My neighbor

My name is Thommas but my friend usually call my Tom, I am a lil bit nerdy because i always wear my glasses, I am 27 years old, working in a high-tech company as their technician, I am 5.8' , 150lbs.

I just moved to my new apartment 3 months ago, my apartment is in the 8th floor, well i has been in my new apartment for 3 months but most of my neighbors are not friendly type, so i only know my next door neighbor. His name is Daniel (I usually call him Dan).He is 25 years old, he is tall (maybe 6.2' or 6.3 because he is a basketball athlete) his face mixed between Italian-American, and His body is in great shape. I like him because he is so friendly, I want to be his bf but i never confess my feeling to him because i think he is straight because i see some girls visit his apartment almost every weekend , we usually talk about game, and some other things.

after dinner around 8.30pm i heard someone knock my door, it's Dan. "Hey Dan", "hello, you said that you work as an technician right?", "yeah", "So you know about computer, right?", "yes, why?" , "I think I need your help, my computer didn't work properly, I don't know what's going on with it, could you check it for me tomorrow at 3Pm? Because i need to go right now", "Ok Dan tomorrow is my day off so it's not a big deal for me", "oh thank's Tom!" He flashs his white smilling, then head to the elevator.

3Pm. To day is kinda hot for spring season, I was wearing my thin white shirt and blue denim shorts, I knock at Dan's door. Finally he shows up only with his red basketball shorts, so i can watch his toned body easily."Hey Tom, come in, thank you so much because you want to help me, my computer is in my room, let's go" I can't say anything because his athletic body blurred my mind so i only smile at his as my answer.

Finally I am in his bed room, i can see some trophies on his desk next to his computer. "well i will start checking your computer maybe it will take some minutes", "it's ok Tom". 15 minutes later, " ok problem fixed Dan!", when i look at my back i can see he was standing behind me for 15minutes, I can see his hairy Abs, he is so close to me, so i pretend that i wasn't staring at his Abs. "Well i think i need to go home, Dan" I get up from my chair and head to his bed room door. I kinda shocked because he grabbed my wrist. our eyes meet and I feel he needs to say something but he can't. he pulls me closer then he kiss my lips, i stunned, he starts kissing me passionately, I let out a soft moan. "I like you Tom,", "what? but you are straight right?", "No, I am gay and I know you gay too".

I feel like my brain stop working. suddenly he starts undressing me. he get down and take my semi-hard cocky to his mouth, "Ooh Dan...yeah!" I can fell his tongue playing on my head. he sucks me harder and harder, his right hand pinching my hard nipple, and his left hand caressing my balls. " Ooh I am going to cum Dan!!", "Go a head, i want to taste you" finally i shoot my loads to his wanting mouth.

he gets up and kisses me. He pushes me to his bed. "Oh Dan I want you to fuck me". he pulls down his shorts and his underwear in one motion. I can see his 8" beautiful cock, hard like rock! with precum on the tip of the head. He reach his end table and grab a tube of gel, He pour it to his hard shaft and my hole. I spread my legs. "Are you ready Tom?", "Just do it Dan! I can't wait any longer". he pushes his head lowly then pull it again to tease me. I groan and he smiles. suddenly he pushes his cock into me in one motion. "oh yes Dan!!!" I shouted. He keeps pumping me like there is no tomorrow. I can see that i am getting hard again. then he strokes my cock with his right hand while his left hand supporting his body. I stare his face, it full of lust. I reach him and bite his under lip. "Oh Tom i am close". so I touch and play with his nipples. pinch it and kiss him. "He pumps me faster and strokes my cock faster. then he let out his groan and i feel his cock twitching on me and shooting his juice as my cock doing the same.

after we had our big orgasm he lays next to me. "Thanks Tom you are so wonderful" , " well Dan, next time you should call me again if you need your computer to be fixed" , "Hahaha yeah you are my best computer technician ever"

after that afternoon i usually visit him just for "fun"
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