The Oasis Club
We'd been out to eat and you'd had a glass of wine or two perhaps. You were giggly about going to the club.  I dared you and that's all it took.

The place we went was about as nice a place as you could expect in such a type.  It was in Dallas.  The club was clean.  The clientele was not so different than at the restaurant we came from except there was a decidedly male  skew in the gender of the patrons.  There were lots of women there but a good number of them worked there.  Still, there were female patrons.  They were all ages and types.  Several were our age and of them most were very like us.  Seemingly in possession of some expendable cash, well dressed, cared for and having a good time.

We paid our way in and drifted to a darkened area not far from the center stage.  We sat at the small table there and ordered some soda waters that were sure to be incredibly overpriced.  There were three girls dancing on three separate stages.  There was the center stage at which we sat to the side.  There was a much smaller stage slightly behind us and to our left.  It had a pole and just enough floor space to dance around the pole.  On the other side of the center stage there was a corresponding stage in the same relative position as the small one on our side.

The center stage girl was easiest to watch since we didn't have to turn our heads.  She was a slender young brunette with breasts proportional to her height and weight.  In this club it was legal for the women to dance completely in the nude and if this girl had come on stage with a costume on it was gone by the time we were seated.  You leaned toward me and said, "Oh, Gene, she's lovely.  Look how she moves.  It must feel wonderful to dance naked in front of so many people."

"It seems like it would to me, Charlotte.  I wonder though if she has much impression of the people watching.  Stage lights have a way of making it difficult to see into a darkened seating area."  I thought to myself, Jeez, Gene, can't you just enjoy the moment?  You don't have to try to see the world from everyone's point of view.  She's hot!  Go with it.  "She reminds me of your pictures from from the late 1970s. I'm so sorry I missed those times with you."

You smiled at me and returned your attention to the stage.  The song finished and a different girl came out.  She was obviously older but astonishingly beautiful.  Tall and blond.  She was wearing a baby doll nightgown with a thong and high heels.  Her hair looked like she'd just come from the salon.  From this distance her nails even looked perfect.  Her breasts were large to be sure but if the dancer had had work done she used discretion and taste.  They were wonderfully large not unbelievably or hideously large.  The music started and she began her routine.  Variation is hard to come by in this industry.  There are a number of ways to move about a stage.  And there are a number of ways to demonstrate a dancer's charms.  But they are not unlimited and each girl can pretty much run through the list during each performance.  Whoever invented the stripper pole was the only person to show any innovation since the days of the large swing hanging from the ceiling of a saloon and graced by a can-can girl in the mid-1800s.

The individualizing feature of any performance is the girl performing. If you don't care for her it's just the same ol', same ol'.  If you like her the sensation can be overpowering.  The excitement can last for days. I watched your eyes as you watched the blond dancer on the center stage.  You leaned forward.  Your eyes opened wider.  I smiled just as you turned to look at me.  I could see you mouth the phrase, Oh My God.  You leaned toward me since the music was kind of loud and said in my ear, "She's the hottest woman I've ever seen!  I love her nightie too."  Then you kissed me on the cheek and turned back toward the stage. I made a note to myself to get you an identical nightie.

I was getting hard.  The girl was hot for sure.  She didn't hop around on stage trying to dance by herself.  She flowed on stage and seemed to catch eye contact with everyone.  She certainly caught it with me and I definitely saw her catch your eye.  She had been swaying around and holding her breasts which were still covered by the nightie.  She then pulled those parts of her nightie to the sides and exposed both her lovely breasts which she tenderly squeezed while she looked at you, Charlotte.  It was easy to believe she was as enthralled with you as you were with her.

The dancer continued dancing through another song which she started wearing only the thong and high heels.  I watched you squirm just a bit as the dancer squatted at our side of the stage and traced the crease of her pussy with a finger while looking at you.  I stuffed a $5 bill in your hand and told you to go up to the stage with it.  With the slightest of hesitation you got up and approached the girl.  She smiled big and said, "Hi, sweetie" but you couldn't hear it for the music.  The dancer spread her legs while in the squatting position and pulled the side band of the thong out.  The blond reached a hand out and put it on the back of your head gently.  She put enough pressure on your head to know you should move even closer.  You put the bill in her thong.  She slid her hand around and along your face to end just below your chin.  She pulled up enough to tilt your head back and she kissed you sweetly on the lips.  I got harder watching you kiss her. She released you and stood up pointing at you as she stepped back. You stood there a moment longer.  The dancer took the money that she'd been collecting from the waistband of her thong and set it on the floor at center stage.  From that bent over position she tugged at the waistband of her thong, lowered it to the floor and stepped out of it.  Standing up she turned back toward you and flipped the thong toward you.  You caught it and smiled at her.  You came back to your seat next to me and I could tell your face was red and your nipples were threatening to tear through the material of your spaghetti strap tank top.

