The Glenn
The mist was falling in the glenn and she knew she was not to be out so late with the falling darkness. Wolves roamed freely in the area and many had been killed for their pelts as well as to keep the tiny back woods village safe.

She had been here her whole life and that made her complacent and a bit reckless at times. Her own father had told her many times Mary girl you will find yourself in the jaws of a wild beast with nae to save ya! He had that accent from the old country where they had fled after the signs that times may be becoming worse and they had heard tales of a land of milk and honey where streams teamed with salmon and game was so plentiful that every day was a feast day. As soon as da could get enough money going down in the bowels of the earth fishing out coal he brought them all to this strange new world.

That was nearly six years ago and so far no streams where flowing with milk and honey and ma had lost a babe in childbirth so it was up to her to take care of the other wee ones that were left. Not that she minded the hard work she was just one of those that adapted well. Her back and shoulders did not like building the cabin with da, it was a one room job with a loft above for her and the children. Her two younger sisters slept in bed with her and at night da was heard praying , more like cursing God for no sons for the one that was too large was a boy and they had both died when ma tried to birth him.

There were a few settlers in this part of the glenn. She knew most and as she stumbled back to the little settlement as it could not be called a village with so little inhabitants...she had her mind wonder here she was near an old maid she was going on 15 and it was one of those things that she should have found a suitor now. She started talking to herself as she walked, why yes I would love to accompany you to the barn dance, whats that you liked my homemade jam? You thought I was the prettiest by far? As she kept up her child's play act in her head she didn't hear the wolves coming upon her until a vicious growl escaped one of the fanged beast.

With no thought to her safety she began to run and scream, Mary screamed as if she never had before and then in a fell swoop from the tree this being came and landed on the massive wolf with fur flying and saliva and blood went all over her modest homespun dress as she fell. She was still screaming yet hardly knew it then this being came and sat on her," shhh its alright now little missy...I killed it. "
"But how where and who" she stammered like a fool...He smiled the most brilliant smile and in the fading light he said "I do not choose to live in a cabin I choose to live in a tree."
"What a tree are you mad? " He said "no its just me and my family did not make the crossing so I had no one to help me build a proper shelter and I always loved climbing trees" he explained.
He bowed to her then and helped her up at the same time," I am Christopher and you with the most powerful set of lungs who would you be called.?"
"I am just Mary. I live just beyond this glen at the settlement. "
She was a curious woman and looked up and could not see his tree home so she said but how do you stay dry and warm...and the look of puzzlement was on her face so much she made him laugh out loud. "Well just Mary...he teased her, I will show you, how are you at climbing them?"" She said well I have not since I was a child"... to that he chuckled "you still look like a child you have mud on your face and a dirty dress and."..She interrupted "I was running for my life thank you very much."

"Fair enough my little waif I will take you there the proper way in case I ever had need to receive guest." He lead her to a large tall strong tree and showed her he cut out a few notches in the tree for a foot hold and then about four feet up he had a ladder built right into the tree, he was using wood nails and was all very smartly done, he lead her up until she thought she would be dizzy with fear but she didn't want him to see this so she kept following him finally in the cover of leaves where it was so thick that only firefly's lit the way there was a bridge and to the other side a round room that was nearly as large as the cabin she had helped her da build. She was very impressed, he had gathered honey and the wax and made candles one he had lit to show her his handiwork with great pride. He kept showing her and then he lead her out the back and there was a beautiful balcony where she could see her settlement and people bustling around for the nights end as the day was done so were they all. He then lead her to another bridge one where he had yet another room this larger than the first and was supported by two trees growing right through them. It was so beautiful and he had some of the wolves pelts on the floor as rugs and some deer skins on a bed that he had made with last years harvest hay and he obviously was well skilled in many areas. To her shock and surprise he took her to another smaller bridge that lead to a different tree and there was another room there he lit his lanterns along the way with the beeswax candle he had brought, he was a mystery this man Christopher. " How did you do all this without us knowing in the settlement? "He said" well I keep to myself because I am busy hunting and fishing and by the days end I am too tired to do much,"

