My Christmas Love
I love that smile that lies in the corner of your mouth. The one that tries to hide from me but I somehow manage to place it there with the simplest of things. Like right now, watching you place a beautifully
spun ordainment on the small tree that is in the corner of our small living room. I know you see me watching you. As I place the last ordainment on our Christmas tree; I turn to you and see you walking
towards me in the way that only you can turn me on. I start giggling as you approach me faster and grasping my thin body in your arms. We slowly start to spin around in circles in a dance that we so often dance. My arms slide around your neck, then it happens that simple touch of your mouth on my neck makes my whole body feel like it's on fire. That touch is so simple I don't understand how just a touch can do this to me. You pull me from you and you can see my bottom lip starting to pout. You place your fingertips under my chin and make me look at you. I'm trying so hard not to smile but the look on your face is something that has forever changed me. You turn from me and walk to the light switch. The room becomes instantly dark with just a switch of that light. Then there is the quit noise of you fumbling for something.

The Christmas lights startle me at first with its amazing bright yet colorful mixtures. You take my hand and twirl me around until my back lies against your heaving chest. I can tell just from the feel of your heartbeat lying on my back that you are anticipating for what we both know will happen next. Your hands on my waist guide me to where you want me which happens to be surprisingly close to the tree. I can feel the subtle heat from the small bulbs. Your voice is filled with lustful desire as you say "Kiss me". It's such a simple command but it astounds me with the quick rush of yearning but mostly for so much more than just a small kiss. You take my hands and raise them so that they are lying somewhat around your neck. This position is somewhat awkward since I'm facing away from you but you use it to your advantage as your hands slide down my arms and to the small braless globes of flesh. You gently squeeze as I feel that intense passion of your love wash over me. My body begins to heat up as my breathing starts to come out in gasps. You spin me around in such a motion that literally has my body quivering. Your hands slide to the small of my back with anticipation as those simple words heave from your divine mouth again "Kiss me". My knees go weak as my lips glaze over the curve of your neck.

Then in the lowest voice I can muster I utter "Kiss me back". Our mouths race together to find the finish line of smoldering passion. The lustful taste of your tongue excites me to an ungodly sin of want. Your hands grip my body to yours in a rough grasp that takes breath away. Our mouth clasp together in a war of tongue that hit every nerve in my body including the one that your hand is leading to. Your fingers slide into my pajama pants teasing me with desire. I'm gasping for air as your other arm wraps around my waist helping me slide down on to the floor. "Kiss me, please kiss me again" I'm breathless as those words slip from my lips. "Touch me". I can fill your lovely fingers race to the spot that I'm craving to be touched.

As you whisper "I love you" against my mouth in a small sigh. Your fingertips finally reach the spot of my hidden wants. Just the small contact of you rubbing my wetness against that so very sensitive spot has me trembling with lust. You start kissing the softness of my silky night shirt. I look up and see the Christmas lights shining down on us. My legs spread as you so very seductively slide my night pants off. The lights making your eyes sparkle down on me. Your lustful look making my love for you show as my quivering body feels its first orgasm of the night. It rakes my body as I feel your mouth grasp the nerve that holds the very passion that I have been holding back for so long. I feel the last of my orgasm wither, I look up to see what started it all those brilliantly light. A smile spreads across my face as I turn to you. "What are you smiling about?" you utter.

"Well other than making love under the Christmas tree and you still being dressed, I realize that now it's your turn!" I swipe you into my arms and roll you on to your back. Our laughs fill the dimly light room as we start all over.

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