Sexy Mother Enjoys Her Dominating Son
My alarm clock wakes me up at 06:00am, so I sit up in bed and turn it off. My son Andy did not hear it, so I pull the sheet away from his naked body and gently tap on his muscular shoulders.

He awakes then rolls over on his back and says, "Mom, I don't feel like going to school today. Let's hang around the pool and go swimming."

I get up from the bed then grasp Andy's wrist and say, "No, there is only three weeks left before you graduate from High School and you have missed too many days as it is. Now, get out of my bed and take a shower then I will take you to school."

You are probably wondering why I am sleeping with my son, so I wrote a story about it.

[The story starts below]

Well, about a month ago, Andy wrecked his car and got cited for "exhibition driving." The judge took away his driver's license until this Fall when he turns nineteen years old, so I decided to take him to school every morning.

The first day that I dropped him off in the parking lot across from the school where a group of his classmates were standing around smoking cigarettes. I gave Andy a quick kiss on the lips then the guys started whistling and clapping their hands while they chanted, "Kiss her again! Kiss her again!"

Andy told me that after I drove off, some of the guys wanted to know who I was. One of Andy's friends said, "That's Andy's Mom! She is smoking hot! You should see her in a bikini!"

Another guy said, "Oh my God, if I had a mother like that, I would beg her everyday to let me fuck her!"

Andy realized that he was becoming more popular by the second, so he lied to them and said, "I don't have to beg her, she begs me!"

The guys laughed for a while then one of them asked Andy, "Are you serious about what you just said? I mean, have you really fucked her?"

Suddenly, the school bell rang and the group of guys ran across the street to attend their classes.

Anyway, after Andy got done telling me his story, he asked me if I would "play along" with him so his friends will continue to wonder if he is fucking his "smoking hot" mother.

I told him, "Well, that sounds quite naughty, but it also sounds like it would be a lot of fun. What do you suggest we do every morning to make your friends believe that you are having sex with me?"

Andy thought for a few moments then said, "Instead of a quick kiss on the lips, we should make it a really long one and touch our tongues together."

His plan worked perfectly. After a few days, his friends were anxiously waiting each morning for Andy and I to arrive and start tongue kissing each other. I enjoyed the attention so much that I suggested to Andy that he unbutton my blouse and play with my naked breasts while we kiss.

Anyway, when Andy gets home in the evening, our normal routine is to have dinner together then go into the living room. We watch television for a couple of hours then he goes upstairs to his room to work on his homework assignments.

About a week ago we were sitting on the couch and Andy said to me, "Mom, I know that you let me play with your tits in the morning so you can show them off to the guys, but can I play with them now while we are watching television?"

I paused for a few moments then replied, "Honey, the show we put on for your friends in the morning is innocent and we are just acting as if we may be having sexual relations. If I started letting you kiss me and play with my tits while sitting on the couch at home then that would probably lead to other things. Mostly likely, we would start fucking every day and sleep together. You would never get any of your homework done. For that reason, I am going to have to say "no" until after you graduate."

Andy then asked me, "Mom, can I confide in you about a secret that I have?"

I replied, "Sure honey. I am your mother, you can tell me anything."

Andy said, "Remember last summer when I used to take pictures of you swimming topless in the pool and sunbathing naked? Well, I masturbate each night while looking at them. You would not believe how happy it would make me if you would let me live out my fantasy and have sex with you right now. Why don't you let me fuck you just one time before I graduate from High School? I promise to get good grades."

I thought about what Andy told me for a few minutes then got up from the couch and turned off the television. I stood in the middle of the living room then said, "Okay, I am going to let you fuck me, but this will be only time until you graduate from High School. You asked me to be your date at the High School Prom and I am looking forward to wearing the same dress that I did when I graduated twenty years ago. I tried it on the other day and it fits perfect. It would be very disappointing if you failed a class and we could not go to the Prom together. Okay, now that you know how I feel, let's fuck."

Andy quickly hopped off the couch and we took our clothes off. Once we were naked, Andy put his arms around me and we began tongue kissing each other. His cock immediately got hard and I reached down between us and began stroking it back and forth.

