My fantasy part 5
Brandy wrapped her arms around me. Pulling me close to her. Giving me warmth that only another body could give. We laid in my bed with my back to her. I love to spoon. I feel safe and complete, when I am aligned with another body. Brandy's body fit perfect against mine. Mmmmm God she is perfect. I felt her breath against my neck. Her hand rubbed my hips. I grabbed her hand and intertwined her fingers with mine. She pulled our hands towards her mouth. She kissed my fingertips. My palm and then my wrist. Then she kissed her way back to my fingertips and then bite them gently. She stopped at my middle finger. Pulled it into her mouth and started to suck on my finger.

I turned to face her. my face was no more then an inch away from hers. The only thing between us was my finger that was in her mouth. She stopped sucking my finger and gently kissed my lips. Her lips wet from sucking my finger. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. I slid my arms up to her shoulder and around her neck. We were laying on our sides. I could not even imagine a more perfect position to lay with her. Her hands were on my lower back. Her legs felt so smooth against mine. My knee was in between hers. I worked my knee higher all the way to her thighs. Our T-shirts were working up our waist slowly. Way to slow if u ask me.

I wanted her and she knew it. I knew she wanted me. She placed her lips on my neck not kissing me but still making me crazy with desire. My knee was working its way higher up her smooth thighs. It reached her panties. She was soaked. I could feel her wet pussy on my knee. I pressed my knee closer. I could feel her swollen lips on my knee. I pumped my knee up and down between her thighs slowly. Brandy was short of breath. I slid my hand to her shoulder shoving her softly to her back.

Her breathing was still short. She had her eyes closed and was panting. I was still on my side and looking at her. She was so beautiful. She was older then me but damn she had the body of a Goddess. My Goddess. I placed my hand on her stomach. Her T-shirt was worked up to her pantie line. Showing of her luscious hips. Her panties were black lace that instantly made my heart stop. My hand traveled to her panties past her thighs to her knee. Then I spread them apart giving me enough room to get on top of her placing my knees in between her. I put my hands on either side of her shoulders.

Her eyes were still closed and her breathing had turned to normal. My head was above hers. I leaned down and gently kissed her. Her mouth opened for me. I slide my tongue inside of hers. She nibbled my bottom lip. I turned my head o the side to drive my tongue deeper. I wanted her and I was going to have her
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