There was a rocker made all of wood in this room and a small bed started he looked away and said let's go out the other way. She said other way? He said well yes in case of fire or emergency I have built a lift here to get down quickly but I wouldn't recommend it first try, he showed her the small cage that had woven ropes tied around the strongest tree limbs and agreed from this height she wouldn't want to go down that way either.She asked again you live here all alone no relatives no wife she nearly chocked on the word. He said no, you see my fiance died on the way over too all had scarlet fever. "

" I must be going my da will wonder where I am or if a horrid beast has gotten me. I have to help with my younger siblings you see... "she hated to leave and he said" I hate to tell you but they are closing the gates of the settlement now.".and indeed looking over they had the sentry posted and the big wooden doors were closed and the fires were up for any stray people who may come in after dark.

Deep down Mary panicked, is this what da meant by you will catch yourself at the mercy of a beast? What would he think happened to her? Would he worry? Where would she stay..???

Christopher said" I have a pallet I can sleep on and a bed you can sleep on in the second room I showed you. "She said "no I wouldn't put you out and it is growing dark when ma was alive we all shared the same bed for many years."
Clearly he thought this girl woman did not know what could happen between a man and a woman and his need for one was burning as brightly as his candlestick.

Well we better turn in so I can have you back at the settlement tomorrow and have a talk with your father. He already knew what would probably happen in this small settlement it didn't matter that he saved her life but he knew that with single men in short supply he has probably just met his future wife and she had no clue that she would be his by morning in more way than one!

They got to his bed and she started to take off some of her outer garments and got a bit embarrassed at how he was looking at her. "Am I doing something wrong?" she asked " No not at all Mary do continue!" With that she was a bundle of nerves where she was so at ease a moment before.
Her thumbs would not work as she tried to do her laces to get her vest and apron off. She said out loud to herself more so than to him, OH leave it. With those words he crossed the short span and did it for her.
Her large doe eyes looked up at him, you do not have to do that, I will be okay. He said I know you will be fine. He took her vest and apron of and then her shift he started on those laces.
" No! No that can't come off?" He laughed at her "IT CAN"T ever??" She giggled no that is not what I mean... I should not. He said Look around Mary," no one here to see you or stop you" she was feeling wicked and an unfamiliar feeling was in her one she wanted to explore. I just can't and he lifted it, and said" OH but Mary I can. You see Up here I am the sheriff of the tree tops!" She giggled and it was cut short when he caught his breath..."are you okay?" she asked, then she saw the way he looked at her, like like like she was the prey.
She thought am I safer with the wolf that nearly devoured me? He looked at her, to his surprise he was not prepared for the longing that made him ache. " Mary you are beautiful." She was very uncomfortable and had her boots to remove yet. She sat down in the home made rocker and started to bend, but He was there in and instant and took over her chore. "My feet will surely stink the birds from the trees I have not bathed."

Christopher wondered at what star was he born under to be so lucky to hear those words? "Well Mary we can fix that." and he gave her her things to fold as he went to get a few items he brought warm water from near the fire and put it in a wooden bowl that he had carved. He had a thick sheet of linen and a flannel cloth. He also had a paste made of some local sap and he added some pine needle extract to it with some lavender, it smelled heavenly. She commented about it and he told her how he got the needles and boiled them and then added lavender to that and the sap and took the needles and flowers from it and kept boiling it till it was this, it lathered slightly but also kept the bugs away. He started to take a small bit and put on the flannel cloth.
To her wonder and delight he started to bath her as if she were no more than the child he thought she first was, then with a gasp as she started to come clean as if a butterfly emergent from a cocoon she was there in all her womanly glory. And with that glory came the internal confused feelings of a woman and she wanted to explore them all in slow detail. After all she was not schooled in the ways of men and women and she had that internal natural desire as if it were her and Christopher in the garden of Eden and she planned on being the fruit to tempt him with.

Part Two of The Glenn to come soon - it is good to be back!
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