The basketball stud
I'm Donna and I'm a cheerleader in college, I cheer all I can and practice nonstop. As I've been cheering I've seen this one basketball player in particular named Steve Stint that was 23. He was a year older than me and he was some kind of man. Seriously every time I saw him get the ball my pussy got a little wet. After one game at home, he stayed late after wards to shoot some baskets, I had to tell him how I felt about him. I waled into the gym with him and I saw a 6 foot jock loving his passion, and enjoying every second of it. Then he looked back towards me and saw me watching in my cheerleader uniform.

"Donna?" Steve asked.

"Oh hi Steve, I was just watching you play," I replied.

"I can see that, but why are you still here?" Steve asked.

"Well, I just wanted to see you shoot some baskets I guess," I replied as I waled towards him.

He shot the ball and it went towards me, so I went for it.

"Here you go," I said as I passed it to him.

"You wanna shoot with me?" Steve asked.

"Yes," I replied.

Then we shot some baskets together. I think we both a great time, we just had some fun for about 20 minutes. Of course playing in the game and playing with me for awhile, he got a little sweaty and smelly.

"Wow Donna, why didn't you ever try out for the women's team?" Steve asked.

I was a little embarrassed honestly, and he made me blush as I got the ball.

"I guess I was just always more of a cheerleader girl than a basketball player girl," I replied.

"Well you kick ass at it Donna," Steve said.

"Thanks, so do you. I mean I pretty much only focus about on you when we're at the games. I saw you make a dozen slam dunks so far this season, you really kick ass," I replied.

"Well thank you, I'll be sure to send you the trading card when it comes out at no charge," Steve said.

"Thank you," I replied blushed again.

He saw that and then he came towards me and I thought he was gonna just kiss me, as far as I knew he was single, but then he just took the ball and went for the basket again to make a slam dunk.

"Wow, you kick major ass Steve," I said.

"Thanks, well it was nice playing with you Donna, we should do it again sometime," Steve replied as he came towards me.

"Maybe we can," I said.

I think we had a small moment where we were both thinking about it, but it didn't happen.

"Well I should take a shower now, I'm all sweaty and smelly now," Steve said.

"OK Steve, I'm gonna go now and I'll take one at home, thanks for playing with me," I replied.

"Your welcome," Steve said as he kissed me on cheek.

Then he turned around and headed to the mens locker room. My pussy got wet when I watched him play, as he kissed me on the cheek it was soaked. I was just standing there for a minute and tried to comprehend what just happened. Was that an invitation or what exactly? Well he made me extremely horny, and when I got horny I acted without really thinking. I just went into the mens locker room where he was naked showering. I crept in there really slowly and got towards the entrance to the showers and I just watched him for a minute. I never saw his cock before, but it was bigger than I thought it be. My pussy just got even wetter, I had no choice but to put my hand into my panties. As far as I knew he couldn't see me, but then that ended.

"Donna?" Steve asked.

He saw me with my hand in my panties masturbating. Then I was about to just take my hand and leave, but then he came over to me completely drenched and naked.

"So you like what you see Donna?" Steve asked.

I was just breathing in and out very heavily for a minute, I had no choice but to look down at his hard cock, it was huge and probably as hard as a diamond.

"Yes I do," I replied slowly.

"So did you decide to take a shower here at school and just go in the wrong locker room or were you planning on watching a show?" Steve asked.

I was still breathing very heavily and checking out his whole body as he was right in front of me.

"I know it's frowned upon for a lady and a man to shower together here, but I won't tell anyone if you don't tell," Steve said.

"Can I have another kiss?" I asked.

"Sure," Steve replied just before he kissed me on the lips.

Once again I just tried and process what had just happened. I was just standing there for a minute as he got in the showers.

"It was just an offer, I don;t want you to anything you don't want to," Steve said.

"Sorry just a little embarrassed," I replied.

"Don't be, I don't judge," Steve said.

Then I took off my cheerleader uniform and then my bra and underwear as well. Then I threw them by the lockers, came in the showers with him and started showering. Of course we both couldn't resist but to check each other out. I was glad he was, I really wanted him to. I thought I was sexy, I guess I wasn't full of myself you could say. About 5 minutes into the shower, he came over towards me and got a really close look at my naked body.

"Wow, you are the sexiest cheerleader on the team, bar none," Steve said.

"You really think so?" I asked.

"Would I lie to you?" Steve asked.

"This isn't like a Carrie prank is it?" I asked.

Then he gave me a look.

"Well that wouldn't stick considering you are in the showers and the blood would wash off right then, but I'm not as mean as them," Steve said.

"Well I think you are sweet," I replied.

Then he gave me another kiss on the lips.

"I could say the same thing about you," Steve said.

Then he went back to his shower and we both finished up. Then as he was done, went over to the shelves and grabbed 2 towels. Then he tossed one to me. We both went over to the lockers with the towels wrapped around our waists.

"Well we should definitely do that again sometime Donna, I wasn't bullshitting you when I said you were the sexiest cheerleader on the team," Steve said.

Then I noticed as he was looking at my tits his cock got rather hard and became noticeable.

"Oh I'm sorry," Steve said.

"For what?" I asked.

"Nothing," Steve replied as he took the towel off and I got another look.

The he noticed that I was taking my towel off and getting dressed.

"Still wanna enjoy the show?" Steve asked.

I just slowly nodded, then he came over to me and gave me another kiss on the lips.

"Is there something wrong Donna?" Steve asked.

"Not if you give me another kiss," I replied.

Then he kissed me again, but this time I was gonna make sure it wasn't a small 3 second kiss, I kept him there with me and we made out for about 10 seconds.

"What was that for?" Steve asked.

"I like you," I replied.

