The kiss at midnight
On 1 special news years eve, something happened with me and my brother Cole. My name is Paige and we both live it an apartment together sense we both go to same college. We lost our parents some years before, so we've been there for each other. We're both about 5'11 or so and have brown hair and eyes. I'm 24 and he is 26. We both love living together, it just works for us I guess. I like to think that we're really close, but not too close. A couple days before new years eve came, he came home a little angry.

"Shit," Cole said as he walked in.

"What's wrong?" I asked as he sat down with me.

"Jill broke up with me, she thinks she can do better, and better is some athlete," Cole replied.

They were close, so that was crappy of her. I gave him a hug and we stayed silent for a minute.

"Now I guess I'm not gonna be having sex now, and finals are coming soon," Cole said.

"Well, you don;t always need sex dude," I replied.

"I'm sorry, I'm just venting," Cole said.

"I know, that's what sisters are for," I replied.

We both laughed for a minute. After that he was a little depressed, Jill was a big part of his life for about a year and a half, so he had to vent a lot over the next couple days, but then news years eve came and as always we watched New Years Rockin' Eve together. As it was about to start, he came up to me and asked me a question I never saw coming as I was on the couch.

"Sis, can I ask you a favor?" Cole asked.

"Sure, what do you need?" I asked.

Then he chickened out.

"No, it's not important," Cole replied as he started walking away.

"No, whats is it Cole, you can ask me anything you want," I said.

So he turned around and built up that question.

"Well sis, there something I was really looking forward to doing with Jill tonight, and unfortunately she broke it off, so I can't do it with her," Cole replied.

"OK, what is it?" I asked.

"Can I kiss you at midnight?" Cole asked.

I just couldn't help but crack a small smile, honestly at first I thought he was joking, but I saw he was serious though.

"You wanna kiss me at midnight?" I asked.

"Yes, I don't have anyone else, I suppose I could find someone else, but I rather have it be you honestly," Cole replied.

"OK, sure dude," I said.

"Thanks sis, I appreciate it," Cole replied.

So later that night, as always we counted down from 20, and as we got to 1 we looked at each other and we kissed each other for about 7 seconds. Granted kissing my brother wasn't at the top of my list of things to do in life, but that kiss was pretty good.

"Thank you sis, I love you," Cole said.

"I love you too too bro," I replied.

We hugged each other once watched the fireworks. As we watched, I think we were both on a high and I saw him take a couple peaks at me. I don;t know why exactly, but he did.

"Sis?" Cole asked.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Can I kiss you again?" Cole asked.

"Sure," I replied.

So we kissed again and it lasted for about 20 seconds that time.

"You have some really soft lips sis," Cole said.

I took a quick peak down, and noticed something was showing.

"And you have a really hard dick right now bro," I replied.

I don't think he noticed, then he was very embarrassed.

"Oh, I'm sorry sis," Cole said as he walked away covering his cock.

He went to his room and shit the door, I knew he was very embarrassed, but I wasn't offended by it at all honestly. So I went in his room with him and sat down on the bed with him.

"So, I think that means that you liked kissing me Cole," I said.

"Yes, I guess," Cole replied.

"You guess? Hello, I'm an 8, at least, if your cock didn't get hard I be offended," I said.

That made him laugh, so I gave him a hug.

"Well, can I see it?" I asked.

He just had this confused look.

"What?" Cole asked.

"Well I did you a favor and kissed you, and you even got another one after that, so I think I should be able to see the cock I got hard," I replied.

He didn't object to the request, though I think he loved it. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and I pulled them down just a little. His cock poked out through his boxers just a little, but it was very erect, like he was getting ready to have sex with a supermodel. It was at least 9 inches long and it was thick too.

"Holy shit Cole, that is huge," I said.

"Thank you, can I see your pussy sis?" Cole asked.

"Why, do you have a thing for me Cole?" I asked.

He didn't answer, he just smiled for a minute, so I thought I'd make another request before I fulfilled his.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked.

"Sure," Cole replied.

I ask him for a kiss on the lips though, I leaned down and kissed the tip of his cock.

"Whoa, what was that?" Cole asked.

"You know you liked it," I replied as I stood up.

I undid my pants and they fell to the floor. Then I slid off my panties as well, leaving me half naked. So he finally got to see something up close for once and not by accident either. My pussy was recently shaved and I saw him cum just a little bit.

"Would you like me to come closer now?" I asked.

He just nodded and I got on the bed with him. Obviously he wanted me, and the crazy thing, I was wanting him more and more with each passing minute. I knew where this was headed, which was incestuous sex, but I wasn't afraid to explore this with him whether it was a 1 time thing or a billion time thing.

"Would you like to kiss my pussy Cole, I'll let you," I said.

"Are you sure?" Cole asked.

"Yes, now do it, you know you want to," I replied.

So he climbed down towards my pussy and got right over it. He slowly leaned down towards my pussy, but hesitated though.

"It won;t bite," I said.

So he kissed his own sister's pussy once, I couldn't see his cock, but I imagined it was as hard as a diamond.

"Can I do it again?" Cole asked.

"Yes," I replied.

So he kissed my pussy again, but this time it lasted a few more seconds. He liked it as if he just had ice cream for the first time. Then he climbed up on top of me with his cock still out.

"I guess I do have a thing for you sis," Cole said.

"Well, in that case, why don't you put that cock inside me?" I asked.

"You really wanna have sex?" Cole asked.

"Well let's try it, you really got me in the mood, so you are just gonna have to do it for me now, I need to be fucked," I replied.

"Permission to kiss you as much as I want?" Cole asked.

"Granted," I replied.