"Charlotte,  I just about came in my pants watching you kiss her.  How was it?"

"YOU just about came?  I did."

"You're kidding!  It was hot enough for sure."

We watched several more girls.  All of them were beautiful by any standard but none had caught our fancy as much as the blond dancer. There was something about her that reached a very special place in each of our minds.  We're not dumb.  We know she's earning a living and the better she connects with people the better it is for her but there is something undeniable about the connection even if it's wholly self-serving on her part.  We definitely get a pleasant feeling out of it.

Just when it seemed we had perhaps seen everything we came to see we both felt a warmth behind us and we turned toward each other in time to see the blond dancer leaning down to speak to us.  Her hands touched our shoulders as well.  "Hi, guys.  I'm Jasmine.  You're such a lovely couple.  Are you having a good time tonight?"

"Hi, Jasmine.  I'm Gene and this is Charlotte."  Jasmine put a hand out to shake your hand.  You locked eyes with Jasmine and I suddenly felt like a third wheel.  "I think I can speak for both of us in saying you are our favorite performer tonight."

Still looking at you Jasmine said, "Why thank you, Gene.  Charlotte? Does Gene always speak for you?"

You giggled a bit and said, "No he certainly does not.  I am very much my own woman.  Gene knows it."

"Well, I was wondering if you two would like a more private performance in one of our rooms back over here."  Jasmine (or whatever her real name was) pointed toward an opening in a wall that led down a hallway with doors along one side.

"Jasmine that sounds great to me," I said.  "Do you think this will buy us 3 songs with you?"  I held up two hundred dollar bills.

"Oh, I think we can have a lot of fun with that.  What do you think, Charlotte?"

You flashed a look at me grinning and turned to look at Jasmine, "I think it sounds wonderful, Jasmine."

We got up and followed Jasmine down the hallway to a room.  Again it was pleasantly clean.  The walls were mirrored.  There was a red velvet couch opposite the entrance.  In front of the couch was a coffee table. There was a lightweight chair by the door that I'm sure the dancer could use as a prop if need be.  Music from the main room was piped in through smaller speakers in the wall.  The presence of a box of kleenex on a corner table spoke volumes about what goes on in the room.

Jasmine was dressed in a different outfit than before.  She had on a charcoal colored, see-through chiffon top that left nothing at all to be guessed about her bust.  Her nipples were quite erect as the soft fabric slipped across them.  She also wore a tight, white, mini-skirt with dark, seamed hose, and black high heels.  She was an erotic dream come true for me.  And from the look of you it was the beginning a pleasant adventure.

I stood up to hand Jasmine the money.  She leaned in to me and in a voice loud enough for us both to hear she said, "It's state law, Gene, that you can't touch me.  I can touch you.  Charlotte, the law doesn't apply to you as it specifically regards men.  I have to say that little speech.  I'll also say that no one can see what goes on in here."  Then she winked at me.

A song started up and Jasmine began swaying to the beat.  She was bending over and running her hands up from her ankles to the hem in the skirt.  Then her hands would follow the contours of her head and down her neck and they crossed over her chest and then down each arm.  She was delightful to watch with her long legs and heels.  Her breasts swayed easily under the chiffon.  Occasionally she would caress her breasts and look at you.  She then walked around the end of the coffee table and extended her arms out to you in an invitation to dance.   Jasmine placed your hands on her own shoulders while she held you around your waist.  Momentarily, you danced a rather stiff dance looking into each other's eyes but Jasmine pulled you in close. Your lips met hers.  Your tongue met hers.  The earlier stiffness vanished and you melted into her arms and swayed to the music.  My stiffness, however, became painful and I shifted my position looking for comfort.

Time was expanding.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching you dance with and kiss Jasmine.  I cold see your tongues seeking the other's. In a short break for breath, Jasmine turned to me and suggested I make myself comfortable.  She winked again.  I knew what she meant.  You seemed to be lost in her and I can't blame you for that.  I unzipped my slacks and lowered them along with my boxers.  My erection snapped up from it's confines and I begin to lightly stroke it.

