I sighed, as I missed him again, another lucky girl got to him before I did. I've been to this strip club a couple of times and still have not succeeded in getting a private lap dance from Ryan. He's like a roman god. So unbelievably sexy it seems impossible. Now I'm incredibly shy around men I'm attracted to, so when last call came and I saw him go in the back, I knew I was not going to wait for him, like other girls do, tonight just would not be the night. I grabbed my coat and put it on.
After saying goodbye to Jake and Drew; bouncer and bartender, I walked out into the crisp, winter night. Deciding to skip the cab and walk the few blocks home, I headed in that direction. After walking about a block, I got a craving for a cigarette, feeling my arm for my purse, I froze realizing I must have left it at the club.
"Shit!" I said loudly. I can't stand how dumb I can be sometimes. I almost thought forget it, I can get it on Monday. But no, I needed my purse. I ran back in the direction of the club and caught Jake walking out the door.
"Jake, I forgot my purse inside, I need it." I said quickly, seeing his hesitation.
"Alright, run back in. Ryan's in there still locking up, just yell and let him know your in there, I think he's in the back." he said getting into his car.
"Thanks" I replied. Already walking up to the door. Oh God I hoped I didn't even run into him, hopefully I can be in and out. Walking in I couldn't believe how dark and quiet it was, almost eerie. I shivered a little.
"Hello!" I called out. My eyes adjusting better to the dark room.
"Hello!" I said a little louder. Still not hearing anything I walked towards the table I was sitting at. Rounding the corner I saw my purse, the strap draped over my chair. I grabbed it and turned around, colliding with a hard, male chest.
"Whoa! What are you doing here?" Ryan asked, grabbing my arms to steady me.
I felt like I couldn't breath. Ryan was actually talking to me. I felt like I was dreaming, finally Ryan and I were alone, I mean it wasn't like in my dreams, but it would definitely do.
"I...I... my purse." I stuttered, feeling like a complete idiot.
"You forgot your purse, I gotcha." he said smiling. God I loved his smile, so full and big but at the same time sexy and mysterious.
"Wait a minute." he said lifting my head up, looking into my eyes. "You're the one I didn't get to, I came back out but you were already gone."
"Oh well, you know things happens its ok...."
"Shh" he said as he pressed his finger against my lips. "I have the time now and something tells me you have the time too." He said. All I could do was nod "yes". The look he gave me was knowing and confident, hot with his own excitement, he picked me up and carried me to one of the private couches in the back.
Just the physical contact between us had my stomach lurching and places below it tightening.
He laid me down on the couch, and leaned over me. His mouth found my throat and he began lightly sucking my skin against his teeth giving me a dual assault.
One hand gripped my hip, keeping me from retreating. His other hand slowly covered my breast, caressing it, his thumb came up to tease my stiffened nipple through my bra, rolling it between fingers, pinching a little. The tip of his tongue dipped low, tracing along the edge of my lace bra.
I arched my back and dug my nails into his shoulders, biting my lip. I watched him inhale sharply. He kissed me then, a long hard kiss that made your toes curl. He started unbuttoning my blouse, and pulled me up. Sliding the blouse off my shoulders, he reached around and undid my bra. Discarding the bra on the floor he took my nipple into his mouth and sucked.
"Mmmmm" I moaned. He pulled my skirt up, showing my stockings and garter with a narrow belt with crotchless panties.
"You are so, sexy." he said as he kissed down my stomach. He stood up and pulled his shirt over his head. The shoes came off next, then his socks. He unsnapped his jeans and eased the zipper down. His gaze never leaving me.
Spreading my legs farther apart, he knelt between them and I felt his tongue delve deep inside me, his open mouth pressed hard against me. My hips shot forward and he laid a hand on my stomach, holding me down. With each thrust and lick of his tongue I shuddered. He closed his mouth over my tiny bud and suckled, easing two fingers deep inside me. I felt the contractions build and climax. I cried out with a mind blowing orgasm. I sat there quieted, spent, and limp. My legs still sprawled open for him to see. It only took him a second to get a condom out of jeans on the floor and slide it on.
With no warning he thrust into me, my hands shot up to grip the back of the couch. His cock filled me and with each thrust going deeper and harder than before, I quickly came again and again. He flipped me over and and slid back in, reaching around grabbing my breast, squeezing it. I felt him stiffen and cry out as he came.
Both of us spent, we laid back down on the couch. After a couple minutes of light kisses. We got up and got dressed.
"I um.. thanks." I said, not sure what to say. He came up to me and kissed me roughly. Sliding a card out of his back pocket, he handed it to me.
"My number's on there, give me a call sometime." he said
"Ok I'll do that." I said " Goodnight."
"Night" he said.
I walked out of the club and lit a cigarette, smiling as the nicotine flowed through me, and very happy I'd forgotten my purse in the first place.
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