Only at the Club

Walking in to the club I look around and smile as I see her dancing with a group of people. New in town and it seems I have finally found something that made my trip out tonight worth while. As I walk towards her my eyes run up and down her body, I watch her curves swaying as she dances, her hair flowing about her. I walk up to her and say," Hello beautiful".
She looks up at me and smiles. "Hi" she says "wanna dance"? Her body flowed gracefully with the music. "I'd love to". I smile as I slide my hands to her hips. She turns around grinding her ass against me.
I slide my hands to her waist slipping them up under her shirt, rubbing her smooth stomach." So what brings you out tonight, luscious" Her body was indeed luscious, long legs that reached a mile high. Her hips came out like an hour glass. Her breasts thick and perky. Her face, free of blemishes with almond color eyes, and sexy pouty lips were framed by a head of golden blonde hair, which seemed to dance around her on its own. "I was just in the mood for dancing, maybe a hook up with someone I don't know." She whispered the last the part into my ear and stepped back to take me in. I stand there watching her drink me in knowing she likes what she sees. People have told me I'm very exotic looking, with my long black hair and naturally tan skin. My body is slender with, breasts that are small but pert. I have a plump ass, where I get most of my compliments from.
I smile and take her in my arms, leaning over her body; I let my hands slide down to her thighs, lifting her skirt up a little grinding her bare ass against me. I bring my hand up in a flash, cupping her pussy in my hand. I can feel the wetness there already. I drop my hand and spin her around to face me. I dip her backwards, our bodies never stopping to the thump of the music. I lean down and nip at her cleavage, looking into her eyes. "Tell me your name?" I ask her smiling.
She gave me a smile that reminded me of a cat, and sauntered over to the bar to order a drink. I followed her not wanting to let this goddess go. I walk up beside her, placing my hand on her ass, sliding her skirt up to her hips. Reaching around with my hand, so I can touch her wet pussy again. She leans against me as I slip a finger inside her tight snatch. Encouraged I take the tip of her ear into my mouth. Sucking gently and I can hear her sharp intake of breath. Turned on like never before by this stranger was so intoxicating. My mouth moved down to her neck, leaving small butterfly kisses.
She turns to me and takes my hand. She stands up. Pulling me behind her as she walks down the hall with curtained off rooms, for more private parties. We reach the end and she turns sharply into the room. A couch was pushed against the wall and a table in front of it. She faced me again and undid her dress, letting it slide off her like water. I could feel wetness pool between my own legs. She was an angel. I closed the distance between us and took her face in my hands. I began to kiss her; I bite her bottom lip, sucking on it. She follows my lead and kisses me back.
I ran my fingers through her hair, and let my hands fall down to her ass. I felt her hands on my stomach and then my breasts. She held them, weighed them, and felt my rock hard nipples beneath my shirt. I moaned softly at her touch. The feeling was exquisite! My hand reached down to her slit and felt around. I began fingering her clit. I dropped to my knees and started licking her. My tongue rolled around her clit slowly. Building up speed I pushed her to the edge and stopped. She took a handful of my hair and pulled me up. She slid my shirt off, revealing my red satin bra. She shed my bra quickly and bent down taking my nipple into her mouth. It felt wonderful I felt really hot and really wet. I could tell by her breathing that she was getting into it to. She grabbed my ass through the fabric of my miniskirt. She then began to rip my remaining clothes and undergarments off, leaving the heels. We paused for a moment to stare at each other, and then began feeling each other even more rapidly. I bent my head down and licked the smooth skin around her pussy. She moaned in delight, and then I began to fuck her with my tongue.
"Oh, you're going to get some too," she said in the sexiest voice I have ever heard. She pushed me until our bodies were oriented in a 69 position, and we began to lick each other's pussies. This lasted a few wonderful minutes and then we began to finish it up. We licked each other's clits slowly, slowly, so slowly that it seemed like we would burst. And we then licked faster and faster. I tried to hold back my orgasm and enjoy the sensation more, but I couldn't. I had to let go.
The orgasm ripped through me like a tidal wave. I shuddered violently, and she quickly followed, digging her nails into my ass. She slipped off me and slipped on her dress, smoothing her hair down. She turned to me, watching me a moment as I pulled my clothes back on. She walked up to me and kissed me gently on the lips. "Thanks" She said and stepped out of the room.
I never saw her again, I never even got her name, but it was definitely one of the best sexual experiences of my life.
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