Room Service with a Smile
I am 5' 4" 135lbs I am a brunett have a gorgeous hourglass figure, a badonka butt and all natural DDD breasts. I am a business woman and I travel a lot for my company. I was happy to finally arrive at my hotel the flight had been hell. I wasn't in a very good mood and I had started getting what felt like a massive migrane head ache. I was thinking "Great just what I need, I have that report to finish tonight."

As I walked up to the desk I saw him standing over to the side the bell boy. Well he was more of a bell man. He was 6' 5" and had a body that just wanted to make you rip off his clothes and fuck him. He had red hair and a sexy smile. I thought "I could use a good hard ride." I checked in and he came over to take my bags. I noticed his name tag said Jeremy. We got on the elevator and went up to the 10th floor. He opened the door and we went in.

He set my bags down in the living room. I asked him "Would you mind Drawing me a hot bath while I unpack a little?" He replied " would be happy to Miss Elaine." He went into the bath room and started the water, he put in some bubbles and bath salts. I took my bags into the bed room and started to unpack. He came out and I gave him a tip. He said "thank you and if you need anything else just ring down and ask for Jeremy I will be happy to be of service you." He left and I went in to the bathroom.

I took off my clothes and slowly sank into the tub. Mmmm it felt good I felt some of the stress and tension start to release. i just start to relax and am getting ready to wash off the grime that comes from traveling when I notice there aren't any towels. I sigh and pick up the phone that's in the wall by the tub. I call the front desk and ask them to send Jeremy up with some towels. The concierge says to me "Right away miss and we are sorry for the inconvenience." I say "It's ok I understand that this kind of thing can happen especially since i checked in earlier than expected." He says "Thank you for understanding. I will send you up some complimentary champagne when you are ready for it." I say "Ok throw in some strawberries please." "Of course will do."

I hang up the phone put my head back and relax. A few minutes later I hear a knock on the door. I ignore it knowing it's Jeremy. I pick up the loofa and start to bathe myself. I hear him open the door to the hotel room. He tiptoes to the bed room and see the bathroom door open just enough to see me in the mirror. I know he's watching me. He moves closer to the door trying to advert his eyes but he can't. I smile slightly knowing what I am doing to him. He drops the towels on the bathroom floor from trying not to watch me. I pretend that it startle's me and turn. I say "Is that you Jeremy?" He backs away quickly and says, "Yes miss Elaine."

I ask him to come forward and into the bathroom. He does but hesitantly. I ask him "Would you mind washing my hair and back and could you massage them I have a head ache it would help me get ride of the tension." He says "Yes" and moves a stool behind me. He takes a cup and starts to gently pours the warm water down my hair and back. He picks up the shampoo and starts to wash my hair and massage my scalp. When he's done he picks up the soap and lathers up my back he starts to rub and massage my back moving up and down. "Mmmm that fells soo good." I say. He gets to my shoulders and neck and rubs out a lot of the tension.

I start to lean back his hands inch down my front. I say "Please don't stop it feels so good." He gets to my breasts and starts to massage them. I moan softly and he starts to rub my nipples between his fingers. One of his hands starts to lightly touch my upper thigh. Knowing he is waiting for an invitation I move slightly to let him know I want him to touch me. He takes the hint and start to massage and rub my womanly mound. I moan lourder he slips a finger into my slit and uses his thumb to rub my clit. His over hand is going back and forth between my nipples pinching and rolling them between his fingers. I start to moan louder and he starts to finger and rub me faster and harder. I let out a scream as I cum hard on his hand. As I come down from my orgasim I reach up and put my hand behind his head pulling him down gently I kiss him.

As we finish kissing I ask him "When is your shift over?" He says "In about 20 minutes. I can be back her in 30 minutes." "Ok I'll see you than." He replies ''You know we aren't supposed to fraternize with customers." I reply "I know, but I made the first move and I wont tell if you dont." He says "You're right and my lips are sealed too." He leans down gives me a kiss and says "See you in a half hour." He gets up and leaves the room. I get out of the bath and dry off. I go out into the bed room and put on a black neglige. I call down and ask them to send up the champagne and strawberries in 20 minutes along with some candles.

As soon as I get ride of the waiter I light the candles and put on some soft music. Pour two glasses of champagne and put a strawberry in each. I lounge in a sexy pose on the bed. About a minute later I hear two knocks on the door and Jeremy walks in. "I'm in the bed room." I say, "Come in and join me." He walks thru the door. I take a good at him in his tight black jeans and button down shirt. He kicks off his shoes and takes the glass of champagne I offer him. "Sit down" I say. He sits on the bed and we just gaze into each others eyes as we sip our drinks.

He leans over and picks up a strawberry and offers it to me. I bite it as some juice falls onto my chin. He leans over a licks it off and says "Mmm juicy." I smile and take his glass and set them both down. He puts down the strawberry and turns to me to kiss me. I put my arms around him and deepen the kiss. He runs his fingers thru my hair. I let my hands caress his back. I move my hands to his shirt front and start to un button it. He sighs kisses me deeper and massages my neck. I finish unbuttoning his shirt.

I run my fingers lightly back up his chest to his shoulders and push his shirt down. As I do I lean forward and kiss his chest. He sighs and puts his hands on my shoulders. I lick and nibble my way back up to his lips. We kiss deep and passionately. His hands pulls down the straps of my nighty baring my breasts the lace scraps lightly over my nipples. I undo his snap and pull down the zipper of his jeans. I put my hand in and gently pull out his semi hard cock. His hands are on my breasts needing and playing with them. I start to rub his cock. We continue to kiss.

I pull away and stand up letting my nighty slip the rest of the way down leaving me naked. I kneel in front of him and pull his jeans off. Taking his cock into my mouth I start to suck him. He plays with my breasts. I deep throat all 9" of him. He puts his hands in my hair and just lets me go. I start to play with my pussy and clit. Than I pull off and put his cock between my breasts and he titty fucks me as I continue to play with myself. We are both moaning and kissing.

I ask him to lay down and get comfortable, he does. I get on the bed and straddle him taking his cock into my pussy. He reaches up and play with my nipples. We start slow and steady kissing and fucking. I start going faster and ridding him harder. We are both moaning and getting close to cumming. We can both feel the other and get more excited. I exploded on him as he explodes in me. We both scream out as we cum hard. We finishing ridding the orgasim wave. I lay down on his chest he wraps his arms around me and we kiss.

I look at him and say with a smile "Now that we are both sweaty how about a bath?" He smiles back. I will always remember the great service I got at this hotel and hope to be returning soon.
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