Jasmine released you and crossed the room to the light chair.  She grabbed the chair and placed it in my view.  She returned to you and Jasmine gently lead you to a spot right in front of the chair.  Both of you were turned so I had a side view of the two of you and I watched as Jasmine gently plucked at her nipples through the chiffon.  You raised your hands to your own breasts and began to follow Jasmine's lead.  From that point on I could have come within a matter of seconds if I'd touched myself with that intention.  But I didn't want to come this early in the performance.

Jasmine reached out to take hold of your hands.  She brought them to her lips and gently kissed your fingertips.  She then lowered your hands to her own breasts and held your hands to herself.  I watched you squeeze her breasts and I continued to slowly stroke myself.  You turned to look at me while you were biting your lower lip.  You had a pleading look for some reason and all I did was nod my head and smile back.

Jasmine reached behind your neck and untied the halter of your dress and let the front of your dress drop.  Both your breasts were exposed and as you were enjoying Jasmine's breasts you closed your eyes and Jasmine leaned down to touch her lips to your nipple.  Because I recognized it I saw the nearly imperceptible tremor in your knees.  She flicked her tongue across your nipple expertly. Again I saw the tremor in your knees and perhaps Jasmine perceived it as well because she said, "Sit here, Charlotte," and sat you down in the light chair. You looked so beautiful and glowing.  You went from a loving look when you looked at Jasmine to a devilish look when you looked at me.  The funny thing is I'm not so sure your face really ever changed.  It was our connection, I think.  I knew what you were feeling.

Jasmine quickly took off her top and the mini-skirt.  It left her in a garter belt, hose, and high heels.  I think this girl could live in high heels.  "Should I leave these on, Charlotte?"

"Uh, yes.  I like the way you look very much.  Very much."  You voice sort of trailed off.  You also lifted your bottom a bit and slipped your dress the rest of the way off.  This revealed that you weren't wearing any panties.  Of course I knew you weren't but Jasmine didn't.

"Oh, aren't you the adventurous type?  I like that," Jasmine exclaimed. "What do you say we have a contest for Gene's benefit.  Follow my lead."  Jasmine began twisting her nipples and looking at you.  You did the same while looking at Jasmine.  You shot a glance at me and smiled.  I was grinning ear to ear.  I gave you a look and a small head movement to convey a suggestion to look back at Jasmine.  She was holding a breast up to her own lips and licking it.  Her tongue went round and round the nipple and then flicked at it.  

"Aw, I can't do that," you said feigning a pout.

"Well we can't have that."  Jasmine got down on her knees and began sucking on your breasts again.  You'd never had your breasts sucked on that way except for when you were breast feeding your babies. Circumstances were quite different but the point is a woman has a way about making love to another woman.  You told me later it was the maybe the most exciting thing about Jasmine.  I wonder though.

I went ahead and took my pants and shirt off.  I wanted to be naked in the room with the woman I love most in the world, the most exciting woman I know and Jasmine who was making my woman creep with pleasure.  Jasmine's hands wrapped around behind you and as she kissed her way down your belly she pulled you forward in the chair. She kissed lower and lower until she was planting kisses on your wet pussy.  Jasmine's tongue slowly traced the length of your pussy forcing your lips apart.  As she squatted on her knees and toes in front of you, Jasmine was fingering her own pussy and it was plain to see from my position.  Her bottom slowly raised and lowered on her fingers.  I could hear her tongue lapping at your pussy.  Your head was thrown back.  Your hands were pulling at your nipples.  I was stroking my cock wishing to hell I could come but I wanted more before I did.

Suddenly you drew in a breath and let out a yelp.  You covered your mouth but you did it again.  Your whole body was trembling.  You placed your hands on the sides of Jasmine's head and held her to you hard.  She thrust her tongue inside you deeper than you've ever felt.  It went of endlessly.  Surly, it wasn't all that long but even to me it seemed like you came and came and came.  I loved watching you in that much pleasure.  It's like you want your kids to be happy and you want your mate to be happy.  Two entirely different things but it's the most fulfilling desire of all.

Finally, we all regained ourselves.  Jasmine never really lost herself, of course.  She was driving.  But I had sense we weren't finished.  Jasmine moved back up to your face and kissed you holding the sides of  your face.  I watched your tongue clean her face of your wetness.  I think Jasmine was as surprised as me when you got up quickly from the chair and and told her to come sit on the couch next to me.  Seeing two absolutely beautiful naked girls coming toward you is an experience every man should have once in life.  Having you be one of the girls made it my dream in reality.  You stood Jasmine in front of the couch as if to have her sit down but instead you stood facing her giving me side views again of the pair of you.