I wanted to make this first sexual encounter with my son to last as long as possible, so I decided to have a cigarette and a beer. I released my grip from his hard cock and told him to follow me to the kitchen. Andy sat down on the edge of the kitchen table then I opened the refrigerator door and asked him if he wants to have one with me.

He replied, "Yes please, and Mom, you look beautiful walking the house naked. You should do it more often while I take pictures of you."

We opened our beers then I got a cigarette from my purse and lighted it. Andy did not take his eyes off my slender toned naked body as I walked around the kitchen puffing on my cigarette and taking small sips from my bottle of beer.

After four or five minutes I snuffed out the cigarette then hopped up on the kitchen counter and spread my legs apart. Andy's eyes immediately focused on my smooth shaved pussy. I put my beer down then ran my fingers through my silky long blond hair as I asked him, "Honey, do your friends really think I am sexy?"

Andy replied, "Fuck yes they do! They tell me that you are just as good looking as those models on the internet porn sites and I agree! The guys especially talk about how perfect your boobs are with their brown nipples sticking out like big pencil erasers! You should have seen the look on their faces when I told them they are invited to come over Sunday afternoon and go swimming with you. They all broke their dates with their girlfriends so they can be here all day and play with you in the water!"

I took my last swallow of beer then told Andy, "Well, let's get started."

As Andy walked over to me, I positioned myself as close to the edge of the kitchen counter as I could, and let my legs hand down. We tongue kissed for a while then Andy worked his way down to my breasts and started sucking their erect nipples. After a couple of minutes he suddenly pushed my legs further apart and buried his face in my pussy!

I started squirming around and moaning as Andy flicked his tongue in and out of me. I thought to myself at the time, "Oh my God, I should have let him do this years ago!"

Andy was driving me crazy by alternating between fucking me with his long tongue and sucking my clit! I started screaming, "Oh God Andy, that feels so fucking good! Right there, that's the spot! Oh God, oh God, oh God! Yes, yes, yes!"

After a few minutes I felt an intense orgasm building up and desperately needed a cock inside me!

I screamed at Andy, "Stand up straight and stick your cock in me! I want your cock in me right now! Stand up and give me a good fucking! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Andy immediate stood up. He stroked his cock a few times to make it harder then positioned it at my pussy entrance and slowly exerted pressure. We both watched as the big purple head of his cock disappeared inside me for the first time. I thought to myself at the time, "Oh my God, what am I doing? I am letting my son fuck me before he graduates from High School. I should stop right now and tell him that he has to wait three weeks, but I need a cock inside me now. What the fuck? What does three weeks mean anyway? Besides, he promised me that he was not going to fail any classes."

After a few attempts Andy was all the way inside me. I looked down between my legs to watch his cock slowly going in and out for a while then look up at him and said, "So Andy, how do you like having your big hard cock inside your Mommy's pussy? Is it all you expected?"

Andy was starting to breath heavily, but replied, "Oh God Mom, my cock feels so good inside you that I really can't describe it. Is there any chance that you would change your mind and let me fuck you everyday? I will do anything you want and promise to not tell anybody. Please Mom, please!"

Between my moans and deep breaths I managed to say, "Well, let me think about it. I will give you my answer in the morning. Don't ask any more questions right now. Just keep fucking your Mommy."

After three or four minutes Andy suddenly said, "Mom, I am going to cum any second now! Should I pull out of you?"

I urgently replied to him, "No! When I feel a cock ejaculating inside me, it triggers my orgasm!"

Suddenly, Andy gave me one last big thrust and stopped.

His cock began jerking inside me as it pumped a load of warm sperm. Immediately I felt an incredibly erotic incestuous wave of pleasure sweep through my entire body making it tremble!

After a few moments I regained my composure and reached over to my purse and got another cigarette. I took a few puffs on the cigarette then asked Andy, "Honey, did you like having your cock squirt sperm inside your Mommy?"

Andy immediately replied, "It was awesome. You would not believe how many times I masturbated while looking at nude pictures of you. Now, I finally got to shoot my load in your pussy instead of a paper towel. You have made my fantasy come true. I love you."