"I like you too Donna, you know I've noticed that-" Steve said just before I began kissing him again.

He began walking backwards and we made it to the little bench in between the lockers. We sat down and made out passionately for about 2 minutes straight.

"I always wondered what it feel like to make out with a cheerleader," Steve said.

"Well why don't you find out what it's like to do other things with a cheerleader as well?" I asked as I pulled him on top of me.

He felt my boobs for a minute, I could really see he loved boobs. He grabbed onto them a little bit and I felt my nipples getting a little pointy truth be told. He just had me really excited honestly. We looked right at each other for a minute and he kissed me again. He pinched my nipples a bit and I let out some more moans, great signs of pleasure. Then I think he was ready to make love.

"You wanna stick it in Steve?" I asked.

"But I don't have a condom though," Steve replied.

"Don't worry I'm on the pill," I said.

"OK good, I'm not ready for kids just yet," Steve replied.

Then he very slowly inserted his cock into my pussy. I put my hands onto his shoulders and he put her hands on the back of my head as he began thrusting slowly. I felt about a million times better than I imagined it would. I masturbated thinking about this a million times before and it was great every single time I did it, not this just crushed that big time. I immediately began breathing very heavily once again, so he kissed me once.

"Don't be nervous, I'll be gentle," Steve said.

Then I kissed him again and he began thrusting a little faster. He had about ¾ of his 9 inch cock inside me and he was thrusting at a normal speed for the time being, but even at that, I was already thinking I was about to explode.

"Oh my god Steve, I've wanted this with you for so long," I said.

"Well you should have said something," Steve replied.

Then he kissed my again and then put his hands on my boobs. They were only B-cup boobs, but he seemed to really like them, unlike I thought honestly. He was a jock, I thought he'd be more into the C-cup boobed ladies.

"Nice and firm boobs you got here Donna," Steve said.

"Thank you," I replied.

Then he leaned his head down a bit and licked my nipples. He titillated me a great deal barely even trying. My pussy got very wet once again and I pit my hands on his head. That was bar none the best sexual feeling I ever felt in my life. I of course had to moan a bit, but of course being in the locker room it echoed a bit.

"Oh shit Steve that feels so damn good," I said.

Then I took my hands off his head and we looked at each other with some very lusty eyes. He leaned his head towards me and gave me another kiss. We kissed for about 3 minutes straight, he was still thrusting slowly though.

"Wow you have some cock," I said.

"Thank you, did you get a good enough look?" Steve asked.

"Yes, it's huge," I replied.

"Well thank you, but you still have to get your punishment though," Steve said.

Then he began thrusting his cock in and out of me quicker and made me moan some more. We both were getting very sweaty and my heart rate was going so fast I thought I was super human or something like that. He was right on top of me and my boobs were right against him. I put my hands on his butt and grabbed onto his butt cheeks.

"That's my butt you know," Steve said.

"When will I be able to squeeze your butt again?" I asked.

"I'm sure we can work something out," Steve replied.

Then he got up off me and sat next to me. I got up and got right in front of him. Then I slowly sat on him and he inserted his cock into me very slowly. He put his hands on my hips and I began bouncing up and down slowly. Of course I was moaning once again and it was echoing once again as well.

"Oh yeah, take it Donna, take it Donna," Steve said.

I was breathing even more heavily then I was before. He had his hands on my hips really tightly and had me in place. I kept moaning louder and louder, I couldn't hold it forever. It was coming and I was about to explode everywhere all over the floor.

"Oh shit Steve, I'm gonna blow, I can't hold it," I said.

Then I came all over the floor and he made sure to look down and get a good look at it as well. Then I got off him and got down on my knees. I leaned down and started blowing him. I always masturbated thinking about blowing him as well. I always wanted to, I wanted to deep throat him as well, now I my fantasy had come true. I started going up and down slowly and he leaned his head back a little. He began moaning almost immediately, I guess he never had a cheerleader blow him either.

"Holy shit Donna, I mean holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. Oh those lips are so damn soft," Steve said.

I looked towards him a bit and he had his head back. He was absolutely loving this to the max. He put his hands on my head, but didn't put too much pressure on it though, just enough to let me know that I was blowing and he was loving it. He breathing in and out extra slowly and began moving around a little bit. Then I put my hands onto his butt to hold him still.

"Oh fuck yes Donna make this stud cum, I know you wanna see it," Steve said.

Then I looked up at him as I took a small break.

"You wanna cum for me?" I asked.

"Yes, I wanna cum for my cheerleader," Steve replied.

Then I began licking the sides of his cock. It tickled him a little bit and moved around a little, it must have really started tickling him when he began laughing.

"That's good Donna, real good," Steve said.

I licked the sides of his cock like mad and he began moaning more and more. So much I thought he get moaned out honestly. Then I took his cock back into my mouth once again. I began to deep throat him. Then he began to move around, I guess having a sexy lady blow him was just getting to be a little too much for him.

"Holy shit I'm gonna cum everywhere now Donna," Steve said.

Then I backed away and he came all over the lockers. He was like a squirt gun shooting like mad. Then I sat down with him and we made out passionately for a couple minutes.

"I never did any of that with a cheerleader before," Steve said.

"And I never did it with a football stud before," I replied.

"Well, you should have asked me out before Donna, I think you are just beautiful," Steve said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes, we kinda got all sweaty and a little smelly again, you take another shower with me?" Steve asked.

"I love to," I replied.

Then we both got up and went to shower again. Of course we couldn't help but have sex again in there. So we started dating after that. I told I thought he'd never go for me, and he said he would have in a heartbeat. So maybe it was just a matter of time, but I finally got with the basketball stud. Where it goes and if it gets serious, I'm sure we'll know soon.
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