You toyed with Jasmine's nipples as you looked into her eyes. Squeezing her breasts.  Pressing on her nipples with your thumbs. "That was so wonderful, Jasmine.  I want to return the favor.  Do we have time for that?"  Your eyes....I almost laughed. You looked just like a very small girl asking a neighbor who had not invited you in if you could have a cookie.

"Charlotte.  Take all the time you want.  However, I might warn you. You've got me so close to the edge right now I might not last long." With that you guided her down onto the couch as you kissed her lips again.  You knelt in front of her on your knees and toes and begin stroking Jasmine's inner thighs with your hands.  Jasmine laid her head back and closed her eyes.  She brought her feet up onto the edge of couch's seat cushion and spread her knees wide.  Her hands went up to her breasts and begin squeezing them.  You lowered your head and began kissing Jasmine's pussy.  You tongue lapped at it.  You looked up at me but this time I was the one who was lost.  I watched you with my mouth open and I couldn't help it but my tongue was mimicking yours to a lesser degree.  Jasmine moved a hand down and opened up her labia.  She spread her pussy wide for you and you licked her opening.  Your tongue darted in.  I watched it slide in and I could see and hear that one of your hands was at your pussy sliding a finger in and out.

Jasmine lowered both her hands to her pussy and uncovered her clit for you to lick.  You flicked at it with your tongue.  You encircled it. And when you began to suck it into your mouth you brought your other hand up and put two fingers in Jasmine's pussy.  You began to fuck her with your fingers and suck on her clit.  Jasmine was squirming and moaning.  You were moaning as your fingers strummed across your own clit in a lightning fast blur.  I was moaning and stroking now for all I was worth.  This was the moment.  Oh yes, this was the moment!  Jasmine and I both blurted out your name as we came simultaneously.  You did sort of a whimper and yelp again and you came at the same time as we did.  No way that worked out that good.....but it did.

Your head now laid on Jasmine's thigh.  Her hand stroked your hair.  I was covered in come and looking at the two of you.  We were all breathing like we'd run a 100 yard dash.  I moved first to get a Kleenex - or five.  "No," said Jasmine.  "I'll get it."  She crawled toward me and began licking the come off my chest and belly.  Then she began to suck on my cock by way of cleaning it off as well.  Suddenly, surprisingly, astonishingly, I began to get hard again.  "Well, well. Look what's come up."  She redoubled her efforts.  She began sucking ravenously.  It was almost violent but it didn't hurt in the least.  She was that good.  You began fingering Jasmine again and with her moaning and my cock in her mouth it was tremendous.

"Will you guys do me a favor?" Jasmine asked.  "Will you fuck your wife while I watch.  No charge.  This is too good."  I wasn't about to correct her assumption mostly because I loved how it sounded to have someone refer to you as my wife.

"I think that's a great idea. How about you, honey?"

"Gene I want you inside me so bad."  You got on the couch on all fours.  I got on my knees behind you.  I felt your hand grab my cock and guide it in to you.  Jasmine pulled the little chair up to the other side of the coffee table and used the coffee table as a foot rest.  Her knees were spread as wide as they could spread.  Her pussy was wide open and she had three fingers all ready diving in and out of her pussy.  I began pushing in and out of you hard.  I could feel  your fingers working your clit as my cock worked your pussy.  All three of us watching each other and pumping.  I don't know how long it lasted but later it was a replay of earlier.  Our stroking was synchronized and speeding up.  We were vocalizing together.  I was calling your name. You were calling mine. Jasmine made a loud squeaking noise and she came in a trembling crescendo.  You and I both came together again but this time with me inside you.  Holding motionless but pressing hard into you I finally relaxed and collapsed onto your back.  Your knees relaxed and you ended up on your tummy on the couch. Jasmine was absentmindedly strumming at her pussy and smiling at us.

"Well what do you think, Charlotte?" Jasmine asked again.  

"I had a wonderful time, Jasmine.  How about you, Gene?"

"Oh, I had a great time.  You gotta ask?  Thank you very much Jasmine.  I hope we see you again someday when we get back down here.  In the meantime I'll recommend you to Charlotte's sister.  She lives around here.  I think Carolyn might enjoy a little special treatment."

"She just might." you said.

I kissed your face and tasted Jasmines juices.  I cleaned your face like you cleaned Jasmine's.  It's a strange and wonderful thing to taste another woman when you kiss your own lover.  The best thing, though, is that your lover comes home with you.
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