The Corner of Main and Fuller
Kimber stood on her corner of Main and Fuller waiting for a trick to walk by. She was hoping for a guy (or girl) who would pay well. The day was passing slowly, so she really needed to meet her quota for the day. She already had thousands of dollars sitting in her lingerie drawer at home, but she wanted new outfits. The life of a hooker wasn't glamorous, but she made of it what she could.

After a few minutes of pacing the sidewalk, she jumped at a tap on her shoulder. Kimber turned around to see a very handsome young man with a beautiful girl in tow.

"Excuse me," he said politely. "I was just wondering if you were willing to do both of us...together."

Kimber almost laughed at the question. "Of course, honey, I'd love to. I charge $100 an hour for each of you."

"I want my husband here to watch you do your best to me," the girl chimed in. "Then when he can't stand it anymore, I want him to join in. That okay?"

"Sounds good to me," Kimber said happily. "I'll take half up front and the other half when we're finished."

They both smiled.

"Are you willing to start on me in the car, or would you rather wait until we reach the hotel room?" the girl asked.

"You're paying, you decide," Kimber stated in return.

"By the way, our names are Meghan and Alex", Alex said.

"Okay, Alex," Kimber said, then turned her attention to Meghan. "How would you like me to start?"

Meghan indicated that it was her decision. She said that she wouldn't expect her to tell them how to do their jobs, so they won't do that to her.

After getting into the vehicle, Kimber slid to her knees on the floor of the car and pushed up Meghan's skirt. She realized that the girl wasn't wearing any panties, and this was a good thing. It gave her less to worry about.

Kimber watched Meghan's face as she forced her legs apart, watching to see if she was enjoying herself. So far, no reaction. That's okay; she hadn't really done anything yet. Kimber sucked on her own fingers to wet them, and then carefully inserted them into her female client's pussy. The girl's eyes widened in anticipation as she slowly thrusted in and out of her. She slid down in her seat a bit so the prostitute could get a better motion going. She started going a little bit faster, just to get her going before they reached the hotel. She didn't want to make her cum before that, but did want to leave her desiring so much more when they finally got to their destination.

After a few minutes of internal stimulation, Kimber pulled her fingers out and began to use them to play with the girl's trimmed outer pleasure point. She noticed that Meghan rested her head on the back of seat and closed her eyes. She started to apply a little more pressure as she made circular motions on the clit beneath her fingers.

The car pulled over, and it took a moment for the two expectant clients to calm themselves enough to get out. A moment after the vehicle pulled away from the curb, they were in the hotel room and ready to continue what they had started.

Once the door was closed, Alex told Meghan to take off her clothes. He wanted to see her full naked form while she was being handled. She did as she was told, then moved to Kimber and started stripping her clothes off, as well. In all their natural glory, the two women climbed onto the bed as Alex sat on a nearby chair to watch. He got comfortable, freeing himself from his own lower clothing in order to pleasure himself while his wife was being taken by the whore.

Meghan lay back with her head on the pillow as Kimber settled in on her belly and immediately buried her face between her playmate's legs. She began slowly licking her around her hole before sliding her fingers back into place. She found the most sensitive internal area for a woman and began to massage it. The girl let out a low moan, as though afraid to be heard.

"Have you ever had your asshole licked?" Kimber asked her, and she shook her head no.

She lifted Meghan's right leg into the air and told her to keep in there. Meanwhile, she took her fingers out of the girls snatch and used her juices to lubricate them before shoving them in her rear hole. She licked and sucked up the leaking juices from the girl's hot pleasure point .

Kimber heard Alex move his chair over to get a better view, and could see him whacking his dick out of the corner of her eye. To tease him, she looked directly into his eye as she started to flick Meghan's asshole with the tip of her tongue. She heard them both inhale sharply as she did this.

Alex had to stop stroking himself momentarily before he blew his load all over himself! He couldn't believe how much he was enjoying this. Watching this stranger tease and please the woman he loved was far more erotic than he could have ever dreamed.

Meghan squirmed and tried not to moan as Kimber continued to finger-fuck her and was now lapping up the fluid which was running out of her twat and over the area that the prostitute was focusing on with her mouth. She knew she tasted good and hoped Alex liked watching the show as much as she enjoyed performing in it.

"Lick my clit," Meghan moaned, playing with her own nipples.

Kimber did as she was told. She felt Alex climb onto the bed and looked up with her eyes only as she continued testing the limits of this girl's climax. Alex was leaning over to grasp his wife's left nipple in his mouth as he rubbed his member (the tip of which was now glistening from a near explosion) across her ribs. Kimber took this chance to quickly spit in her palm before reaching up and stroking him. The spit was for lubrication, and the noises coming from Alex's throat said that he liked it.

Taking a short break,Kimber asked Meghan, "How would you feel about sixty-nine with me while Alex shoves this in your ass?" She stroked his dick extra hard to make him moan so Meghan would get the picture. She agreed to try it, but wanted his cock in her throbbing pussy first. It was big, and it needed her near-climax juices to lubricate it enough to fit in the tight hole behind it.

Alex moved so that Kimber could reposition herself on top of his girlfriend, whose legs were shaking from being brought to the edge and back so many times already. She timidly began licking the slut's visibly aroused area, following the pattern that was being used on her. Before Alex moved into his position, he had the sudden urge to finger both girls' exits at once. So he did. Neither was expecting it, but both cried out from the thrill of it. They each reached out a hand, which was still not enough when lined up on his cock to cover the whole thing, and began vigorously trying to make him cum.

He pushed both of their hands away and climbed behind Meghan's legs, holding onto Kimber's head as he lowered himself enough to get a good thrust going. The hooker guided his massive manhood to the opening of Meghan's private place and he forced himself into her so strongly she screamed with ecstasy.

The women had to hug each other around the waist in order to stay connected while he slammed away, grunting with each pump until the fucking and the eating became too much for Meghan and she screamed as she came. Her whole body was throbbing and she felt dizzy, almost to the point of passing out. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Stop, I can't take it anymore!" she cried out as wave after wave of pain and pleasure rolled over her body, pushing Kimber's head and Alex's whole body away from that most sensitive part of her body.

Alex grabbed Kimber by her hair and her arm, using the latter to flip her onto her back. He jammed his branch into her mouth till his balls rested on her forehead, and felt her begin to make the motions of swallowing with her throat. Fast, hard motions of his hips toward her face, he came in only a few minutes. She swallowed it right down as though she enjoyed it.

They all rose from the bed, and after dressing, Kimber received her money. Both of the people she had worked on for the last hour smirked at her, and Meghan said, "We'll definitely do this again.
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