My Desire
I slowly awake. I look across our bed to you and watch you, so beautiful. Soon your eyes start to flicker as you began to awake. You lick your lips, such sweet lips. Our bodies are wrapped in a thin white sheet. Your deep blue colored bra and panties showing through the cotton covering.

I was sure that you were awake now, but pretending to be asleep. I blow gently on your face, you smile but you do not open your eyes. I lean across and kiss you on the lips. I slide my hand onto your tummy and tickle you, making you laugh.

Suddenly you jump up, pushing me back, you lay on top of me, holding me down as you kiss me with such passion, wow, it takes my breath away.

I hold you around your waist, trying to decide whether to tickle you again.

But no, I just want to kiss you for now. Our bodies tangled together with the sheet.

You hold my hand and slide off of my wanting body. I pull the sheet off of us and I get out of bed. You follow, my hand never leaving yours. I walk to the bathroom. I lean over the tub and turn on the water. My body is bent. My bottom is for your view. Your free hand slides down my side to my ass. You gently squeeze, you know how much I like that. You playfully swat my bottom making me giggle.

I push the nozzle up so the water will turn into a shower. I turn around. I kiss you hard. My tongue playing with yours. My hand holds yours.

I get to my knees and kiss your covered mound. My hand leaves yours. I massage your thighs. I love your skin. I slide your panties down. A string of your honey sticks to your panties. I watch as it snaps as your panties fall to the ground. The string of juices lay on your inner thigh. I push your legs apart and lick it all the way up your thigh to your outer pussy lip. Your honey taste like sugar. Something I could drink out of a glass and ask for another.

I stand and take your bra off. I stand back and marvel at your nakedness. So beautiful.... So....lovely and sexy. My desire stands in front of me, waiting for my touch.

Your nipples are hard without even touching them. I strip off my pale yellow panties and bra in front of you. The steam from our hot shower running, covers the mirror and fills the room. I take your hand and we step into the shower closing the curtain behind us

Suddenly, this becomes our secret place, a cocoon, warm and fun place for us to play.
We stand under the waters flow, our hair wet and sticking to our faces as we kiss. My hand wanders down to your lovely peachy ass. A finger traces the groove and makes you laugh. But I must have you, I drop to my knees, your mound dances before my eyes. I look up to your eyes, oh how they sparkle as you look down at me. You nod your head as if to say, OK carry on.
My mouth opens and takes as much of your pussy mound as it can. I am in heaven, pleasuring the woman of my life. I suck and hear you sigh. I suck harder and hear you moan.

My tongue darts out, to flick your waiting clit. The water streams down your body, I am finding it difficult to breathe, but I wont stop.

I feel you rest your back against the wall, your legs open as wide as you can. My hands hold your thighs, pulling you closer.

My tongue teases open the outer folds of your sweet pussy, I press harder as my tongue starts to fuck you. One of my hands slides up your thigh, I squeeze your cheeks, find your crease again and follow it to your tight hole. I gently slip my finger into your bottom and twist and turn it as I tongue fuck you.

My other hand is supporting you, stopping you from falling. Your moans become louder and louder.

I feel you begin to tense up, you are cumming, yes my love cum for me. My movements become harder, faster as I hear you cry out. "Oh Fuck, baby, yes fuck me"

Your climax is so strong, I feel your body shaking, I am pleased and happy to have satisfied you.

As your orgasm subsides, you slip down the wall, and we sit together on the floor of the tub. The water washes over us and we laugh together, holding hands, happy, content and so in love.

"Godddd you fuck me so well. I love you so much". You say as I lean on my elbow and look down at you as we smile at each other. The water sprays down. I trail patterns over your body. Toying with you. I lean down and kiss you so gently as I lay in your arms.

"Sweetheart I'm going to make you scream" this surprises you since we have become so gentle with each other. You gasp as I cup your sex and make circular motions. I watch your face as I slowly bring you to a climax. I slip my middle finger in and swirl and twirl in you. My finger dances inside of you. Feeling you. In and out. My palm rubbing your clit. I push my palm down hard and you arch your back. I watch as your mouth opens in a scream and "fuck me,fuck me" escapes your mouth.

I straddle your thigh and lean my head down and my mouth attacks your breast. I love sucking on you. You taste so good baby. Mmmmm our secret heaven.

I finger fuck you and I tongue fuck your breast.

"My god. Help me." You cry as wave after wave of orgasm washes over you. My finger keeps working its magic in you."Fuck" you scream, the orgasms wont stop, my finger keeps moving, and I keep sucking on your breast. Your whole body shaking uncontrollably.

As you cum I feel a twinge of desire rake through my body. Swirling around my lungs and down my spine, its to much I scream out in exctasy. My pussy walls tighten, my cum running out of me. I wasn't even touched and you still made me cum. How amazing, so lovely.

I make sure your are utterly and completely shattered and exhausted, I have to help you get out of the tub. I dry you with a lovely soft towel, my fingers hover over your poor clit.

I lead you to our bed our fingers laced together. I pull the sheet back. You climb into bed I follow after you touching you here and there making you smile. We lay on our bed, I hold you as we recover, "My darling girl, I love you," you say, just as I cover your mouth with mine. We enter into yet another marathon kiss. My head is dizzy, my heart bursting with such love for you.

Slowly we relax and fall asleep in one another's arms.
We know we have all day, a day of showing our love for each other in the best way we know.

But for now we are quiet, just the sound of our breathing.
We are both exhausted.

We will dream together and wake up together.
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