My fantasy part 6
My tongue was unmerciful in her mouth. I wanted to leave her breathless. I bite her lower lip sucking it to the back of my mouth. My hands slid so that they were flat against the bed. My fingers danced in her hair. Her smooth as silk legs wrapped around my slim waist. My tongue was wrapped around hers. Her tongue was like heaven against mine. I kissed the tip of her tongue as she gasped for air.

Her mouth closed. I slid my tongue from her lips around the outline of her face to her ear. I could feel her wet cunt through my shirt. Then placing butterfly kisses across her delicate neck to the top of the t-shirt. Then I laid my head in between her amazing breasts. She placed her hand on the back of my head. she unwrapped her legs from my waist. I slid my hands down her luscious body to the bottom of the t-shirt. I ran my hands inside of the shirt and up her body. Revealing her to me.

I lifted my head and left the shirt at the top of her breast. I moved my knees down the bed so my face was at her sexy belly button. I dipped my head down. I licked her belly button sliding my tongue in and out of the small hole. Then my lips traced her hips opening my mouth to suck the side of each wonderful hip. My hands were inside of the sides of her panties.

I went back to her belly button and kissed it. Then went to the top hem of her panties and placed kisses everywhere on her panties. I ran my hands down her outer thighs then came to her knees and went up her inner thighs. She was squirming from my touch. Which made me even more excited.
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