My wife.
My Wife

This is the worst, saddest day of my life. I just came back from the cemetery where I buried my wife of 37 years. The best thing I ever did in my life was to marry Nancy. She was the best possible wife a man could ask for. As good as she was in our everyday life she was even better in bed. I can't possibly tell all the wonderful loving making we shared over the years.

One night in particular stands out in my mind. We were naked in bed, her on her back and me laying on my left side. I had my left arm around her and was running my right over her boobs, belly and her thighs. As I brought my hand near to her pussy I'd just brush her smooth mound. After teasing her like this for a minute or two she started to move her hips guiding her pussy to my hand. Her right hand reached down and took hold of my dick and stroked it like only she could. She did magic with her fingers as she stroked me. She would start at the base of my dick and gently pull up till her hand reached the tip then she would squeeze the tip between her thumb and finger and roll her thumb over and around the head. Just tickling my cum hole. Then back down to start the upstroke again.

Her pussy found my hand as I touched and opened her beautiful lips they were dripping wet. She had big lips...the kind you love to pull gently open. Sometimes with my hand, sometimes with my mouth. My fingers were getting soaked with her pussy juice. I took my hand off her pussy and put it in my mouth. We were laying in a position that our faces were only inches away. I stuck my finger in my mouth as we looked deep into each others eyes and licked her juices off. After a few time of cleaning my fingers in my mouth as my finger was coming up to my mouth she grabbed my hand and put it in her mouth and licked my fingers clean. She found the taste of her juices was erotic and liked me to kiss her after I ate her so that she could lick the juices off my face. After she cleaned my fingers she said "let me feed you" She put her hand on her pussy and started to rub her lips and clit. When her fingers were wet she would put them in my mouth for me to lick and suck clean. After a while I could tell she was giving herself an orgasm. I held her tight as her body shook with a strong, long lasting orgasm. As she was coming back to Earth after her orgasm I moved into position to lick her pussy and taste all the sweet juices.

When we first started date she was a little hesitant to put my dick in her mouth. After a while she started to enjoy having my dick in her mouth. One night she finally let me cum in her mouth. At first she didn't like the taste but over the years she came to love the feel of warm cum in her mouth. Sometimes she would hold it in her mouth and let her tongue swirl it around, lick the tip of my dick with her cum filled mouth before swallowing.

She didn't say a thing but turned around and started to suck my dick. First she licked the tip and ran her tongue around and over my cum hole. Slowly she went a little deeper, moving her tongue side to side. Then she took my dick out of her mouth and just licked it up and down like it was a giant lollipop. All the time staring into my eyes. She had a pretty face but she never looked more beautiful that now. When she's licking my dick.
She put her mouth on me again and went deep and harder than before. She could tell I was starting to cum. The closer I was to cumming the harder she sucked and fucked me with her mouth. Up and down, moving her tongue as fast as she could. Soon I exploded my cum into her mouth. She let out a sigh of pleasure as she felt my warm cum in her mouth. She sucked my dry a little cum seeped out of the corner of her mouth and using the tip of my dick rubbed her chin clean then put my dick back in her mouth. She wanted every last drop. Then we just lay there enjoying the feel of each others nude body.

Well, it's getting late now and I should be going to bed. My days with out her will be hard and the nights will be intolerable. I dread of never having her snuggle next to me. I loved that lady!

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