thickness of the cream I take my knickers off and I turn on the light. You have no idea the lights are on as you can't see through the blindfold whispering in your ear. I say to you I'm going to gag you with pleasure, do not resist enjoy what I'm about to do. And with that I take the crotch of my underwear instructing you to open your mouth as I slip my knickers in. Putting the creamiest part on your tongue I see your chest rise then sink as you exhale. I get up on top of the bed and place my knees behind your shoulders. More than anything what I really want is to just 69 with you feel your tongue fuck my cunt, stroke and suck your cock. "Gawwd" I begin to massage your chest with warm exotic oil. I gently run my hands and fingers across your chest paying extra attention to your nipples. Leaning across I take your nipple in my mouth and suck it hard, biting it painfully yet in a fun way, running my tongue over the peak. Your chest rises at the scent and sweetness of my cunt, saying to you. "You like the smell of that don't you?'' at which you reply "Mmmm".

As I am sucking and nibbling getting more aroused, I can't help myself slipping my hand between my legs rubbing hard as I watch this incredible creature between your legs begin to grow the sight makes me more aroused that I slide my fingers inside my hole and you can almost taste my juices. Watching your cock grow each vein popping you can see the blood flow and it pulsing. It's amazing to see your huge fat cock come to life.

Suddenly a drop falls on your cheek. I wipe it with my finger and wipe it along your bearded upper lip right under your nose. I don't want you to cum yet so I slipped myself off the bed, I can see your body tense as you're probably wondering where I'm going. Starting between your legs at your ankle, I seductively kiss and lick I slowly make my way up not realising just how long your legs are.

I continue licking, kissing coming across your balls as I lick my lips. I don't want to kiss them, I don't want to suck them, I want to see you cum without me doing anything to your cock. I lick up and around your balls just past the base of your cock which reacts with movement. I kiss all the way down to the other side of your leg. I run my long fingernails inside your thigh, I kiss and watch your balls move inside their sack making your juicy thick sticky warm cum. Looking up towards the top, your cock is actually moving up and down. I reach up with my finger. I run it over the slit at the tip of your cock noticing this clear gooey stuff "Oh my God it's pre". I wipe it with my finger and lick it. I say to you "Whatever you do don't release, not until I tell you, you may." I want to make you suffer just a little bit the same way you make me when I have such a hunger for you, and your cock.Yet you won't give into me until you're ready, so this time I will not let you have me, until I'm ready. I get off the bed quietly and leave the room. I come back saying to you, "I hope you're ready for this" You hear the flick of a lighter, thinking to yourself " What the fuck is she going to do to me". And just at that I feel this HOT liquid touch my cock burning just a bit, I drip it around his belly button, balls, cock, and nipples. With each drip your body trembles, with each drop of hot wax. What an incredible sight it is to see your body covered in red and black wax.

Your cock is hard but what I want to do with it won't work. I place an ice cube between my teeth running it over your cock I watch as your body is overcome by goosebumps. I move the ice cube over your cock it slowly starts to shrivel up. It's finally at the perfect point. I take your cock and your balls in my hand and I have a steel cage. I slip your balls into the holes, then take your cock bend, and slide it into the cage. It's a very tight fit, hearing you groan at the discomfort. There's a little lock on the side locking it up, I whisper in your ear "Let's see how you like this now babe".

I leave the room but this time I'm gone for longer. I go into the changeroom, putting on a black lace garter belt with red fishnet stockings and heels. No need for a top. Coming back into the room I see your fist clenched. Walking over saying, now it's my turn to have some fun. I take your right leg and I tie a necktie on it and attach it to the other necktie that is on your right wrist, I do the same to your other leg. Now your beautiful ass is opened wide and facing me, and all I want to do is fuck, kiss, lick and taste it.

I climb up on the bed, just rubbing my hands all over your cheeks, giving them a little tap now and again, kissing the crack. I don't slip my tongue in your ass yet. I'm not ready to give you that satisfaction yet, but what I do is kiss, suck, spread my spit just around your ass hole, I lube, my strap-on cock and just like you with no warning I ram it into your ass hard and deep. Your body jilts, instantly your fingers wrap around the neckties tightly, moaning again I plough down deep and hard. I'm pumping so fast, so hard building a sweat up, that before you know it. I release myself as cum runs down my leg, I keep pumping and pumping when suddenly a small amount of leakage appears reaching down with my pinky I dip and taste. "Mmm"
I sigh heavily, I've done what I wanted. I slide my cock out both of us panting. I move off the bed, slipping the harness off.

I untie the neckties so that your body can relax. But not your wrist just yet. I come over to the bed and I straddle you. I asked you if you're ready to tell me what I want to hear, at which you shake your head. " Yes" I remove my knickers from your mouth and can't resist, I lock my lips with yours sliding my tongue in kissing you passionately. I removed the blindfold and our eyes locked smiling at each other. Now tell me what I want to hear cos if you don't that cage will stay on until you do.

I really felt that you were going to put up a fight but all you said was "I'm Yours, I want you, I need you," and that's all I wanted to hear. Getting up I walked over to the dresser and got the key. Unlocking the cage to slide your cock out, all I hear is your sigh of relief. Bending down I start licking and kissing your cock and before I know it I'm sucking it hard. It doesn't take long for it to become stiff. You squirm knowing that you're about to cum what do I want? To swallow or do I want your cock in my hole. I decide that I want my hole filled so I straddle you, and before you know it you're sliding in. "Babe that is what this lady wants from you to fill my hole." As I slide up and down feeling your cock throbbing inside of me pounding you hard. Asking you if you're ready? When you say yes, we move in sync with each other pounding deep and hard, within minutes there's an explosion. The most amazing feeling is to have this warm creamy liquid just shoot into me.

As I slow down, my breathing slows down. I rest my head on your chest. I reach over undoing the neckties to release your arms and just like that you flipped me over like a ragdoll and said "We are not through yet babe" I've got two other holes to fill. I look up at this incredible man and smile knowing what is about to happen to me. The Dominant Man has appeared.

With Love;
The Lady

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