My Secret Crush
My name is Christy and I am 25 years old. I have brown hair down to the middle of my back, brown eyes, cute nose and nice pink lips. I'm about 5 ft and a little chubby, I have 40B breasts with medium dark pink nipples and a hairy pussy. I am a single girl who loves being around good people and kids. I work with children for a living and work closely with a lot of volunteers every week. One volunteer I work with is named Meaghan. Meaghan is a sweet southern girl around 28 years old. She has brown hair, brown eyes, an even cuter nose than mine and great lips, her boobs are about a B cup and she is really thin and tall.

Meaghan and I met about 2 years ago and ever since we met I've had a silent crush on her. She is very sweet and kind to the people and children we work with and an all around amazing person. At first I was attracted to her body, but then I got to talk to her and fell in love with her personality.

One day we were in the toy room alone in the area we work cleaning toys and I asked her if she was dating anyone. "No" She said. "Oh, you haven't found a guy you like?" I asked. She just shook her head no and got really quiet so I dropped the topic and continued cleaning toys. After awhile I asked her if she would like to join me for dinner and she accepted. So after we left the hospital, we went to our houses to change and then met up later that evening for dinner.

We met up at a nice quiet place so we can continue talking while eating dinner. We ordered our dinner and a bottle of white wine for us then continued talking about work, life, etc. We finished dinner and I asked her if she wanted to go to my house to continue chatting and maybe have some dessert and hang out. We get to my house and I tell her to make herself at home while I change my clothes.

I come back a few minutes later wearing a spaghetti strap night gown and thong. I find her sitting on the couch with her shoes off watching TV. She looks up and sees me walking in and I notice her nipples getting hard. I sit next to her and ask her if she likes what she sees; she says yes and makes a move to touch my boobs but stops not sure if it's ok. I look at her and say "It's okay honey! Go ahead and touch them" She leans forward and puts her hands on them. I moan softly enjoying it and she takes her hands away thinking she did something wrong. I grab her hands and put them back on my boobs helping her massage them. "mmmmmmmm" I moan, "Baby that feels so good!"
I take my night gown off and leave my thong on for Meaghan to take off if she pleases. I take Meaghan's shirt and jeans off, leaving her in her bra and panties. Her nipples harden even more from the cool air in my house and I take them between my fingers and pinch and pull them to make them harder. She moans loudly wanting more, I take her bra and panties off and my panties off and take her by the hand and lead her to my room and warm bed. I lay us on the bed and start to kiss her, softly at first then I put my tongue in her mouth and our tongues dance together while I massage her soft boobs. I then trail my hands down to her soft stomach and rub there for a while. I feel her legs spread, inviting me to go lower. I put my left hand over her mound and feel how wet she is. She moans softly as I slowly insert my index finger in her and finger her softly eliciting more moans that get louder the faster and harder I finger her. "You are so wet baby! Do you like this baby?" "Yes, I love it!" She says. I continue touching her between her legs and I stick two fingers in her, hearing her moan loudly makes me wet even more. I kiss her softly from her lips and trail all the way down to her feet while I'm still fingering her with two fingers. I slide back up to her pussy and lick and suck her clit while keeping my fingers inside her. She is moaning so loud and thrashing about on the bed to release her cum. I allow Meaghan to cum and she explodes on the bed and in my mouth. "Feel better baby?" I ask her, "Yes" She says and I lay next to her on the bed cuddling her.

She flips me on my back and kisses me hard while softly massaging my boobs. She puts my nipples in her mouth one after the other licking, biting and pulling them. Meaghan slowly kisses me, starting with my boobs, kissing and sucking them. Then she slowly moves down to my stomach, she gets closer to my mound and stops. I moan and she looks up," Are you okay honey?" I look down at her and nod my head. She continues kissing, licking, sucking and nibbling all while I'm moaning and thrashing on the bed waiting for her permission to cum. She continues her trek down my thighs and legs torturing me to the point where I'm begging her to let me cum. "Baby! Please let me cum!!!" She tells me I'm allowed to cum, I cum all over the place. "oooohhhhhhh" I moan loudly while she holds me. As I calm down she looks in my eyes and says "I love you Christy". I looks at her and say I love her too and we kiss again. We lay naked on the bed cuddling each other and fall asleep comfortably in each others arms.
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