Then for the very first time he slid his cock into my pussy. It was completely out of this world, no bullshit. I did need to be fucked, but having it be him, let's just say he was overqualified for the job and even if he didn't wanna admit it, we wanted me badly. As I granted him to, he kissed me. He kissed me everywhere on my face, so he was making it clearer and clearer that he had a huge thing for me, and it wasn't just sexual either. He had his cock deep inside me and just kept it there as deep as it would go, he hadn't begun thrusting his cock just yet, I guess he was building up to that. I was more than surprised I hadn't felt his cum oozing inside me yet honestly. If I got his cock that hard, then I knew he would be exploding in near future.

"Oh I love you sis," Cole said.

"I can tell, I love you too bro, do you mind if I take off my shirt and bra off?" I asked.

"I thought you'd never ask," Cole replied.

So I took off my shirt and my bra as well, so I was completely naked. Of course I wanted everything he had to offer as well, so I took off his shirt and saw his entire sexy body.

"Not bad Cole, sexy," I said.

"I could say the same thing about you Paige," Cole replied.

Then he began thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy very slowly. I think he was just nervous honestly, he thought he might do something wrong to make me uncomfortable, but there wasn't much he could do wrong honestly, we were making love.

"Kiss me again Cole," I said.

We began making out passionately for a minute an we both wrapped our arms around each other ever so tightly, as if we'd fly away if he didn't hold on. So it became clear to me too, I had a thing for him as well, but that kiss at midnight just really opened the door you could say. We both had our eyes closed for a minute due to pleasure being so big. He was still thrusting his cock slowly and it felt amazing.

"Do you mind if I suck on your nipples?" Cole asked.

"Don't ask, just do it and be dominate, nothing turns a woman on more than a man that is dominate and pleasures her to no end," I replied.

"OK then," Cole said.

He kissed me again and leaned his down towards my nipples. I thought they were decently sized for my C-cup boobs, not too big, or too small, just right. He began with my left nipple and licked it incredibly slowly. It took him about 15 seconds to just lick that one nipple, but it's not like it didn't have it's payoff for it taking so long. He titillated me to no end and we both started to get sweaty quite a bit. I put my ahnds up onto his head and he began sucking my nipple like mad.

"Oh yes Cole, make your sister feel good, really good," I said as I moaned.

Sense it was him, he didn't have to work at it too hard to make me love every second, I greatly underestimated how good the sex could be when we started. Maybe we started because we were horny, but this was so worth it. We weren't having hardcore sex either, it was just nice and slow. Maybe the nipple sucking got a little rough after a minute, but it wasn't like the sex you see in porn. I could see he how much he loved me, this wasn't just a opportunity he saw to take, he was savoring it you could say and making it last.

"How have we never made love before?" I asked.

"Who cares, I got you now sis," Cole replied.

"Do you mind if I ride you?" I asked.

"You know it's really sexy on a woman too, to just do things and pleasure the man," Cole replied.

I pushed him off me for that little remark, and I got right over him. I lined up my pussy with his cock and I slowly went down. Then I began riding my own brother. His cock was big, but it still went in pretty smoothly. As soon as his whole cock was inside me, I let out a big moan, it was as if it was the first time a cock was inside me. I was on my knees and he put his hands onto my boobs. That turned me on a whole lot, I know all men love boobs, but he really loved boobs, if he marry Jill's boobs, then he would have. She had C-cup boobs, but she broke up with him, I knew if anything happened with us after our sex session, I wouldn't break his heart, I'd hold onto him and never let go. He was holding onto my boobs as if they were life rafts and the Titanic just sunk, so it hurt a little.

"Hey, be nice to these boobs, they won't break your heart," I said.

Then he leaned up with me and wrapped his arms around me. We were really close and we planted a numerous amount of kisses all over each others faces. It was like we were discovering a whole love for each other, it was beyond magical honestly. I felt my boobs pressing up against him nicely and he put his hands on my butt.

"Nice rear end sis," Cole replied.

"Thank you, tell me you love me, I wanna hear it," I said.

"I love you sis," Cole replied.

We kissed very passionately for about 2 minutes and then we both leaned down on our sides. We still had our arms wrapped around each other as well as he was still thrusting his cock in and out of me slowly. He continued making out until we both just needed to catch our breath for a minute.

"I know I didn't ask for this, but I'm not complaining though," Cole said.

"Me either, I had no idea you were such a great lover Cole," I replied.

"I know how to make a woman feel good, physically and emotionally," Cole said.

"Well you made me feel all too good Cole," I replied.

"I know," Cole said.

Then with the mixture of love and pleasure, I think it just became too much, so I began moaning really loudly. He locked his lips onto mine and we made out as I had a huge orgasm. That's when I think he reached his breaking point, he began moaning really loudly.

"Shoot it inside me Cole, I wanna feel it inside me," I said.

So he shot his load inside me, it was at least 3 good shots I felt oozing inside me.

"Best sex, ever," Cole said.

"Really, with me?" I asked.

"Yes, you are a great sister," Cole replied.

I kissed him once on the lips and I thought about something.

"What about lover?" I asked.

"Well I maybe be biased though, you are my sister," Cole replied.

We both laughed for a minute and just cuddled together for a little while in silence. I know this: that was the best news years eve ever, but about 8 weeks later, we got a little surprise: I was pregnant. We hadn't had sex since that night, but nevertheless, he was happy to hear the news, but unfortunately I had to drop out of college. Our daughter Julie was born after a 9 full months and now we're closer than ever. As Julie was 3 months old, he proposed to me, now we plan on getting hitched in a couple months, and we've know the next years eve at midnight, we're not just gonna kiss each other, but Julie too.
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