As I smoked my cigarette and we continued our conversation, I noticed Andy's cock was still hard and he began to slowly fuck me again. I asked him, "Andy, what are you doing? I can feel that your cock is still hard and it appears like you are going to fuck me again. Are you?"

He immediately replied, "I was going to pull my cock out of you, but I started thinking about how I just fucked the woman who gave birth to me and it got hard again. My cock really likes being inside you."

Andy started speeding up and was soon violently thrusting his cock into me faster and faster making my breasts bounce wildly around on my chest! I started screaming, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Fucking Jesus Christ! Holy Christ! Oh my God! Oh my God!"

Suddenly, Andy pulled his cock out of me and took a couple of steps back. He began feverishly masturbating and yelled at me, "Mom, get down on your knees and open your mouth!"

I quickly got on my knees then he shoved his cock in my mouth and ejaculated.

After a few moments he grabbed my long blond hair and made me stand up next to him. He roughly kissed me on the mouth then yanked my head backwards and said, "You cock sucking little bitch! From now on you are going to be my whore and I am going to fuck you anytime I want!"

I immediately slapped his face then said, "Thirty minutes ago you were pleading with me for sex! Now that you got it, you think that you can dominate me! Well, I am your mother and not your whore! The only time that we are going to have sex is when I want to, not when you do! Do you understand me?"

The next morning I was laying in bed when the door opened and Andy came in. He walked across the room and got in bed with me, so I started slapping his face and shouting, "Get off me you pervert! I am your mother and you will do as I say! Get off me right now and get out of my bedroom! I am not your sex slave and you are not my master! Get out of my bedroom right now!"

Andy roughly pushed my legs apart and guided his hard cock inside me then grabbed my wrists and began fucking me. I kept using all the strength in my arms and legs to get out from underneath him while he kept ramming his cock in me over and over again. I spit in his face and shouted, "You kinky fucking bastard! I bet tomorrow you are going to bring some heavy nylon rope with you then tie me face down on the bed and fuck me in the ass! Don't even think about doing something like that! I am your mother!"

Andy began speeding up and started fucking me faster and faster. My breasts began flopping wildly around on my chest and I could hear our naked sweaty naked bodies slapping together. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap!

Suddenly, Andy stopped and I felt his cock jerk inside me and it began pumping sperm. He waited for a few moments then got out of bed and began walking towards the door. He looked over his shoulder at me and asked, "Mom, what are we having for breakfast this morning?"

I replied, "Master, I am going to make you bowl of cereal with milk and fresh strawberries."

He smiled then said, "That sounds good you filthy little slave bitch."

[End of story]

Anyway, this morning Andy says that he wants to "skip" school, but I grab his wrist then pull him to the edge of the bed and make him stand up.

He puts his muscular arms around me and grabs my naked ass cheeks, but I push him away and say "We don't have time this morning to be fooling around! Now, follow me down the hall and let's take a shower!"

We have a large shower with two separate show heads on opposite walls, so I walk over to mine and adjust the water temperature while Andy does the same with his. Andy finishes first then takes the shampoo bottle and squirts a generous amount of it on the wet tile wall.

Before I have time to ask him why he is doing that, he pushes me against the slippery wall then grabs his hard cock and tries push it inside my pussy! I struggle with him, but he is more powerful than I am. Within a few seconds his cock is buried all the way inside me.

I yell at him, "You fucking pervert! I am not some whore that you can have sex with anytime you want, I am your mother! Stop fucking me right now! That is an order! I am your mother and you will respect me!"

He grabs hold of my wrists and forces them over my head while his body pins me up against the slippery shampoo coated tile wall. He uses all his strength to push my wrists upwards then suddenly my feet leave the floor and dangle around below me!

He roughly fucks me for several minutes then suddenly stops. He waits a few moments after he is done ejaculating then lets me slide down the wall so I can touch the floor once again.

He pulls his cock out of me then says, "You know, I am probably going to be late for school and it's all your fault."

I ask him, "Why is it may fault?"

He replies, "You are beautiful and have an extremely sexy petite body. If you were just an ordinary looking big old fat mother then this would never have happened."
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