Self Satisfaction
Well first this is not a fantasy,this is a true story of my self pleasure.Something that I like doing regularly.

I had just finished shaving my dick and balls
something I've done for years and was rubbing a thin coat of warmed baby oil on all over to help keep my skin where there was once hair soft and smooth.Most times this always makes my dick extremely hard as I rub the baby oil in,I take care to get every place the razor has touched going slowly rubbing the oil in and before I know it I have baby oil all the way to the tip of my dick.I love the feeling of the warm oil and the tightness of my hand sliding up and down my dick.It's almost as good as my wifes tight sweet pussy.She likes to see me do this too.One night as I had finished shaving she came in and helped me rub in the warm oil.I told her she was getting me hot and horny as hell and if she did'nt stop she was going to have to fuck me.

She giggled and said ok baby,I'll fuck you but first you gotta fuck yourself for me.She rubbed her oily fingers over my little ass hole and said I want to watch you do it.I tried to play it off and said do what?
What you do when I'm not here,she said.
I know about your big fat long friend,I found it one day going through some of your things cleaning up.Theres only one place you can put that monster and I want to watch you do it.

Please let me watch she said,I want to see you fuck your ass.I was caught,my secret was'nt a secret anymore.She went and got my big rubber dick and ask did I like having it in my ass?
Yes I do I said,I have loved fucking my ass since I was a kid.Show me she said,show me how you like it.

Placing it in my hand,I put some special lub on my little hole, spread my legs and started to slowly push my big dick in my ass.As it went in deeper and deeper her eyes got wide and her pussy got wetter.I started to slowly fuck my ass as she watched I kept pushing in more and more until I had all twelve inches in,Holy shit she said,how the fuck can you get twelve inches in your ass.

I'm not sure,all I know is it feels so fucking good I told her.I let myself relax and stretch then I started to slide up and down from stem to stern,she just watched in amazement and slowly played with her pussy.

I started to moan as I was sliding up and down on my big rubber cock and my dick was pouring out precum like a leaky faucet.It was hard to keep control standing,my knees felt weak as this big dick slid deep in and out of my ass.I was getting so fucking close to cumming as was my wife.

I said like I was talking to a lover,you are getting me so fucking hot with your fat long cock,I don't know how much longer I can hold off.Fuck me you motherfucker,fuck my ass,fuck me,fuck me harder faster.Deeper,fuck me,make your balls slap my ass,make me ccummmmmmmmmmm
Oh fuck..I'm going to cum,fuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

I'm now slamming this monster in and out of my ass making its rubber balls slap hard against my ass cheeks.I'm pulling it all but out and pushing it hard back in as fast as I can.I've always liked fucking my ass but having my wife watch and finger her pussy and knowing she was about to cum also was just to much.I started to almost scream that I was cumming and as I looked at her I knew that look and she said now baby lets go together and we both started to cum.I dont think I've ever cum that fucking hard.We both had to slowly just slide down on to the floor to rest a bit before going to bed.What a hot fucking night,which I might add has been repeated several times since.Also she has since gotten her own toy to strap on and help me with my ass fucking.
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