My Latina Goddess
There is something eerily mystical about the sound of the word "Latina". It conjures up unsettling emotions within me that I find very difficult to describe. When I see the word in print or hear it spoken, it's as if a bevy of microscopic butterflies were instantly released into my bloodstream rendering me dizzy and incapable of rational thought and, in effect, virtually helpless. Perhaps it's the soothing sound of the "La" followed by the bite of the "ti" and then capped off with the final release syllable that sounds like "ahhh" - all which is uttered by simply manipulating the tongue against the roof of the mouth without any need to move the lips. I find it one the most powerful and erotic words in our language. The mere thought of it affects me like the kryptonite that brings Superman to his knees. It is my addiction, my affliction and affinity for the charms of the women that I am unable to resist - all wrapped up and embodied in a single word - Latinahhh...

Vanessa is one such woman. Although half my age, in her mid-twenties, her maturity manifested by her confidence in her sexuality makes her wise and powerful well beyond her years. She came into my life a little over a year ago. That first encounter, which was arranged through an escort service at a hotel room in the Palm Springs area, was the start of life changing event that would eventually toss me into a spiral of unimaginable lust eventually leading to a destructive addiction to her that continues to this day.

The silky smooth white mini dress accentuated every curve of her shapely body and contrasted perfectly to the color of her flawless mocha colored skin. Her long dark hair tossed over her right shoulder displayed large hoop earrings, an accessory that always seems to punctuate that exotic look. Her bright red stiletto heels perfectly matched the color of her lipstick that adorned the sexiest looking mouth that I had ever seen. As she stood there in the doorway to my hotel room, the sight of her left me frozen in place and breathless with anticipation. Acutely aware of my reaction to her, she quickly gave me the once over which only lasted a second or two but which seemed like an eternity. Then in tacit approval, she managed a little smile and flashed her dark beautiful almond shaped eyes in a direction over my shoulder and spoke.

"May I come in?" she said.

After dispensing with the financial arrangements, which was somewhat puzzling in that the rate was quite low considering the quality of the provider, I was instructed to sit on the edge of the bed. Still fully clothed, she stood in front of me, and gently placed her index finger under my chin, raising it so that I was looking directly at her face.

"You understand that the donation is just for my company, don't you?" she said softly.

"Yes, I understand" I muttered.

"Good, now we'll see how things go from here."

With that statement, she took two steps back and slowly lifted her skirt above her hips revealing a full view of her pussy that had just a touch of closely cropped hair. Like a graceful ballerina, she then slowly spun around 360 degrees, pausing for a couple of seconds at the 180 position to show off her perfectly shaped sweet firm ass. Facing me again and moving closer, she then placed two fingers inside her pussy coating them with her womanly juices. Next she rubbed those same fingers across my lips allowing me to taste this liquid treasure. As I was savoring this, she dropped the shoulder straps from her dress allowing me a full frontal view of her breasts. God! They were beautiful.

That was it. With my defenses completely broken down, and to her request, I agreed to double my initial donation for the right to perform oral sex on her. As I lay on the bed lapping up the nectar of her womanhood, I was desperate for an orgasm. She knew my predicament but refused to reciprocate with oral sex on me, but I was allowed to masturbate using her natural juices as a lube. While we were in that 69 position, I was ready to explode. Sensing the moment, she grabbed my wrist and denied my release.

"Let's hold off for a minute" she said.

By then, I had progressed too far and I'm sure I would have agreed to anything to be allowed to cum. I assumed she was going to raise the ante again, but no, it was something else. Noticing the precum, she reached over and scooped up as much of it as she could on her lovely fingertips. Then she rotated her hips around to face me, straddling my chest in a missionary position and smeared the precum on my lips. With her other hand, she reached down between her legs and retrieved some more of her pussy juice, and began to smear my cock with it. Now looking directly into her eyes, I was instructed to continue masturbating to orgasm. In 30 seconds it was over.

After allowing me a minute or so to recover from this dizzying experience, she then scooted off into the bathroom. During the whole ordeal, she never fully removed her dress or her red heels. The sight of her moving across the room was as close to a religious experience as I have ever had -- one that I knew I had to have again and again with this angelic or devilish creature.

To Be Continued: Part 2
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