Sex Slave
Anna wanted a bit of fun, so she met Keith.
The fun started as soon as they talked.

He is older British and that turns her on.
She trusted him from there first meeting he is a perfect gentleman. And perfectly horny 24/7.
He has that white-grey distinguished hair and looks like he knows just about anything you could ask.
He wanted a sex slave and she agreed, not really knowing what she was getting into. She met him at Heathrow airport and he took her home to his estate. He had it decorated very nice and to her surprise there was a staff of servants. She was met by a woman Mary who showed her to her suite, a nice lounge area and a big king size canopy bed in blue.
The things she was told by the servants when she pressed them made her wonder what the fuck she got herself into. Tied on spreaders and all sort of manner of things she never heard of in the sex industry...and then he had very odd habits from what the one servant said in secret, he wanted to dress up and wear a mask so no one could see his face as he came.

Very odd indeed but she was shown to dinner a sprawling table where he was at one end and walked all the way down the long length of the table to pull her chair out for her and walked back after pushing it in.
She watched him he was tall his walk was one of confidence and knowing he made it in the world. Yet in his shoulders a bit of a sag like he had inner demons weighing on him...and he had and she was going to find out all about it.

Would she regret the agreement?

He was perfect to her with conversation through dinner while being served by 2 attendents who had to stand there and smell the amazing aroma of roasted lamb potatoes fresh baked rolls and many other fine things all while acting as if it did not bother them.

Anna was famished she ate nearly all that was offered, and even the odd things that were different in the culture she tried. He asked her all about her trip, she was telling him of the long flight over and stifled a yawn.
He noticed ...he noticed everything. He insisted dinner was over even before dessert was served and walked her to the bedroom himself dismissing her attendant.
He helped her undress for bed she felt a bit self consious but after all what did she expect and agree to?
She felt his warm large hands graze her back as he unfastened her bra and took great care to take off the silk thigh highs he bought her. She was only clad in her thong and shivered slightly. He came close to kiss her and her stomach was in knots. She slowly relaxed into him kissing him back and closed her eyes, he stopped the kiss and said "tut, tut, I want your eyes open when I kiss you, I expect it and I will not remind you again" ...

So there it was that Stiff upper lip of the Brit upper crust and what HE wanted nay demanded. She felt cold to her core, somehow she did not know what she was getting into the naive fool she was, she thought she was walking into some sort of romance novel but no, this was business and worse yet a sex slave.
What on earth would she think of herself in the morning. What was she thinking...morning she wanted to run out like a scared rabbit but something about his demeanor again changed and that shift was so sudden and replaced any fear she had started to rise up in her that she once again fell into trust mode.
She thought to this the sex slave I want to be? Do I really want this? It was of no consequence she was here and she had to follow through. So she kissed him eyes wide open and he was chuckling in his throat as he kissed back. He stopped the kiss abruptly, and said" turn over " then he spanked her small round ass. Pushing her up on the bed and positioning her on the pillows he entered her abruptly and hard his full thick cock making her cry out with pain and then he pulled back and slammed again and again into Anna's soft flesh until she was begging him with cries of pleasure and pain for her release, her release came in waves of orgasmic pleasure soaking her thighs and making him slippery as he came inside her.
You are one hot little slut he tells her.
He said be ready tomorrow, I will be back to get you for breakfast.

To be continued...
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